Fizzics Waytap vs Sonic Foamer

Compare What is it? Fizzics Waytap vs Sonic Foamer

Fizzics Waytap
It’s a portable draft beer system that enhances the flavor and taste of beer from any can, bottle, or growler.

Sonic Foamer
It’s a portable device that makes beer taste better, more flavorful, and more aromatic by refreshing its foam head with sonic vibrations at the push of a button.


Compare What does it do? Fizzics Waytap vs Sonic Foamer

Fizzics Waytap
The beer dispenser boosts carbonation and aroma of any kind of beer whether IPAs, Brown Ale, Lager, Porter, or Pilsner. Fizzics Waytap makes the flavor and taste of beer smooth, creamy, and robust without using additives or chemicals.

Sonic Foamer
Sonic Foamer makes craft beer taste as good as the first sip till the last drop by recharging the head.


Compare How does it work? Fizzics Waytap vs Sonic Foamer

Fizzics Waytap
One just needs to place a can, bottle or growler of beer inside the Fizzics Waytap canister, insert the hose into the beer, and seal the canister. On tapping the handle forward, beer is poured under controlled pressure rate and with consistent carbonation. With its patent-pending fluid and gas technology and science, Fizzics Waytap makes the flavor and taste of beer better than tap experience. It has scientifically perfected the density, stability, and texture of beer. The dense Micro-Foam breaks the bubbles into tinier micro bubbles so that the aroma is enhanced and the beer feels frothier and smoother in the mouth.

Sonic Foamer
By using a finely calibrated and invisible ultrasonic vibrations, Sonic Foamer opens up the beer and revive its foam head, which is the most important aspect of beer as the dissipation of the foam head also dissipates the smell and aroma of beer. The ultrasonic waves of Sonic Foamer activate the gasses in the beer to bring the aroma out for a perfect craft beer drinking experience. You need to pour beer into a compatible glass, add two teaspoons of water to the base of the gadget, place the beer glass on the base and turn the button on.


Compare Features: Fizzics Waytap vs Sonic Foamer

Fizzics Waytap
The universal beer dispenser gives any can, bottle, or growler fresh draft taste by enhancing its carbonation and aroma. The draft beer system is portable, lightweight and durable, and ideal for outdoor activities, tailgating, camping, and more. Fizzics Waytap can take up to 64 oz of growler of any store-bought beer. It doesn’t require CO2 canisters, nitro cartridges, refills or replacement parts. Fizzics Waytap Micro-Foam creates a contact between the beer and oxygen to preserve its flavor and delay degradation. This makes the first sip as good as the last. The dispenser is easy to clean with removable inner canister system and needs tap water to wash. It comes with an antimicrobial drip mat.

Sonic Foamer
Sonic Foamer recharges the foam head of craft beer with just the press of a button. It has precisely calibrated vibrations that create uniformly-sized bubbles for a frothier head. Sonic Foamer is battery-operated so it can be used absolutely anywhere, including at a pub or restaurant. The device can provide up to 3,000 foams. It has an LED light at the bottom that adds to the visual appeal of the sleek-looking device.


Compare How is it powered? Fizzics Waytap vs Sonic Foamer

Fizzics Waytap
4 standard AA batteries

Sonic Foamer
6 AA batteries


Compare Price: Fizzics Waytap vs Sonic Foamer

Fizzics Waytap
$320 + 7.64 S&H

Sonic Foamer


REVIEW: Fizzics Waytap vs Sonic Foamer

Fizzics Waytap REVIEW
Fizzics Waytap review reveals that it does manage to make bottled beer taste like draft beer. But the plastic construction is cheap for its cost and something more solid would have been better. Though its lid shuts easily, the bottle does not tilt back enough when inserted. Fizzics Waytap is time consuming when used on bottled beer instead of 64 oz growlers as each bottle needs to be put in and poured. Jt has a noisy operation with batteries and would have been better it was a plug in device.

Fizzics Waytap review says that initially it was enjoyable but stopped working after two months. Even though the motor runs, the dispenser did not pour beer.

Fizzics Waytap review states that it provides a tap-like beer experience, though one couldn’t be sure of the difference to taste. Fizzics Waytap is cheaply made. It claims to work on cans and bottles but using it on a can ripped the tubing into half. Hence, it’s advisable to use Fizzics Waytap only on bottles.

Fizzics Waytap review complains that it lacks smoothness in sound and pouring. It’s noisy when the handle is moved to different positions and beer flows after a few seconds of this noise. Fizzics Waytap is very lightweight.

Fizzics Waytap review claims that the beer did not taste any different or like draft. However, it does keep beer cool.

Fizzics Waytap review complains that it makes very little foam and requires a lot of hard work in terms of cleaning and changing of bottles constantly.

Fizzics Waytap review doubts the quality of the dispenser and says that it adds head to the beer, which even pouring beer correctly does.

Sonic Foamer REVIEW
Sonic Foamer review says that it is a large chunk that looks like a coaster and is likely to intrigue an onlooker. It takes a whopping six batteries to operate and turns different colors light on when you press the button. The switch of Sonic Foamer is awkwardly placed under the coaster. A beer left out in the open that turned flat gained solid foam though not as robust as the device claimed. Sonic Foamer had to be used twice on the beer to create the foam head, and it did enhance the beer drinking experience. Sonic Foamer did not work at all on growler beer though it was not clear whether that was due to the beer going too flat or using the wrong glass. Sonic Foamer is not a must-have for a beer lover though it does help if one likes frothy and aromatic beer. Sonic Foamer can be an enjoyable experience for its novelty.

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