EggZact Boiler REVIEW

What is EggZact Boiler?

The TV ad states that it is a device to boil eggs perfectly. It asserts to have an in-built timer to indicate when the eggs are perfectly done. EggZact Boiler promises to cook soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs that will never be misshapen, damaged, under-cooked or overcooked.



EggZact Boiler CLAIMS

Perfectly boiled eggs
EggZact Boiler declares that you can simultaneously cook up to six eggs perfectly and evenly eggs by placing it at an even distance and same height level to give even and uniform results. Are these claims of EggZact Boiler true? User reviews will tell us more.


Self-contained boiler
With its in-built timer, EggZact Boiler allows for precise boiling and automatically indicates when it’s time to remove them from water. EggZact Boiler declares to have its own container and the handle attached to the basket makes for convenient holding and removing from the water. User reviews will verify if EggZact Boiler really has such great features. EggZact Boiler maintains to have a funnel system that cools the eggs for easy peeling. It has a collapsible handle for easy storage and is dishwasher and environment friendly with BPA free materials. Did you find all these claims of EggZact Boiler reviews to be true?


EggZact Boiler Review

Excerpts from EggZact Boiler Reviews
“EggZact Boiler is okay as a novelty bit it doesn’t seem to be accurate at higher altitudes. At 3500 fee the yokes are not fully set when it says they should be.”

“It is made the water sink, like plastic.”

“EggZact Boiler timer looked used and was filth! It is no good.”

“It is poorly made. It flips upside down when water is boiling, thus making the point of it moot. EggZact Boiler is not a good buy. Skip it.”

“EggZact Boiler has an odd smell but it seems to work.”

“It is not really helpful.”

“EggZact Boiler doesn’t work as well as it should.”

“Eggzact is so much easier to use a regular timer. Eggs turned out under cooked even though it says hard boiled.”

“EggZact Boiler is a good tool. The only problem is that the color change can be a little hard to read.”

“The Egg Boiler leaves an odd smell.”

“EggZact Boiler is good but it indicates the eggs are done before they actually are. You will have to add on about 5 minutes after it says “hard-boiled” in order for them to actually be hard-boiled. Otherwise, they are still soft-boiled and very hard to peel, as they do not hold together when they are that soft. You can use it but it’s just not accurate.”

“The color changed to total white. The eggs stood in the water for 2-3 additional minutes. It may take you 5+ minutes to peel on egg. Not sure if this is due to the timer expelling chemicals into the water. The egg was only cooked between medium to hard.”

“EggZact Boiler does not work. When it said the eggs are hard boiled eggs, they came out half hard boiled.”

“This does not work. Hard boiled eggs weren’t hard boiled. It is a piece of junk.”

“The color turns white. It does not turn black like the directions say so it doesn’t tell you when it’s hard, medium or soft.”

“It is hard to read.”


EggZact Boiler Questions and Answers

Q. Is the EggZact Boiler made of plastic? If so, is the EggZact Boiler bad because it melts?
A. Yes, the EggZact Boiler is plastic. If you put it in hot water the EggZact Boiler will leach plastic.

Q. Where is the EggZact Boiler made?
A. EggZact Boiler is made in China.

Q. Does the EggZact Boiler contain BPA?
A. Not sure.

Q. Do you have to keep looking at the EggZact Boiler timer to know when the eggs are done?
A. Yes. There is no alarm or magic hand that will turn off your stove. However, you could time it once then on following boils set a timer for a couple minutes short so that you only have to watch for the last couple minutes. Also, it is recommended taking the pot off the heat a full setting below desired (i.e. remove at medium for hard eggs). By the time you fish the eggs out and dunk them in ice water they will have cooked up a level.

Q. Is there any difference when using EggZact Boiler on an induction stove?
A. There should not be any difference for an induction stove. The egg timer heats up the same way an egg cooks, so as long as your stove is able to cooks eggs, the egg timer should work. Make sure to put the egg timer in the same time as the eggs in order to get the most accurate reading.

Q. I am confused about how the EggZact Boiler works. How do you know the difference in stages by looking at this egg?
A. The egg starts to change color starting from the outer edge and working towards the middle. There are lines on the egg and indicate when eggs are ready. You basically allow the eggs color to change up until the line of ready.

Q. How food safe is the EggZact Boiler? Does the EggZact Boiler dump chemicals into the water while boiling eggs?
A. EggZact Boiler does not appear to dump anything into the water. It just changes color as the eggs cook.

Q. Does the EggZact Boiler work for poaching eggs?
A. EggZact Boiler may not work well for poached eggs. When you set the timer for 4 minutes, the eggs are perfect.

Q. Is the EggZact Boiler audible?
A. EggZact Boiler is not audible – you have to check it.

Q. Why are there so many complaints about the smell from the EggZact Boiler?
A. When it is new, there is a plastic type smell that comes from the boiling water. It goes away after using the egg timer for a while. There has never been any plastic taste with the eggs.

Q. Is the EggZact Boiler microwave safe? I have a microwave hard-boiled egg maker.
A. No, do not use the EggZact Boiler in the microwave. It works great in a pot of boiling water. It changes color when it is done, is simple to use and can last a long time in the water. Microwaves get too hot and will probably mess it up.

Q. What is the EggZact Boiler made out of? Is it BPA-free?
A. Not sure, maybe plastic. Some reviewers talked about a smell coming from the timer.

Q. Can you use the EggZact Boiler in an electric egg cooker?
A. EggZact Boiler is an egg timer when placed in a pot of boiling water so whether it is an electric or gas stove or hot plate it doesn’t matter.

Q. How do you tell when the eggs ready?
A. EggZact Boilers a terrible product. EggZact Boiler has a terrible plastic ‘off-gassing’ smell when boiled with eggs. The clear plastic gets permanently fogged. You will not be able to read the supposed color changes when done.


What do I get?
You can get EggZact Boiler for $10 + $4.99 P&H. A second unit is added to your order for another $4.99 P& Official Website:

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