Compare Egg Sitter Cushion with Purple Seat Cushion, Wondergel and Equagel

Compare what is it?

Egg Sitter Cushion – It is a seat cushion made of ultra-flex polymer that makes it ideal for use on hard surfaces and for prolonged seating.

Purple Seat Cushion – It is a 2-inch royal purple seat cushion made for people who need to sit all day or have back pain and discomfort.

Wondergel – Projected as the most advanced and versatile support cushion, Wondergel eases discomfort of pressure points and enhances comfort.

Equagel – It’s a flat gel cushion created especially for individuals having medical condition.


Compare Features and Benefits

Egg Sitter Cushion

  • Enhances air circulation
  • Retains shape consistently
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Collapses in on itself to absorb pressure points
  • Adaptable, suits most chairs
  • Manages pressure points
  • Consistent circulation of air

    Purple Seat Cushion

    • Optimal pressure relief and support for hours
    • Supports the back and spine
    • Facilitates smooth air flow and temperature neutrality
    • Non-skid bottom
    • Polymer laid out in evenly distributed column design
    • Supports smooth air flow and temperature neutrality
    • Firm on one side, soft on the other
    • Perfect support for back and spine without pressurizing hips or hindquarters.
    • Thick and soft construction and material
    • Perfect for individuals seated for hours



    • Superior cushioning material provides maximized relief
    • Adjusts to any individual’s body shape and weight seamlessly
    • Soothing and comfortable
    • Made from high quality rubber-like material
    • Composed of ultra-soft material
    • Durable and strong
    • Retains original shape promptly
    • Cool and gentle



    • Offers comforting support and relief to users having ailments
    • Intricate mechanism for even weight distribution
    • Eases pressure from tailbone, provides postural support
    • Protects against skin shear
    • Two-stage compression
    • Flame-resistant cover
    • Suitable for wheelchair use
    • Column buckling feature
    • Universal all-gel cushion
    • Two-stage compression
    • Redistributes pressure
    • Continual lowering of heat and moisture

    Feature and Benefits Verdict
    Looking at the versatility a product provide taken into consideration its usage Equagel is the winner for us in this category. Equagel comprises of almost all the features of the other three from evenly distributing pressure and weight to providing comfort and relief for ailing aliments.


    Compare Design

    Egg Sitter Cushion – Honeycomb design.

    Purple Seat Cushion – Evenly distributed column design.

    Wondergel – Double gel reversible design.

    Equagel – Column buckling (open column design)

    Design Verdict
    Design of egg sitter and purple seat cushion primarily focuses on the flow of air to maintain the neutral temperature where as Equagel and Wondergel are designed in a manner to evenly distribute the pressure for ease of seating. Including all the facts we find the design of Purple seat cushion more desirable as compared to the others owing to its nature of firm on one side and soft on other thus providing non-skid bottom and smooth air flow.


    Compare Material

    Egg Sitter Cushion – Elasta-Core ultra-flex polymer.

    Purple Seat Cushion – Hyper-elastic polymer smart-comfort grid.

    Wondergel – Soft, solid rubber-like Gelastic.

    Equagel – Dry polymer gel and all-natural food-grade products in liquid form.

    Material Verdict
    The material with which Wondergel is made is the winner for us in this category. The cushioning materials of this is said to be used by many famous brands for making footwear, mattresses, medical products, sporting goods. The Original is a mid soft supportive cushion which is perfect for long hours of seating and feel of the touch.


    Compare Specs

    Egg Sitter Cushion – 15.5-inches X 14-inches X 1.5-inches

    Purple Seat Cushion – Approximately 18″ x 16″ x 2″

    Wondergel – 16″ x 18″ x 1.2″ inches

    Equagel – 18″ W x 16″ D x 1.75″ H

    Specs Verdict
    Purple Seat Cushion and Equagel are the clear winner in this section. Also some of the cushions provide various option in the dimension among which you can choose the one which suits you the best.


    Compare Weight

    Egg Sitter Cushion – Not mentioned

    Purple Seat Cushion – 5.4 lbs.

    Wondergel – 2.99 lbs.

    Equagel – 6 lbs.


    Compare Price

    Egg Sitter Cushion – $78.11

    Purple Seat Cushion – $79.99

    Wondergel – $88.00

    Equagel – $96.72

    Price Verdict
    If we go for the lowest price among all than Egg Sitter Cushion is the clear winner. But if we consider the best value for the money the choice may change.


    Compare Warranty

    Egg Sitter Cushion – No warranty.

    Purple Seat Cushion – One year limited warranty

    Wondergel – No warranty.

    Equagel – 18 months


    Compare Pros and Cons

      Egg Sitter Cushion Pros

    • Allows proper circulation of air
    • Versatile, retains shape after prolonged use
    • Strong and durable design
    • Unique honeycomb construction


    Egg Sitter Cushion Cons

    • Too small
    • Substandard construction, poor quality foam
    • Tendency to cause back pain
    • Poor non-slip surface at the back
    • Unsuitable for long drives and reclining positions


    Purple Seat Cushion Pros

    • Ideal for people seated for long hours
    • Portable
    • Useful indoors as well as outdoors
    • Extra wide and deep coverage


    Purple Seat Cushion Cons

    • Not very strong
    • Unsuited for prolonged period for some
    • Can hurt thighs and cause pinching sensation


    Wondergel Pros

    • Versatile and durable
    • Made from high quality material
    • Maintains original shape seamlessly


    Wondergel Cons

    • Not fit for use in heated vehicles
    • Sharp edges
    • Show cooling down of gel in deformed stage
    • No instructions provided


    Equagel Pros

    • Enhanced support and cushioning
    • Prevents pressure sores
    • Superior tensile and compression strength
    • Fluid-resistant covers


    Equagel Cons

    • Rather heavy and floppy
    • Not coded for Medicare reimbursement
    • Can stretch excessively and lose shape

    Pros and Cons Verdict
    Equagel is the winner for us considering the pros and cons for every product. Where the pros of other product include its exterior build, the cons pointed out its failure to impress the customers for the main purpose it was created. Whereas pros of Equagel consisted of its positives the customers experienced while using it and the cons talked about the shape and weight of the product which can be looked over.

    2 Comments on "Compare Egg Sitter Cushion with Purple Seat Cushion, Wondergel and Equagel"

    1. how can I get the same deal like the one on tv buy one get one egg sitter

      • James W. James | 30th June 2018 at 2:36 am | Reply

        I know you posted this question about 3 months ago but, the info could help others.

        The Egg SItter website has a deal of buy one get one at half price. So, you would pay $59.98 + $9.99 S&H for a total of $69.97.

        You can now buy them in stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Wal-Mart for $39.99 (which is the same price as on the Egg Sitter website if you opt for a single cushion) but you don’t have to pay for shipping or wait for it to arrive.

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