Handi Holder REVIEW

What is Handi Holder

It claims to be new magnetic mount that holds phones and tablets in place while driving via a Suction Cup Mount and a Vent Mount.



Handi Holder CLAIMS

Keep your devices secure – Handi Holder promises to be the best way to keep all your smart devices in place while driving. Handi Holder proclaims to be different than other mounts since it uses a powerful suction cup and a magnetic hold to secure the device. It comes with two mounts – a Suction Cup Mount for securing it to car’s dashboard and a Vent Mount for placing the device over the vent. Such a comparison is farfetched due to lack of Handi Holder reviews.


Universal design – Handi Holder guarantees that to provide strong hold even on large-screen tablets with ease. The secret is the adhesive-backed, highly slim metallic plate. Once it is attached to any smartphone or tablet, it secures to the powerful magnetic head of Handi Holder. The magnet is powerful enough to hold even through cases and cover for user convenience. Handi Holder states to have a 360 degree pivoting head to ensure the phone can be used in both landscape and portrait modes. Such a smart design does make Handi Holder a useful addition to the car; user reviews will soon reveal the facts. Since its suction cup goes over any hard surface, Handi Holder alleges to be useful even for use in kitchen, at work, home and more. Did you find Handi Holder really as useful as it claims? Send us your Handi Holder reviews.


Handi Holder Review

According to the Handi Holder reviews, the Handi Holder is not a good product. It does not does not stick.

Handi Holder is nice and simple but could use a stronger magnet. It hardly holds an iPhone 7+ that’s in an otter-box case.

Handi Holder is super flimsy. Great idea but the suction will not stick to the Ford C-Max energi. The magnet is decent and does a good job of holding the phone in place.

While installed to the window with suction, the Handi Holder fell off twice when placing the iPhone 7 on it.

Handi Holder has a poor suction but is usable.

Handi Holder wouldn’t hold an iphone 7.The magnet is not strong enough.

The suction cup does not adhere to the windshield even after cleaning the window and holding it for some time.

Tried to secure the Handi Holder to the dashboard and it broke in two. Handi Holder is a cheap product, be careful with it.

If you can stick the Handi Holder to a window you’ll be fine. It does not stick to the dash of the new subaru impreza at all. The magnet works well. The arm itself does not move, only the magnet head.

The magnet on the dash mount is good but the magnet to go on the inside of the phone case is not strong enough.

Handi Holder does not stay mounted.

Neither of the “pads” which are supposed to be affixed to the back of the phone, allowing it to mount to the base, stick to the textured back of the Moto X phone.

Handi Holder worked great at first but broke within 6 days of normal use.

Handi Holder works but gel suction melted during hot weather and is useless after removal.

Handi Holder doesn’t stick well to any type of dash that has a texture. It keeps falling off.

The suction falls off after 30 seconds of a right suction. The phone keeps falling off because the mount doesn’t stay suctioned. The magnet is strong though.

The only issue with the Handi Holder is that the mount doesn’t stick to the dashboard. It sticks perfectly to the windshield but it did not stick onto the dashboard in both the Honda and jeep.

The magnet is not as strong as other brands.

The magnet works amazingly well but the suction cup constantly unattached from the windshield which can be dangerous when it happens as one is driving. Initially it grips strongly to the windshield but as time passes it falls off. It does not seem to matter whether the weather is hot or cold, it happens either way. Also, the suction cup leaves a ring of residue on the glass.

Handi Holder doesn’t stay attached. Handi Holder is useless.


Handi Holder Questions and Answers

Q. Does anyone have problems with phones falling off the Handi Holder when driving over large potholes/bumpy roads?
A. No.

Q. Does the metal plate of the Handi Holder interfere with using NFC like android pay or Samsung pay?
A. It doesn’t.

Q. Does the suction of the Handi Holder work on a semi-textured dashboard surface?
A. No

Q. Will the Handi Holder work for a Note 4?
A. You can stick a piece of steel in the rear of the N4, but looks ugly.

Q. If I remove the sticker from the back of my iPhone, is it going to be sticky because of the sticker?
A. Yes. The sticker is sticky. Recommend putting the sticker on the outside of your case.

Q. Can the Handi Holder magnet be used while an iPhone 7 is in a folio case?
A. With a folding case, the Handi Holder works fine with the metal plate inside the case.

Q. Does the head of the Handi Holder swivel?
A. The plate that the phone attaches to is on an adjustable swivel head, so you can adjust the angle as needed up or down.

Q. If the Handi Holder is attached to a windshield or wing window of door, is there enough adjustment to have a good viewing angle?
A. Yes.

Q. As a windshield mount, is the Handi Holder meant to be quasi-permanent or can I remove it daily? I like the old Garmin suction pad mount. Is this similar?
A. Handi Holder is not meant to be moved daily because the suction cup is sticky. If moved every day the Handi Holder will not hold as well after several moves as the stickiness would decrease over time. Overall the Handi Holder is a great mount!

Q. How big is the Handi Holder suction cup in diameter?
A. About two inches, and it has a sticky surface to help adhere. Handi Holder can be washed with soapy water to clean.

Q. How large is the ball on the post mount?
A. Not sure how big it is. It is smaller than the width of the Samsung 4 phone.

Q. Does the Handi Holder magnet portion that attaches to the black plastic ball fit on the Garmin sandbag GPS mount?
A. Yes it does, but if you don’t like the way it looks u can always return it!

Q. Will the Handi Holder work with a curved phone like the LG G4?
A. If the magnet fits inside the casing, it should. With the curve though, it’ll be a challenge.

Q. Can the Handi Holder hold the phone sideways?
A. Yes but the neck joint is weak and falls often.

Q. Will people steal the Handi Holder while in parking?
A. No, haven’t had a problem but make sure u don’t forget your device on it.

Q. Does the Handi Holder come with the sticker?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the circular magnetic mount of the Handi Holder turn?
A. If you use just the magnet mount directly on the vent, it doesn’t rotate (unless you turn it by hand).


What do I get? – you will receive a Handi Holder for only $19.99 plus $5.95 P&H and you will get a second one ,just pay separate $5.95 P&H. | Official Website: BuyHandiHolder.com

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  1. I purchased the Handi Holder about a week ago and the minute I used it, the suction pad works well k on the windscreen, but not on the dash, but the magnet is not strong enough to hold my Samsung Galaxy S8+.

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