Epilady Briza REVIEW

What is Epilady Briza?

It is a sleek, battery-operated epilator designed to remove unwanted hair on face and other sensitive areas gently. The manufacturers of Epilady Briza recently introduced this newer and smaller version of the epilator, which they say, is far more compact and sophisticated as compared to previous models.

Epilady Briza CLAIMS

Compact, Precise and Safe – Launched with the objective of making the process of removing hair a smoother and safer experience, Epilady Briza is an epilator that has been designed precisely for facial hair and sensitive areas. Epilady Briza removes unwanted hair on the upper lip, cheeks, chin and jawline and can also groom underarms, bikini area and the back of the knee without causing any kind of injury or discomfort. The creators of Epilady Briza claim that its compact size is the exclusive feature it is notable for. And the newer and improved facets that have been incorporated into the Epilady Briza make it all the more desirable besides that fact that it is very convenient and safe.

Ideal for Touch-ups and Gentle Treatment – According to the makers of Epilady Briza, it is does a fine job of helping you touch-up and carry out specific intricate treatment you may need anytime. It causes no discomfort and ensures that results last very long and your skin also stays soft and smooth to touch. Epilady Briza is perfect for touch-ups even on sensitive areas of the body other than the face such as underarms and bikini area, which are usually very vulnerable. Epilady Briza can remove even the smallest and finest hair from the root and still keep the skin smooth for as long as four weeks. At the same time, the makers of Epilady Briza caution you that it is not suited to trimming eyebrows hence you’d better avoid using this device around the eyes.

Lightweight, Handy and Portable – Since Epilady Briza is exceptionally compact, you can use it anytime anywhere. That means ou can carry your Epilady Briza anywhere as it fits comfortably in purses, small bags and even pouches. Epilady Briza is thus ideal for women who are always on the go and can’t find time to visit beauty centers, which are anyway expensive. On the contrary, using Epilady Briza saves money, time and energy that you have to spend while seeking beauty treatment at a beauty center or consulting experts.

Comes with Useful tool and Add-ons – The Epilady Briza epilator aims to make the process of grooming better and more versatile. It arrives with tools like six pairs of tweezers which are finely tuned to remove both tough and soft facial hair. All the six sizes of tweezer provided with Epilady Briza cater to different requirements. Epilady Briza can also be used to remove fine hair from sensitive areas of the body. In addition to that, it also comes with a cleaning brush and instruction manual to refer to when in doubt.

Small Yet Powerful and Effective – The makers of Epilady Briza assert that its compact size dos not in any way make it any a performer. They assure you that this version of Epilady Briza is as good as the original bigger size epilator. What makes Epilady Briza so effective is the fact that targets unwanted hair right at the roots and slows down their regrowth. The only thing you need to remember is that you don’t use Epilady Briza near the eyes to trim eyebrows as it is not suited to that.


Epilady Briza Questions & Answers

Q. Can I use the Epilady Briza to remove facial hair?
A. There’s no guarantee that it will work for you.

Q. I use Epilady Briza to remove hair above my lips and I’m satisfied with it. Can I trim my eyebrows with it?
A. Please don’t use epilator on or around the eyebrows.


EpiladyBriza Reviews

Jim Hill, a user who’s used Epilady Briza sent in her review on it has said that this appliance is not able to trim hair that has grown just for a week even though the length is less. She tried using Epilady Briza on her cheeks but it didn’t work. Jerry Hanson, another customer has said in her Epilady Briza review that she finds it nothing more than a cheaper version of the original Epilady Briza. She says it worked quite well for a week but after that it stopped completely. She says she actually discarded her older epilator and bought Epilady Briza, but now she’s regretting doing that.

Willard Bowman, who’s been using Epilady Briza says it worked well only for a few weeks. He expected Epilady Briza to function for more than a year, but its performance has disappointed him completely.

Cathy Gonzales claims in her Epilady Briza review that she took effort to write and post that she is unable to get rid of every strand of hair with this device. Her hair is long and rather dense. She also found using the Epilady Briza more painful than waxing so she’s stopped using it completely.

Clayton Edwards has complained that Epilady Briza is not at all a good quality device. He’s elaborated on how the power button of his unit broke very soon. He is also not satisfied with its performance, so he suggests people reading the review should not waste money on purchasing Epilady Briza.

Nora Vega, another disappointed user says in her Epilady Briza review that it hurts a lot and cannot remove facial hair. She tried a new AA battery in the hope of seeing some difference but even that did not work. Epilady Briza did not start and it’s still not working.

Kristina Sharp initially thought Epilady Briza was very soft on her skin but after using it near the bikini lines and underarms, she started feeling the pain. She says the new Epilady Briza cannot remove fine hair as its makers claim. Sharon Sandoval has written in that Epilady Briza does not hurt like other epilators but it cannot remove hair completely. She finds some hair stuck inside the machine too. Also, hair removed with Epilady Briza grew back in few days again.

Janie Hardy, another disappointed user has written in her Epilady Briza review that she is unable to remove facial hair with it. She says Epilady Briza made her chin numb and is unable to pluck hair properly. Worse, its charge also does not last long.

Sandra Munoz claims that buying Epilady Briza has been one of the biggest mistakes she’s made. It could not even remove even a single hair for 10 minutes. She also finds Epilady Briza very unappealing and cheap in looks. She’s complained that it is all the more painful to use it to remove thick hair so she’s stopped using it now.

Gretchen Barker says she broke Epilady Briza in just one use. She advises readers to not buy this product. Penny Stokes also echoes the same view. She says for her, it was plucking just a couple of hair and it was done. The quality of the product is also cheap. Its speed slows down when the battery starts getting low.

Melvin Pena claims in his Epilady Briza review that this product cannot catch hold of short hair on the face. Sometimes it power button does not work properly. He says it didn’t turn out as expected. Gwenneth Reese bought this epilator for facial hair but it did not work. Even changing the battery did not help. She’s very disappointed with Epilady Briza.

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