Eurobed vs Aerobed

Compare What is it? Eurobed vs Aerobed

Eurobed is a queen size inflatable airbed that is comfortable, portable, convenient, and luxurious to use. It delivers supreme inflatable comfort and is extremely versatile. Eurobed is perfect for sleepovers, holiday guests, pyjama parties and more. It is also great for small apartments, camping and holidays or when renovating a property. With Eurobed in your home, your guests are sure to be extra safe and comfortable. Designed with a 240V built-in motor that allows for fast and convenient inflation and deflation in just 3 minutes, the Eurobed is a must have in every household.

Aerobed is a queen-size air bed with a classic single high design that lets you sleep comfortably at night.The oval coil construction delivers even support across the mattress so your guests will sleep in comfort all night through. It also easily deflates with ease, and with the handy carry and storage bag, storing the Aerobed until its next use is easy and convenient.


Compare Design and Construction: Eurobed vs Aerobed

Eurobed features a240V built-in motor that delivers quick and easy inflation and deflation in 3 minutes.The 42 pillars of air cradle and support the contours of the body for a good night’s sleep. Also, the raised rim ensures your sleep comfortably and securely at night.

Aerobed is designed with an oval coil construction that produces even support across your mattress with less bulging.


Compare Size and height? Eurobed vs Aerobed

Eurobed -Queen = 203cm L x 157cm W x 36cm H

Aerobed – 78 inches long x 60 inches high x 9 inches wide


Compare Pump: Eurobed vs Aerobed

Eurobed features a built-in motor pump that easily inflates and deflates the airbed in less than 3 minutes. Eurobed is great to use at home as well as when you go camping too. Simply plug the 2 volt electric air pump into your cars cigarette lighter or 12 volt socket to quickly inflate your Eurobed. Your Eurobed also comes with a rapid air release valve and manual inflation valve for outdoor use.

Aerobed is designed with a built-in electric pump. Simply hold the included handheld pump, insert it into the mattress and it will automatically start to inflate.When you want to put the Aerobed away, the patented Whoosh valve easily deflates the bed.


Compare Benefits: Eurobed vs Aerobed

• Ultra high 360mm sides make it easy to get in and out
• Raised rim for safety and comfort
• Velveteen pillow top to ensure sheets hold tight
• Firm and comfortable throughout the night
• 9 inch bed height
• Tested at the factory to be leak-free
• TUV Tested with-stands 30,000 high pressure impacts

• Automatically inflates when pump is inserted into the mattress
• Even support throughout the mattress
• Deflates easily with Whoosh valve
• Easy storage with carry and storage bag


Compare Features: Eurobed vs Aerobed

• Quick and easy inflation and deflation in just 3 minutes
• Built-in electric motor pump
• Pillow top design
• Fits standard sheets
• Super fast inflation motor
• Weight resistant up to 250kg

• Oval coil construction ensures a good night’s sleep
• Carry and storage bag
• Whoosh valve helps deflate the bed with ease
• Handheld pump automatically starts when the nozzle is attached to the mattress
• Fits standard queen size sheets


Compare Comfort Features: Eurobed vs Aerobed

The height of the Eurobed mattress is 36cm making it easy for both children and adults to get in and out of the bed. Eurobed features 42 pillars of air to cradle and support the contours of the body to provide a comfortable and relaxed night’s sleep.

Once inflated, the Aerobed will ensure your guests get a comfortable sleep thanks to the oval coil construction that provides even support across the mattress.


Compare Support: Eurobed vs Aerobed

Eurobed is designed with 42 pillars of air cradle to support the contours of the body and the raised rim ensures you sleep comfortably and securely at night.

Aerobed has an oval coil construction to deliver even support across your mattress with less bulging.


Compare Time taken to inflate fully? Eurobed vs Aerobed

EUROBED inflates in less than 3 minutes.


Compare Is it raised? Eurobed vs Aerobed

Yes, the Eurobed and the Aerobed are raised.


Compare Material: Eurobed vs Aerobed

Eurobed and Aerobed are made using Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).


Compare Warranty: Eurobed vs Aerobed

Eurobed comes with a 1 year warranty.

Aerobed comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


Compare Maximum weight supported: Eurobed vs Aerobed

Eurobed – 250kg

Aerobed – Up to 600 lbs


Compare Price? Eurobed vs Aerobed

Eurobed– $169.95 at Official Website:

Aerobed – $99.99 at Official Website:

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