EZ Roll

What is EZ Roll?

It’s a sushi maker that makes restaurant quality sushi, desserts, rolls and more at home. EZ Roll proclaims to be the ultimate sushi maker designed to help you make perfect sushi all by yourself right at home. Available as a set of sushi tube, plunger and end cap, EZ Roll guarantees to help you stir up perfectly round sushi at home.


Easy to Use

The makers of EZ Roll say that it makes preparing perfect sushi incredibly quick and easy. You just need to put rice into both sides of the EZ Roll, add ingredients of your choice, close it at the front and then slide the plunger (projected as the highlight of this sushi maker) to get perfectly packed round sushi roll on the nori sheet.


Versatile, Efficient and Safe
EZ Roll makes not just sushi but also different types of rolls such as California rolls, Spider rolls, Philly rolls, Dragon rolls, desserts, and several recipes. EZ Roll, you are assured, is also safe to use as it’s made from BPA free plastic. In addition to that, EZ Roll is dishwasher safe, so cleaning and maintaining it is also totally hassle-free.


What do I get?
Buy 1 EZ Roll™ Sushi Maker, 1 Recipe Guide, 2 Sushi Plates and 2 pairs of Chopsticks for only $14.99 plus $4.99 P&H and get another EZ Roll™ Sushi Maker, Recipe Guide, 2 more Sushi Plates and 2 more pairs of Chopsticks with it.
Official Website:ezrollsushimaker.com

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