Finishing Touch Flawless Legs REVIEW

What is Finishing Touch Flawless Legs?
Finishing Touch Flawless Legs promises to be a painless hair removal device that gives you beautiful smooth legs instantly. It claims to be a new gold standard and instant painless hair removal designed with an 18 carat gold plated head. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs alleges to gently remove hair with no soap and no water making it perfect for quick touch-ups so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs really work as promised? Finishing Touch Flawless Legs reviews will soon reveal the facts.



How does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs work?

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs asserts that it will leave you with no nicks, no cuts and no bumps. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs reviews.

It maintains that it designed to give you 4x more coverage than razors. It contours to every curve in your body and is perfect to use on delicate areas like ankles and knees. At this point of time there are no Finishing Touch Flawless Legs reviews to verify this claim.

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs states that it features built in LED lights that make it easy for you to see and remove all your unwanted hair. This claim of Finishing Touch Flawless Legs will be attested only once users review Finishing Touch Flawless Legs.

Easy to use – Finishing Touch Flawless Legs is the fastest easiest pain-free way to get perfectly smooth flawless legs. It also promises to be easy to use for all ages. Does it sound too good to be true? Finishing Touch Flawless Legs reviews will soon reveal the facts.

No batteries – It claims to be rechargeable so there is no need for expensive batteries.

Designed to fit in your hand – Finishing Touch Flawless Legs declares that its palm perfect design will give you control that razors can’t provide. This claim seems to be too far-fetched and can be proved only after Finishing Touch Flawless Legs is reviewed.


Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Reviews

Ora Hawkins says in her review of Finishing Touch Flawless Legs that it did not remove anything!

Lillian May, who purchased the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs, claims in her review of the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs- “It hardly removes any facial hair”.

In her review of the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Lynn Cohen writes-“It does not remove chin hairs down to skin level”.

Marlene Todd is disappointed with the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs and says- “It does not work on course hair”.

Claudia Strickland tried the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs and says in her review that it is good for a quick touch-up, but it doesn’t always do the job trimming small hair.

Doris Williams states in her Finishing Touch Flawless Legs review that it is not the precision cutting blade she expected but she says she may need a new blade.

Nettie Powell mentions in her review that it is a nice item but a little overpriced.

Another user Brandy Kelley says in her review that it cause her face to have some burning after use.

Jenny George tried the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs and writes in her review that hair grows back smooth eventually.

Candice Ellis is not very happy with the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs and says- “Not as great as advertised. Waxing is much better”.

Darlene Parker mentions in her review-“This is really just a man’s electric razor but with only 1 razor head. It does the job but not very smooth. It is great for when running behind and you don’t have time for creams or wax”.


Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Questions & Answers

Q. How does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs remove hair?
A. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs is a rotary razor that shaves hair closely. It is not an epilator that pulls hair out from the roots.

Q. Does hair grow back like it was shaved?
A. Absolutely, and it grows back more coarse than tweezing. You will have to use it every day, tweezing occasionally. It’s just a weak shaver.

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs work on coarse chin hairs?
A. Yes most definitely.

Q. Is this a razor or an epilator?
A. It’s nothing but a razor made to look like something new & different. At the end of the day, it is still a razor & your hair will grow back. How much & how thick depends on the individual person.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. Not at all!

Q. How do you clean it?
A. The top twists off and there is a brush included.

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs work better than the battery operated personal trimmers?
A. Not really, it is like a cheap and small electric shaver that doesn’t even get close.

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs pull the hair out or shave it off?
A. It shaves it off.

Q. Is this an epilator?
A. No, it’s more like a mini electric razor.

Q. Does it remove the roots so the hair doesn’t grow back fast?
A. No, it’s a shaver.

Q. Can you use it in bikini area?
A. If the hair is too long it pulls the hair and the shaver head locks up and stops. But blowing the hair out clears it and then it works fine. Directions say to use circular motion which is difficult in that area but I use short strokes and that seems to work.

Q. Can you use this on your eye brows?
A. I used it on my eyebrows and it worked just fine. It is a painless, easy way to shape your brows.

Q. Can Finishing Touch Flawless Legs be used on the scalp?
A. If you have just sparse hair on the scalp like “fuzz” then yes as it says it is effective on all sensitive hair growth. I have tried it on face, neck and bikini line and it does a good job.

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs use a battery?
A. Yes

Q. Has anyone experienced ingrown hair bumps in the bikini area?
A. I believe this model is only for the face, they have another model to be used on the body.

Q. Can you change the battery?
A. Yes, the battery can be changed.

Q. Is it loud like the electric razors for men?
A. No

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs work on leg/underarm hair?
A. No. I had stubble the next day and it won’t cover the large area you need. It’s not too bad on one’s face.

Q. Does it permanently or temporarily remove hair?
A. Temporary, however, hair doesn’t grow back very quickly.

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs work on sideburns?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the hair grow back thicker and darker?
A. No.

Q. How does this compare with facial deplaning, which leaves your skin absolutely soft and takes off all fine hairs?
A. It leaves the skin feeling smooth after using but unlike facial deplaning it does not remove dead skin cells.

Q. Do the blades start to get dull after use?
A. I have not had mine long enough to need a change in blades. But, I have read that replacement heads are needed often, like any other razor.

Q. Is it really 18K gold?
A. No.

Q. Does anyone else have a Finishing Touch Flawless Legs that won’t run unless you take off razor head?
A. I do not have that problem, however it does not work well for me, and it is not flawless!

Q. Can a 9 year old child use Finishing Touch Flawless Legs?
A. With parental supervision I would say yes. There is no pain whatsoever. I think it’s a better option that waxing.

Q. Do I use it on dry skin or with shaving cream?
A. It can be used on dry skin.

Q. How do you charge it, do you have to buy a special charger?
A. There is no charger. It uses an AA Battery that’s included.

Q. How to buy the replacement blades?
A. There is an instruction sheet included as to how to purchase replacement heads.

Q. Will Finishing Touch Flawless Legs work for men? My son has really sensitive skin so normal shavers don’t work, and razors give him a bad burn.
A. I doubt it. It’s perfect for “peach fuzz” but that’s about it.

Q. Will you get dark spots (like men do) after using the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs?
A. I have only used the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs once and I don’t have any spots.

Q. How often should the blade/ head be replaced?
A. Every month but that’s because I use it everyday.

Q. How do I insert the battery?
A. The battery compartment is at the bottom part of the device which slides off.

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs work on women’s dark black chin hairs?
A. It’s not as easy but if you press harder it does take it off.

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs really work on coarse hair?
A. Yes.

Q. Is it like shaving? How long does it last? I wax normally and don’t want a 5 o’clock shadow.
A. This is a single foil rotary shaver. Otherwise it’s just feminine-geared marketing. You can get a similar but better shaver cheaper.

Q. After removing the hair from the upper lip and chin areas, does the hair grow back thick or does it grow in like peach fuzz again?
A. It grows back like peach fuzz.

Q. Can you use it in the armpit area?
A. Don’t know. I think it works best on a firm area like the chin.

Q. Is Finishing Touch Flawless Legs waterproof?
A. I don’t know.

Q. Can it remove large areas of hair, like leg hair?
A. It’s very tiny, so using it on legs would be inefficient.

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs work on nose hair?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I use it to touch up my legs?
A. It works great!

Q. Can I use it on my forehead?
A. Yes, however be careful around your eyebrows because I’m not sure how much control there is, because it is round. I think you can use it almost anywhere on your face. Keep clear of the eye/eyebrow area.

Q. How easy is the head to clean and replace?
A. The head is easy to brush with the included brush. I have not had to replace the head yet, but it appears to just snap on and off.

Q. Does Finishing Touch Flawless Legs work for older women who need gray hair removed on their face?
A. It works with any hair.

Q. How does it turn on?
A. It has an on-off switch.

Q. Does it cause ingrown hairs?
A. It took the hair off clean but it irritated my face the day after. So maybe it could cause ingrown hair. I think it depends on your skin type.

Q. Can I use it on my neck?
A. I don’t see why not, you can pretty much use it anywhere.

Q. Is this just for the face?
A. It has a small surface area, but technically you could use it anywhere.


Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Verdict

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs is overpriced and definitely not worth for the purpose it was made. There are many such similar products or ways to have flawless legs in affordable prices and satisfactory results. Hence we do not recommend finishing touch when you can get same work done in much easier and cheaper way. If you need the satisfactory results than there is no better option than waxing but if you are not able to bear the pain or do not have time to go for wax there are similar products available in the market.You can look for Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover in the women’s shave and hair removal section on It is labelled as the number 1 best seller on the site having 5539 customer reviews and 3.9 star ratings. Before buying do read the reviews for this product, you need to read 1, 2 and 3 star ratings reviews to find the actual feedback about the product.


What do I get?
Buy Finishing Touch Flawless for $59.98 + Free S/h | Order your Finishing Touch Flawless Legs today! | Official website:

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  1. I bought this product at , and I must say that it is the best shave/epilator product that I have ever used. In fact, I like it so much that I ordered another one plus extra heads. All the reviews say that it’s a shaver, but I think that it’s a mini epilator because I can feel the hair being pulled out. Absolutely satisfied with its performance.

    This is an amazing product, it actually works.I bought it ( 11$ ) from .
    So I want to share this link to you to know where you can buy this product. in this site have a lot of another good products. Hope can help people to choose a best products.

  2. On the evening of February 12, 2018 my wife began the process to purchase the Flawless Razor on the website She filled out her address and credit card number, but she HAD NOT submitted the form for purchase. She changed her mind and then back out of the form and closed the browser.

    Without submitting the form for purchase, the company captured the credit card number without permission and then completed the purchase without her permission. She received the purchase receipt the following day. My wife called them and they admitted to capturing the CC# and did, in fact, complete the purchase for her.

    At most, this seems highly illegal and, at the very least, a full on unethical scam. Submitting the purchase form is tantamount to signing / agreeing to purchase and not before. If you do not legally agree (sign for or submit the form) then the deal is supposed to be null and void. They said to send the product back for a refund. We will see.


  3. Florence Powers | 10th April 2018 at 5:03 pm | Reply

    I bought the “flawless razor” and I asked for 2 months to pay for it……got my credit card for the full amount without my permission………….I think it is beautiful……but flawless….NOT… legs are always prickly after using it……they advertised…..”just like a laser?” Not…..They owe me for false advertising……not happy…..

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