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What is Grab Cane?

Do you always have to rely on family or friends to give you a helping hand to go places or to pick up objects? Now there is a simple device that can not only help you get around but also help retrieve hard to reach objects. Here’s introducing the Grab Cane, a 2-in-1 cane designed to give you a helping hand every time you need it. This 2-in-1Grab Cane helps you move around safely and conveniently, and also converts to help you reach out and get hold of objects in difficult to reach places like shelves, the floor, and more.



Grab Cane CLAIMS

Easy to use
Grab Cane is very simple and easy to use. To use the Grab cane: simply lock in the retrieval system and lightly squeeze the handle. Grab Cane features rubber coated durable plastic claws that are designed to help you reach up high and or pick up down low.


Maximum weight
The precision gears of the Grab Cane are extremely effective and can hold up to 4lbs.


90 degree swivel
The Grab Cane’support handle swivels 90degrees so you can reach straight up or down, or side to side without any strain. Order the Grab Cane today and never rely on others for your independence!



Used the Grab Cane just two times and the cable connecting the handle to the grabbing mechanism broke with only using the Grab Cane to pick up small things, nothing remotely heavy. Grab Cane is very disappointing.

The Grab Cane’s internal mechanism failed. The string stopped working so one could still operate the handle but the claw wouldn’t work.

The rivets that hold the jaws in place rusted up and the jaws just lock closed now. The gripper is also riveted in so it looks like it cannot be fixed either.

The rotator joint is very weak. Grab Cane is a good thought but a poor design. Used the Grab Cane for lifting cans or small bottles out of higher cabinets. Went to grab a small glass jar off of the shelf and snap there was no more grabbing power…the metal cord inside must have broke.

Grab Cane is very heavy and awkward to use. It broke within two weeks of purchase. It pretty much cannot grab anything especially rectangular or square shaped things.

If you pick up yard debris, the Grab Cane is too weak and will snap before you use it a lot. The ends are curved outward, not allowing the gripper to get a good grip on the phone. No angle you try will work. Grab Cane is only good enough to pick up socks off the floor.

Grab Cane can grab a bottle or can, but it requires a lot of hand strength to keep small things gripped as only the tiny tip end of this grips small things.

Grab Cane is too hard to use. Grab Cane can only be used for change that has fallen on the floor or bottles or cans. The grippers with round rubber things on the gripper does a far better job than the Grab Cane since it is straight. However, you cannot grip a mason jar with it. Also, any heavy item like a box simply fell out. Grab Cane is okay to take clothes out of a very deep washer. Also, if the item is on a top shelf, forget trying to grip it with the Grab Cane.

The trigger is hard to hold. In arthritic hands the handle section that fits in your hand is too short rendering it a little painful to grip.

Grab Cane is not as structurally strong as the one in the hip kit. The gripper head broke off after one week of use. Large bottles, jars, etc, will not work.

Grab Cane is very light and cheaply made.


Grab Cane Q & A

Can you use the Grab Cane to pick up an egg without the egg breaking?

Yes, it can be easily done, but be careful.

I have deep shelves that are used to store home canned goods. Can the Grab Cane be used to grab quart and pint jars?

Grabbing pint with the Grab Cane should be safe but may not be safe to pick quarts. Not sure if there the Grab Cane has enough tension to securely lift and place the quarts. Even if you do use the Grab Cane to grab quarts don’t go heavier than that.

Is the Grab Cane useful for someone who cannot stoop?

Yes, the Grab Cane is for people with limited mobility, are wheelchair bound, or have bad back problems. The Grab Cane can also be used to extend reach for elevated objects. It has a good long reach and can be used to pick up smaller items as the tips are rubber.

You can use the Grab Cane if you have trouble bending down or stooping but be careful of the weight of the item you want to grasp. Don’t try to lift more than your arms will allow you.

How heavy an object can the Grab Cane hold/grab?

It probably depends on how good a grip you can get on the item (because of object’s shape, surface, etc.) and the individual’s strength, dexterity, leverage (it has a long reach). An object of two to three pounds or more wouldn’t be too difficult, maybe more if it were a smallish, heavy object.

Can the Grab Cane be used to change light bulbs on the ceiling?

Not sure, haven’t tried the Grab Cane for that yet. The pressure on the bulb could possibly crack it but if you do it carefully it might be okay. The Grab Cane rippers will fit over a regular light bulb.

Will an elderly person be able to squeeze the Grab Cane handle easily?

The grip of the Grab Cane is soft and easy to squeeze.

Can the Grab Cane pick up a dropped cell phone?


Can the Grab Cane reach up above your head to take clothes off hanging pole?

It should be able to.

Will the Grab Cane pick up clothes in a deep washing machine tub that cannot be reached?

The Grab Cane will grab the clothing enough to get it to the top so you can reach it with your hand. The Grab Cane may not be able to pull a wet twin size blanket out of the tub, but it can certainly get a corner to the top so that you can then lift the rest out normally.

Has anyone used the Grab Cane for catching snakes or small mammals? We have a cat who likes to bring them in through the pet door.

No, but the Grab Cane will work well. It’s very easy to use with an immediate response to the trigger.

With the curved out end tips, how can you pick up a small twig or Lego part on concrete or wood floors if the end doesn’t pinch together to grab it? Do you have a picture of the Grab Cane with the tips engaged?

The ends do pinch together. Have used the Grab Cane to routinely pick up glucose testing strips from a hardwood floor (they are tiny and super thin) and the Grab Cane makes it far easier to pick them up than with just fingers. The Grab Cane is great for sewing needles, beads, and things far smaller than even the little micro Legos.

Can the Grab Cane be used by weak hands and weak grip?

Not sure but since the handles are very comfortable to hold, (unlike cheaper grabbers) exerting a grip will be more comfortable.

The Grab Cane is much better than any other one, but not perfect.

Can the Grab Cane pick up pills off the floor?

Yes, it can! The inside of the gripper is ridged and will pick up small objects like a pill but it takes some effort.

Can you grab a drinking glass with the Grab Cane without breaking it?

Have used it to get glasses and dishes out of the cabinet and it works good. It has a softer grip inside than some others. The gripper has a “rubberized” non-slip grip and the amount of pressure you use is up to you.

How heavy an item will the Grab Cane pick up?

Not sure but have used the Grab Cane to pick up things about the weight of a can of soup (19oz), and it does this very easily. It could probably handle something heavier.

Will the Grab Cane work with cordless shades?

Don’t think there will be a problem.

Can the Grab Cane be used with disposable wipes to tidy up the outside of a toilet between cleanings?

You may be able to use it if you put a big wad of toilet tissue or paper towels in a ball and then use the Grab Cane to pick it up.

Can you use the Grab Cane to pull the chains of a ceiling fan?

It will pull the chain however you’ll need a small end piece / decorative jewel, etc on the end of the chain in order to grab it well. Even with that, you’ll have to take your time but it can be done.

Are the ends magnetized?

No, it has a LG rubberized grip handle, is rust proof, and holds objects up to 5 pounds.

Does the Grab Cane grabber lock?

Yes, simply lock in the retrieval system.

Can the Grab Cane be used to turn a speed-control knob on a box fan that is overhead?

It would depend where the box fan is located or mounted.

Is the Grab Cane foldable? Can it be packed in a suitcase?

No, it is not foldable. It doesn’t fit on a carry-on luggage.

Would the Grab Cane work to help string lights around an evergreen tree?


Can the Grab Cane pick up cigarette butts?

Yes sure, it could.

Can the Grab Cane be used to close curtains?

Yes, but depends on the weight of the curtains.

Will the Grab Cane help me hang a banner with grommets onto cup hooks installed about 4 feet overhead?

It could. The weight of the banner would be a factor.

Can I use the Grab Cane to place my dog’s food bowls on the floor?

It depends on what they are made of. China/stoneware dishes would be too heavy for this but plastic dishes work great.

Our A/C filter is near the ceiling. A small round cap has to be unscrewed. Would the Grab Cane grabber do it?

Not sure if this has the dexterity to handle unscrewing a cap. It’s only good for grabbing. Not enough torque to grip and turn.

Does the Grab Cane have the strength to unplug a TV and plug it back in?

Yes it has the strength, but it would take practice to be able to do something like this.

Does the gripping head bend 90 degrees to the arm for easy reach to high pantry items?


What is the maximum amount of temperature the Grab Cane can withhold?

Grab Cane is plastic so it may not withstand any substantial heat.

How do the claws of the Grab Cane actually work? As they have a curve outward at the tips, how is it possible to pick up anything? How can it grip anything other than a bulky item, not something laying flat on the ground/floor, etc.?

When the jaws are fully closed they do meet at the tip. If you look carefully at the ends of the jaws, you will find that there is an outer shell (black) which is hard and an inner shell which is soft and flexible. The inside section has a ribbed surface which allows the Grab cane to get a firm grip on whatever you are picking up.

Does the Grab Cane work for getting canned goods from high kitchen cabinets?

It would get a soup can down but not the bigger heavier cans.

Is the Grab Cane good for picking sticks/yard debris?

It could be used for small sticks, probably less than 2-3 weight but not sure about yard debris.

Would I be able to use the Grab Cane to pull out a small plant (poison ivy) by its root?

Young plants with a minimal root system come out easily. It would depend on the size of the ivy.

Can the Grab Cane pick up cell phones and credit cards?


Can the Grab Cane be dismantled?


Has anyone used the Grab Cane in a vehicle to pass items to a rear passenger?

The Grab Cane is way too long which makes it a little tricky to manage sometimes. That being said, if you are in a big van or some such thing it might work great. For a standard auto it is better to buy a shorter one.

Can you use the Grab Cane to screw in a loose light bulb on a chandelier?

It is possible with the smaller bulbs but not the larger ones, for screwing the loose ones only but not for installing.

What is the best grabbing device for picking books and CD’s from high, densely crowded shelves? I need it to be able to penetrate between the CD’s.

The Grab Cane can pick the books, but not sure about penetrating between the CD’s.

What is the length of the Grab Cane?

Maybe about 32-33 inches.


What do I get?
Get Grab Cane $39.99 + No Shipping

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