Feather Feeder

What is Feather Feeder?

It’s a five gallon sized poultry feeder with a capacity of 25 pounds of feed for birds. Feather Feeder could be just what you need to have a thriving poultry farm where little birds and chicks are nurtured with abundance in food source.



Raise a Poultry Farm Easily

Feather Feeder is a special feed pan designed to make it easy for young ones of birds to come by and eat from 25 pounds of feed whenever they want. The makers of Feather Feeder claim that it is better than any other feed pan on account of its design, features an even looks.


Matchless Quality
According to the makers of Feather Feeder, it has been designed exclusively for starting small birds and chickens gently. Its design ensures that birds are never run out of grains. Also, Feather Feeder is rust-free as it is made of superior quality high-density polyethylene. It also has a polished surface, which makes cleaning it easy and quick.


Eye-catching Design
Feather Feeder has a bright red body and a green pan at the bottom, which looks really attractive. It is also projected as a sturdy poultry feeder which doesn’t break or get damaged. Feather Feeder has also been designed as a stackable container in which storing things is easy and convenient.


Feather Feeder REVIEW

Feather Feeder is notable for the smart, simple design and striking looks, which has impressed many of the buyers. However, some who bought Feather Feeder have pointed out some omissions and limitations in its design.

One customer who bought Feather Feeder says how squirrels jump into it, knock things around, go outside and create chaos all over again. She’s exasperated with it and wondering can be done about Feather Feeder.

Feather Feeder, some customers say, may be a great feed pan with a generous capacity, but its design and mechanism are not up to the mark. One user said how its green bottom part came undone once.

Another customer who bought two of the Feather Feeder feed pans thinks that birds seem to love eating out of it. One of these units he bought is still going great while the other was broken by the birds within a fortnight.

Feather Feeder, according to another set of customers, is good, but they want something to be done about seed mixture with nuts not coming out properly from it. They say that nuts get stuck inside and have to be pulled out manually. Some of these reviewers have also said that Feather Feeder doesn’t prevent squirrels from entering it and scaring away the birds. They’d also like Feather Feeder to be more sturdy and resistant to weather and bird droppings. One of them has complained its translucent shell split in within six months. He doubts if Feather Feeder will stand tough weather conditions.


What do I get?
Feather Feeder costs $19.99 + $7.99 shipping. You can add a second unit for another $9.99 fee.
Official Website:getfeatherfeeder.com

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