Hammerhead Picks REVIEW

About Hammerhead Picks

If you simply love to play the guitar, then it’s time you to tried the incredible Hammerhead Picks. Hammerhead picks is the ultimate guitar pick that plays like any other guitar pick except with a flip of a finger you can tap, pull-off, slide and more without using your fingers. Mastering guitar techniques can take months or even years but with the revolutionary Hammerhead Picks you can now master everything you need to know in just days.



How it works?

The secret of Hammerhead Picks is the patented hammerhead design that provides a hard surface to smoothly hit your fingerboard which is practically impossible to do with your fingers, all with the flip of a pick. It is specifically contoured to give you improved grip, rapid efficiency, maximum speed and effect enabling you to produce wonderful music and sounds. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the Hammerhead Picks allow play rock, metal or even blues or jazz. Once you try the Hammerhead Picks you will never go back to using your standard picks ever again!


Types of Hammerhead Picks
Hammerhead Picks are available in light gauge, medium gauge and heavy gauge. Hammerhead Picks are made in the USA. Order the Hammerhead Picks today!


Hammerhead Review

Here are excerpts from Hammerhead Pick reviews

The Hammerhead pick is too slick.

You may be unaware of how much an effect a pick could have on the sound a guitar makes. After using Tortex picks, the Hammerhead pick seems like the better pick. Tortex picks have a rough matte coating or something that makes the guitar sound very scratchy. It is very noticeable.

After doing a lot of research on the best pick, the conclusion is that the Hammerhead pick is just another pick. The ones that have tiny, raised “pebbles” on them are a lot better because these is less fatigue because you don’t have to squeeze them to hang onto them.

The Hammerhead picks are okay but they are too big to be as thick as they are. At this thickness you should go for Jazz III’s, otherwise you might as well be playing with a shard of metal or something.

The Hammerhead pick is too clicky.

The Hammerhead pick is very soft, yet has a sturdy feel. It lets you attack the strings for the solo or strum the chords. The Hammerhead pick is an excellent buy.

The Hammerhead pick is great for speed chords.

The Hammerhead pick is a great pick for a beginner.

The Hammerhead pick is a good pick. The sound is crisp and it’s easy to hold securely without flying out of your hand. The matte finish of the Hammerhead pick is great!

The Hammerhead picks are awesome! The .88mm seems to be the perfect balance of stiffness and suppleness for playing.


Hammerhead Questions and Answers

Q. How many picks does the Hammerhead package have?
A. 3 hammerheads

Q. What is the dimension of the Hammerhead?
A. The dimension is 1.14mm or 0.6mm. It is not mentioned on the website.

Q. Do these Hammerhead picks have a smooth surface, or are they “gritty”?
A. They are smooth, but not slippery. Have used them for about a year and continue enjoy playing with them. They give a good sound and feel while playing.

Q. Are these good for speed picking?
A. Yes. Hammerhead picks with a thickness of .88 mm or greater work great for tremelo, sweep and simply fast picking. The matte texture prevents sweatiness and slipping while providing a smooth surface to allow for a moderately loose grip.

Q. Do you recommend Hammerhead picks?
A. Not sure, haven’t tried it. Go for a tried and tested one.


What do I get?
you’ll receive a set of 3 Original Hammerhead picks for $14.95 with $6.95 P&H. PLUS, you can get 1 of our revolutionary Hammerhead Metalhead picks for just an additional $12.95 with no P&H!at Official Website:hammerheadguitarpicks.com

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