Dolly Do It REVIEW

What is Dolly Do It?

As per the infomercial it is a convenient dolly with 6 wheel drive technology that carries luggage and even climbs the stairs easily.



Dolly Do It CLAIMS


Smart dolly
Dolly Do It guarantees to be the best solution to effortlessly carry heavy items on road as well as up and down stairs. The secret is Dolly Do It’s 6 Wheel Drive Technology that automatically performs the lifting and climbing when rolled over stairs. Such a feature makes Dolly Do It highly impressive; user reviews will expose the truth. The wheels used in this drive technology are virtually indestructible and performs smoothly on all types of terrains including uneven grounds, pavements, stones, grass and curbs. Is Dolly Do It really worth the money? User reviews will soon expose the truth.


Convenient design
Dolly Do It convinces to be the best way to effortlessly lug around bulky purchases, stack boxes, groceries, laundry, office supplies and more. Dolly Do It declares to have a lightweight frame that has the capacity to load up and lift up to 110 lbs. luggage easily. Dolly Do It proclaims to offer full portability as it can be simply folded and stowed easily. More shall be revealed once we receive Dolly Do It reviews.


Dolly Do It Review

“The Dolly Do It cart seems like it is made well and should work for those who have just a day or two of groceries to haul. With open risers, and when the Dolly Do It cart bag is fully loaded, one of the wheels gets caught under the step (7″ rise, 6 1/2″ wheel).”

“The Dolly Do It cart will not enable you to carry more up the stairs at one time than you already can without a herky-jerky arm workout that might be undesirable for some and irritating for others.”

“The Dolly Do It cart’s wheel has a bad place in it. Like part of it is missing. And the removal platform in bottom has cuts in it.”

“Using the Dolly Do It cart to move upstairs is not as easy as you think.”

“One of the Dolly Do It cart’s axles bent just from bouncing around in a shipping carton that wasn’t broken so that means the Dolly Do It cart cannot be sturdy enough for daily use. The axle is thin, soft steel, which obviously cannot take much stress. And while Amazon’s choice of a shipping container three times the size it ought to be, with only length brown paper to keep the item from bouncing around which was an extremely poor choice, the weakness of the axle just shows how cheap the Dolly Do It car really is.”

“The Dolly Do It cart’s wheels are static and prohibit sharp turns. The wheel carriage is cheaper than expected and won’t last long. The bag top cover does not fit when the bag is full. If neither of these issues or the fact that it does not fold flat for storage bug you, then go for the Dolly Do It cart.”

“The Dolly Do It cart has a flimsy feel. The wheels are large and awkward and do not fold in like other models.”

“The Dolly Do It cart works great going up stairs with groceries. The only drawback with the Dolly Do It cart is that the handle should have been a few inches longer.”

“The Dolly Do It cart is flimsy and loud and bangs when you take it up and down the stairs.”

“The frame held up well but the canvas bag is poorly made. The Dolly Do It cart was not put under any heavy use.”

“Within a couple of months of using the Dolly Do It cart, it became trash. The frame held up well but the canvas bag is poorly made. Only used the Dolly Do It cart from the car and up 2 flights of stairs. The Dolly Do It cart was not put under any heavy use.”

“The Dolly Do It cart wheels feel a bit cheap compared to the other one but so far it gets the job done.”

“The Dolly Do It cart cart is okay. It would have been better if it was bigger. The Dolly Do It cart doesn’t hold much and when you take it up the stairs it makes quite a lot of noise as the wheels go up the stairs.”

“If you live in an apartment that has a walk-up, the Dolly Do It cart seems like a logical choice but it is not an ideal preference for wheels, because there are single wheels with better quality.”

“The Dolly Do It cart requires assembly. The 3 wheels popped off right when getting up a sidewalk. The Dolly Do It cart has a faulty design. The picture makes the Dolly Do It cart look slightly larger in size that it actually is”.


Dolly Do It Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Dolly Do It roll over snow?
A. Dolly Do It handles packed snow really well, but the wheels are too narrow for fresh snow deeper than 3 or 4 inches. Dolly Do It will probably handle it better than most others will.

Q. Does Dolly Do It arrive assembled?
A. Yes

Q. What are the overall dimensions of Dolly Do It, in inches, including wheels and frame?
A. H40″ W18″ D15″

Q. What are the dimensions of Dolly Do It when folded? I need to know if I can carry in overhead bin on plane.
A. The Dolly Do It cart measures about 36″ by 14″ by 12″ when folded which includes the set of wheels.

Q. What weight can Dolly Do It hold?
A. 50 pounds.

Q. Do the handles of Dolly Do It extend?
A. No

Q. How big are the wheels? I am looking for one with 6″ wheels due to having open back steps.
A. The exterior steps are “open” step w/out riser. There is no problem getting it up the stairs.

Q. I ordered a similar item from another company and the smell of rubber/vinyl was overwhelming. Does Dolly Do It smell like this?
A. No, there is no rubber smell.

Q. What is the diameter of the wheels? I bought one similar to this, but the wheels were too small to go up stairs very well.
A. The diameter of Dolly Do It wheels are 6 inches. There is no problem on the stairs.

Q. If I take the bag off, can I strap a box that weighs approximately 30 lbs on it and then will the wheels support it?
A. It should hold 30lbs easily.

Q. Does Dolly Do It have a base without the bag?
A. It has a frame that the bag sits on, not a solid base.

Q. How much weight will Dolly Do It hold?
A. Dolly Do It is very sturdy but it is narrow so not sure exactly what the poundage would be but with filling it full and it would be about 40 lbs max.

Q. Can I pull a five gallon bottle of water up the stairs fairly easily?
A. No

Q. Have you tried it on open steps that don’t have the vertical riser backs on them?
A. Not tried it on open back stairs, but I may work fine due to the size of the wheels. Dolly Do It is a wonderful cart, very handy.

Q. Can Dolly Do It be used for books?
A. It could. Depends on how many and how heavy.

Q. Can the bag be removed?
A. Yes and quite easily. This makes a great little cart for moving boxes, trash cans, larger plant containers, etc.

Q. Is Dolly Do It foldable and can I keep it in the car bag?
A. Yes, Dolly Do It is foldable.


What do I get?
Dolly Do It is $29.99 plus $7.95 shipping, for a total price of $37.94. at Official Website:

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