Eterluxe Spray on Nails REVIEW

What is Eterluxe Spray on Nails

It claims to be the best way to apply nail polish by spraying it on and washing off the residual with only water. Eterluxe Spray on Nails promises to offer a unique and fast way to achieve polished manicure and pedicure.



Eterluxe Spray on Nails CLAIMS

The best manicure
Eterluxe Spray on Nails states to be a spray that achieves a fine nail polish similar to traditional ones without the mess in seconds. It is difficult to accept or deny claims made by Eterluxe Spray on Nails due to lack of user reviews.


Easy application
Eterluxe Spray on Nails assures that it works with left or right handed individuals with equal ease since it is a spray. One needs to simply apply it on nails by targeting at them, spraying and then rinsing off the excess polish under water. Such farfetched claims and ease of use will be validated once Eterluxe Spray on Nails is reviewed. Eterluxe Spray on Nails assures that its easy application can be even used by people suffering from joint pain and arthritis. Eterluxe Spray on Nails guarantees that there are no drips and smudges after application. We will know for sure once we analyze Eterluxe Spray on Nails reviews.



Some users have complained that ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL flaked off within two hours. The entire color peeled off in one piece.



“First, the color is not red. It’s more of a sparkly rose color. Second, even though, a base and a top coat were used as instructed, every single nail was chipped within an hour of application. ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL is truly disappointing. Application was easy though and it did wash off skin as promised.”

“Sprayed nails with the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL and everything washed off. Not a good buy.”

“ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL peels off right away. It looks nothing like the advertisement. The color is not accurate at all.”

“Followed the instructions of using ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL exactly as stated, it stayed on for about 4 hours then started chipping in some areas. Tried to take it off but it was hard to take off in other areas.”

“ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL is a horrible product. It does not work. It is messy and has terrible coverage.”

“It didn’t stay on and it is a huge mess and not useful.”

“The only use for the ETERLUX would be a quick – one night paint job. It didn’t last 24 hours before it wore off on the tips.”

“ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL just made a mess and did not give a good manicure. It is not recommended! You will have to remove it and polish by hand.”

“It takes way more long time than advertised to dry.”

“ETERLUX is messy, horrible color, and a complete waste of time and money.”

“Such a rip off. The pink polish came out mostly clear and didn’t stick to the nail. Both polish looked dull and rough, looking nothing like fingernail polish and nothing like the video.”

“ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL worked great but has a really strong smell.”

“Polish is matte vs. shiny; when washing excess off of skin, some of the polish on nails comes off too; it doesn’t adhere well to the nail at all; this is a complete waste of money.”

“ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL doesn’t even deserve one star. You spray it on let it dry and wash your hands and then there’s no nail polish not even on your nails. It comes off everything. It even comes off the paper that you lay down. Don’t waste your money and you can’t even get a refund.”

“The concept is neat, but it takes so long for the paint to dry that it really doesn’t save you any time in the long run. Also you have to be very careful applying the clear top coat, because if you get any on your skin, the color will stay there as well. It is no more convenient than applying normal nail polish, and in fact it’s kind of a pain because you have to put down newspaper or something in order to not get the paint everywhere.”

It’s much messier than doing nails the regular way. What they don’t tell you is that you need to put a base layer, then the spray (which smells like spray paint) and the two top coats or more depending on the shine you’d like. It didn’t even come out good.

“ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL does not work. It washes off your skin very easily but when it dries the color is dull and looks like bubbles in it. Even once dry you will be able to rub it off with a paper napkin.”

“ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL kind of burns your skin- like touching liquid nitrogen. You need a base and top coat so if you need that you might as well use regular polish. When you wash it off the entire polished nails peels off.”


ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL Questions and Answers

Q. Does the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL come with the base coat?
A. No, do not buy the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL because it starts to peel off after 24hrs.

Q. Does the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL spray on evenly?
A. ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL does spray on evenly. Use a basecoat first and then a topcoat after you spray the 2 coats. (It takes 2 coats.) Make sure your feet are dry on the bottom before you walk on your floor! You may need a touch up after a day.

Q. Does the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL hurt to spray on? I just tried Nails Inc spray polish and it hurt!
A. No, ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL does not hurt when you spray it but you need the right base and top coat or it washes off.

Q. Do you use a base coat or a top coat? What do you use to remove the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL?
A. You are required to use the China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat and a top coat. ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL can be removed with normal nail polish remover.

Q. Does the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL come with the base coat polish or do you have to purchase it separately?
A. It has to be purchased separately.

Q. How do you take the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL off? I tried oil and nail Polish remover and it still doesn’t come off.
A. Never used it.

Q. How many uses do you get out of it?
A. If you are going to do your hands & feet, you get one use!

Q. How well does the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL hold up if you spend lots of time in the swimming pool?
A. If you don’t buy the clear coat that goes with it, the ETERLUX SPRAY ON NAIL won’t work. With a clear coat, it should last you 2 days.


What do I get?
Get Eterluxe Spray on Nails just only £29.99.the offer includes
1 Spray Polish Bright Red (50Ml)
1 Spray Polish Porcelain (50Ml)
1 Base & Top Coat 2 in 1(10Ml) FREE
1 Electric Manicure Set FREE
1 Instructions Manual

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