Helix Sentinel Drone REVIEW

What is Helix Sentinel Drone?

As per the infomercial it is a RC drone by Air Hogs that provides first person view of the Drone’s camera via the FPV headset. Helix Sentinel Drone claims to be an RC operated flying drone by Air Hogs that records video and streams it directly to a FPV headset.



Helix Sentinel Drone CLAIMS

Get in the pilot’s seat
The First Person View (FPV) headset of Helix Sentinel Drone alleges to accommodate smartphones to receive 720p HD streaming of video that the drone is capturing live. These videos can even be streamed to multiple devices and recorded for sharing later. It is difficult to accept or reject the claims made by Helix Sentinel Drone due to lack of user reviews.


Intelligent drone
Helix Sentinel Drone asserts to have come with a smart design with removable Exo-Frame for convenience of flying. Helix Sentinel Drone convinces to have barometric pressure sensor and an extremely easy to handle controller for a successful flight every time. More shall be revealed once Helix Sentinel Drone is reviewed. Helix Sentinel Drone alleges to have advanced protection from hitting things in form of ceiling protection sticks and advanced built-in obstacle avoidance sensors. How effective these sensors are will be revealed once Helix Sentinel Drone is reviewed.


Helix Sentinel Drone Review

When launching the Helix Sentinel Drone outside for the first time the drone took-off and was unresponsive to remote control functions and literally flew away. It flew more than 500 meters across the field and out of sight. The drone is now lost and cannot be retrieved.

Not only is the Helix Sentinel Drone an unresponsive drone that flew away but the customer support is unresponsive too. Do not buy the Helix Sentinel Drone because of the non-responsiveness of the remote and the customer support team.

Helix Sentinel Drone has six minutes flight time. The Helix Sentinel Drone has plenty of lift to accommodate a bigger battery. The other good features are lost on the lack of flight time.

One of the flight motors burned up after using the Helix Sentinel Drone for more than 1 day in a row.

Quality could be way better. Every time you want to turn off the drone, you will have to unplug the battery and the wiring is so tiny, it’s not going to hold up. There should be an on/off switch. The SD card goes into the camera and it feels like the camera is going to break off of the drone when you insert or remove the SD card. It flies pretty well. Battery lasts about 7 minutes. Camera quality is okay at best.

Everything works except for the left throttle adjustment button. When the controller is on, all the other buttons make a noise when you press them. The throttle button is very loose and does not work. The Helix Sentinel Drone takes two batteries taped together going off one single connection. The actual flying of the Helix Sentinel Drone is pretty fun and the flight time is about 6 minutes.

If you disconnect the camera you may get a few minutes more of actual flight time. There are there are better options out there with better flight time and non brushed motors and cheaper.


Helix Sentinel Drone Questions and Answers

Q. What is the flight time of the Helix Sentinel Drone?
A. 7-9 minutes is fairly accurate. Flying without the camera gives you a little more time. When you are starting out and learning to fly, it is recommended unplugging and detaching the camera. Take advantage of a little longer flying time to learn, then attach the camera and use the app when you’re comfortable with basic flying technique.

Q. Does the Helix Sentinel Drone have to be registered?
A. The Helix Sentinel Drone doesn’t need to be registered since its weight is only 5.4 ounces.

Q. Does the case under the frequently bought together section fit the Helix Sentinel Drone?
A. Yes, the Helix Sentinel Drone would fit the case.

Q. Will the VR headset work with other VR apps as well or only with this drone?
A. Haven’t tried with other apps but it should. The sides are open so it doesn’t block out ambient light so it is not ideal for totally immersive VR. But there shouldn’t be a problem for it working with other apps as an added bonus.

Q. Does the SD card go into the camera itself or do you have to record from a smart phone?
A. The SD card fits into the camera on the drone.

Q. What is the range of the Helix Sentinel Drone?
A. 300 feet

Q. What is the life of the Helix Sentinel Drone’s motors? Are the motors replaceable and does Amazon sell the motors?
A. The lifespan of the motors would depend on how frequent and the way the drone is used. There are replacement motors available for the Helix Sentinel Drone.

Q. What happens when the Helix Sentinel Drone flies outside of the range?
A. The Helix Sentinel Drone would lose power and will gradually descend if it goes out of range.

Q. Does the Helix Sentinel Drone have lights for night?
A. Not sure.

Q. What is the actual camera resolution in real time flight FPV?
A. The Helix Sentinel Drone captures HD aerial photos & videos in crisp 720p with the built in 2MP camera.

Q. Does the Helix Sentinel Drone have a return to home feature?
A. The Helix Sentinel Drone doesn’t have a return home feature.

Q. Do you recommend the Helix Sentinel Drone?
A. Yes, it looks good on paper but it is not tried and tested. It comes from a reputed brand Air Hogs. G0 for it!

Q. What are the dimensions of the Helix Sentinel Drone?
A. It is not mentioned on their official website but could be 14.4 x 4 x 13.8 inches.


What do I get?
Order your Air Hogs® Helix Sentinel Drone™ today just $199.99 plus FREE SHIPPING! Helix Sentinel Drone™ is for ages 10+ and requires 4 AA batteries (not included).at Official website:gethelixsentinel.com

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