What is Grout Express?

It’s a versatile 3-in-1 cleaning tool that can be used in a multiple ways while cleaning floors, cement lines, glass, counter and more impeccably at home, office, etc.



What is Grout Express supposed to do?

Great for Bathroom and Kitchen – Grout Express claims to be the ultimate cleaning solution that helps you attain a sparkling clean house conveniently with the speed and results you need. It is a resourcefully designed cleaning implement that its makers guarantee can clean floors, grout lines, counters, glass and surfaces flawlessly in the bathroom and all over the house. Grout Express cleans grime, dirt, bacteria and even pet lint that gets accumulated in the kitchen over time and pose health risks. Further, Grout Express can also be moved around easily to clean several other places like office. Grout Express is also robust, handy and easy to use.

Innovative Design and Functions – The makers of Grout Express state that it has been devised intelligently to achieve ultimate cleaning results. It comes with adjustable poles and disposable scrubbing pads that are designed to remove every speck. Grout Express also has a multipurpose micro fiber pad with smart design and easy to use features. Further, Grout Express aims to maximise its cleaning capacity by ensuring its cleaning pads and other attachments enter grout lines and other closed spaces thoroughly to clean. It is compatible with any tile cleaning solution and also works with any tile grout size. In addition to that, setting up Grout Express and storing it is also easy and hassle-free.


Grout Express Price
Grout Express Kit Includes:

  • 1 Grout express base
  • 1 Adjustable pole
  • 2 pad glides
  • 20 scrub pads
  • 1 hand held handle
  • 1 Micro Fiber Pad

Price: $24.99 at

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