Glove Glider

What is Glove Glider?

Do your kids sometimes find it difficult to get their fingers into their gloves? Not anymore. Now there is the amazing Glove Glider that makes putting gloves on a faster and easier than ever before!



How to use?

Glove Glider is designed to open up, allowing your kids to get their fingers in the right holes. Glove Glider works on even the smallest hands.
• Simply slip Glove Glider into the glove, lining it up with the 4 main finger holes inside the glove.
• Slide your hand across the Glove Glider into the right holes.
• Pull the Glove Glider out with the pull handle once your hand is in the glove.


Perfect For All Ages
Glove Glider is perfect for all ages. Kids, as young as 3, can use the Glove Glider to put on their gloves.
Glove Glider saves you so much time and gives kids confidence.


Great organization tool
Glove Glider is great for adults too. You can use the Glove Glider as an organization tool to hand your gloves.
With the Glove Glider you will never lose another glove ever again. Simply hand them up pre-loaded and ready to use.


Dries Gloves Faster
Glove Gliders is great to use to hang out and dry all your gloves. Use it for your golf gloves, biking gloves, ski gloves, and more.


Great for all
Glove Glider is perfect for kids, people with disabilities, children with special needs and people with arthritis.
Your child is guaranteed to love the confidence he gets from putting on his own gloves!
Order the Glove Glider today!


What do I get?
1 Glove Glider$10.00 + $4.95 S&H and for 2nd Glove Glider just pay additional $4.95 S&H.

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