Compare what is it? GloPRO vs NuFACE

Both GloPRO and NuFACE are facial toning devices that can help exfoliate the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Both these at-home tools use different non-invasive technology to provide anti-aging solution and improve the facial appearance of the user.

GloPRO uses patented micro-needling tool developed by its co-founder Dr. Terry James. The micro-needle technology enhances and encourages the skin’s natural cell turnover to offer anti-aging effects.

NuFACE stimulates the facial area via microcurrent treatment and is FDA-cleared for use at home.


Compare what to expect? GloPRO vs NuFACE

GloPRO and NuFACE are designed to offer anti-aging solutions for the skin. One can expect to get some improvement in the skin’s quality, diminishing fine lines and reduced appearances of wrinkles. They even help in improving the facial contour and the skin tone.

GloPRO has been clinically successful in improving the skin’s firmness, texture, and increase collagen density as well. On an average, the improvement for lab trial participant’s skin smoothness was 30% and few of them saw a huge 70% improvement in their skin. This stimulates the skin through the vertical exfoliation micro-channels and improves the signs of aging on all skin types. There are Micro-tip head attachments available for precise use on most parts of the body.

NuFACE states to perform all these functions by use for as little as five minutes a day.


Compare how does it work? GloPRO vs NuFACE

GloPRO – It comes with a patented micro-needling technology that stimulates the skin’s natural healing response. The skin starts to micro-rejuvenate deep within the skin and cells respond to imperceptible micro-channels and restore the volume from the inside out. GloPRO also comes with Red LED Light functions that work in conjunction with enhancing the collagen-firming benefit and regenerative skin advantages. The Vibrotactile Stimulation affects the deepest layers of the skin without penetrating into the dermis via gentle vibrations. It can be easily used with serums and creams and unlocks the skin to ensure it absorbs key anti-aging ingredients easier and better. It is researched that using GloPRO right before application of a serum or cream grants direct access to the active ingredients into the skin and can increase the absorption of key agents by 200 times.

NuFACE – This portable, easy-to-use device offers professional results at home with the help of microcurrent technology. The technology is clinically tested and offers improvements in the facial contour, tone, and reduces fine lines and wrinkle appearance. NuFACE comes with smart skin sensor for customized microcurrent delivery for stunning results.


Compare Features: GloPRO vs NuFACE

GloPRO – This anti-aging treatment device is designed to gently exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells to brighten and even the tone. It increases the skin’s own natural cell turnover to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. GloPRO works as a standalone solution or with anti-aging products to firm the skin and offer a tighter, youthful looking smooth skin. The Micro-needle technology comes with 540 stainless steel micro-needles that are 0.3 mm long and 0.2 thick. They safely condition the uppermost layer of the skin while the vibrations reach deep down into the skin layers. The sleek device has LED lights for notification and comfortable, ergonomic handle with rubberized finish for easy use.

NuFACE – It comes in a compact and convenient size that can be carried while traveling for ensuring a consistent treatment. This clinically-tested device is known to improve the facial contour with the help of 5-minute micro-currents technology and Smart Skin sensor. NuFACE has a convenient, ergonomic design for easy handling and push button controls for easy use. It features a rechargeable battery with a portable charging adaptor for quick recharging.


Compare Attachments: GloPRO vs NuFACE

GloPRO – It comes with various rollers of different needle lengths. The Face and eye roller has a 0.3 mm long needle and the Body roller has 0.5 mm long needle.

NuFACE – The device doesn’t have additional attachments and comes with the mini Facial Toning Device, Gel Primer, and power adapter.


Compare how to use? GloPRO vs NuFACE

GloPRO -The device is to be rolled with moderate pressure on the targeted facial areas such as the forehead, right side, left side, chin, around the mouth, eye, and the nose to mouth lines. Each area should be covered for 4 to 10 times with change in direction for each pass. GloPRO is meant to be used for at least one minute to ensure the skin is stimulated well enough. The skin’s pink or flushed appearance after use is a sign of proper treatment. Once the treatment is done, the serum of choice should be applied within the first 60 seconds to ensure that the key anti-aging ingredients are absorbed well via the active microchannels. The MicroTips should be sprayed with alcohol in the enclosed Sterilizing Spritzer bottle. These tips should be replaced after 3 months of regular use. The device should be stored in the plastic case between treatments. It is recommended that GloPRO should be plugged in while an outlet is accessible and the batteries should be used for cord-free use while traveling.

NuFACE – This device is to be used for five to 20 minutes at least five times a week for the initial 90 days. Once there are substantial results, it should be used twice or thrice a week to maintain the results. Wash the face with an oil-free cleanser to prepare for the device. Men should shave to ensure hairs do not interfere with the conductivity of the device. NuFACE should be glided along the natural contours of the face in an upward motion. Each glide should last for about 5 seconds and repeated thrice for optimal results. Switch off the device and back on after each treatment area. It turns off automatically after five minutes of use. NuFACE also comes with a primer and optional Serum that helps in keeping the facial skin fresh and supple. The Primer should be removed with a warm, damp washcloth. NuFACE is clinically tested to help improve the facial contour, skin tone, reduce wrinkle across the jawline, forehead and cheek area. It is suggested that users should consult their doctor before using NuFACE if they have had facial surgery, are on medication, uses body-worn medical devices, has cancer, is pregnant, or are below the age of 18.


Compare how is it powered? GloPRO vs NuFACE

GloPRO – It has batteries installed for immediate use. Remove the clear battery tab and press the power button to start the treatment. A power cord is available to connect to an outlet when batteries or an outlet is unavailable.

NuFACE – This device features rechargeable battery that can be charged using the portable adaptor. Its push button activates the 5 minute microcurrent treatment that automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of use.


Compare how long to see the results? GloPRO vs NuFACE

GloPRO – One can expect to see results after 30 days of regular treatment of 2 to 3 times a week.

NuFACE – Initial results can start to surface after the first 90 days of regular use. After results surface, it should be used only 2 to 3 times a week to maintain these beneficial results.


Compare Price: GloPRO vs NuFACE

GloPRO – $199.00

NuFACE – $199.00


Compare Warranty: GloPRO vs NuFACE

GloPRO – No information is available.

NuFACE – It has a 1 year warranty.


Compare Review: GloPRO vs NuFACE


– Nora Griffith, a customer who used GloPRO, complains in her review that the device is way too overpriced. She reveals that its LED aspect is pointless since it requires only a minute of use whereas other LED tools are to be used at least for 3 minutes for effective results. Her GloPRO review also states that the micro-needle used in the device is only 0.25 or 0.3 mm which is not long enough for optimal results. She suggests getting a micro-needle tool that has at least 0.5 mm length to really work. Such longer lengths are said to be much effective especially on elder people that have visible aging issues.

Another GloPRO customer, Dianne Byrd writes in her review that she was highly disappointed with the device. After months of regular use, she saw absolutely no improvement in her skin. She further adds in her GloPRO review that its LED red light kept going off in brief intervals and even the batteries are very weak.

A GloPRO review by Nadine Pope reveals that the product doesn’t work and after use as directed, her skin began to dry out and started cracking up.



Madeline Cruz, a NuFACE reviewer, reveals that the device’s battery died after only three months of use. It lasts for only a couple of beeps after charging for over 16 hours. She also complains that apart from the battery problem, there was no change on her face even after using it religiously for a whole month.

Another customer, Tamara Barton, asserts in her review that NuFACE failed to turn on upon receiving it. She calls it as a poor-quality device marketed at a high price and warns other users against purchasing it.
A NuFACE review by Antonio Ryan discloses that the device has no adverse effects after the first use, but the manufacturers have no idea what are the long term side effects. The fine print says that it can cause optic nerve spasms for certain people as a short term side effect but the long term-effects are unknown. As per her review, they also failed to mention that NuFACE is not to be used on the neck especially by people with heart conditions. The electric stimulation causes the arteries to constrict and can even cause a heart attack. Such crucial details should be provided by the manufacturer clearly on their website and the device info.

Jerald Greer, a NuFACE customer, states in his review that after using the device as per the directions, his face turned red and was covered in raw, red blotches and blisters. He mentions in his review that NuFACE offered no sort of firming or lifting results that he was expecting from it.
A reviewer, Charlene Colon writes that even though microcurrent therapy gets rave reviews, NuFACE is a little dangerous to use. The ball shaped massagers on the device are awkward to use and possess too much current for usage near the eyes.

Aubrey Miles asserts in his NuFACE review that he didn’t like the device at all since it hurt him and offered no results. He further writes that dermatologists suggest that the effects of NuFACE are not permanent or cumulative and are temporal in nature. His review complains that there was no result at all even after regular use over a brief period of time. He also exposes the gel to be messy, sticky and above all expensive. He warns users to use the gel generously since lack of it can cause a burn on the skin. Also clear the facial hair else it might get caught in the device and cause a tingling sensation.

Another review of NuFACE by Johnnie Hunt exposes that the device’s effects are temporal in nature. She used it for a whole month without missing a scheduled day and started noticing a nice, rosy complexion. Her skin also seemed to get tighter in places. According to her review, she missed couple of days and noticed that her jawline started to loosen again. She also noticed that she had frequent headaches and says that NuFACE might be the reason for it.

According to Wanda Barber’s review, NuFACE doesn’t come with specific information or guide. The instructions that are provided along with the device as well as those available online are pretty vague when it comes to the actual science behind it. Their instructions about using the device from the sides of your mouth outwards to the ear in 5 seconds sweeps with medium hard pressure fail to provide info about how hard should it be in reality. There is no way or sign provided to know whether enough pressure is applied while using the device. Her review also reveals that NuFACE is not as easy to use as it is shown in the diagram and moving between zones can be really difficult. The device is not supposed to be used around the orbital socket yet the videos on the website that instruct about the facial application shows it going right under the eyebrows. Another question that Wanda asks is about the lack of information about the electrodes and what actually happens while stimulating a wrong area with it. Furthermore, her review explores the problem of understanding whether the device is working or not. If it is not to cause any pain, tingle, or buzz on the skin then how would one know which of the three intensity levels are to be used. Such lack of information has resulted in a lack of faith in the device for her.

A customer, Jamie Joseph, claims in his NuFACE review that the device is not manufactured with high quality. The charging port on his device was too loose for the charging cable’s jack. He noticed that he had to put pressure on the connection to ensure charging since simply putting the device down on the counter after plugging it would cause the cable to disconnect itself. As per his review, he expected better quality form NuFACE due to its promises and the price.

Ethel Johnston’s NuFACE review says that the primer gel is not as helpful as it should be. The gel seems to be too thick and dries out very quickly. It is recommended that the primer should be applied only to a small section of the face at a time and treated before moving on to another area.

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    Basic on this reviews no of those device are seam to be effective ,I also notice that those reviews are claiming to be men’s?
    If if the case why are still on the market?
    Just I would like to see some positive comments but I’m only seeing negative.
    Just I have Nuface trio ,is no miracle but maybe need time and consistent.
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