Hide N Squeak Blanket

What is Hide N Squeak Blanket?

Here’s introducing Hide-N-Squeak, an activity blanket that gives your dog the benefit of exercising his body and brain. It is designed with a hidden pocket to place a toy for your dog to find. Your dog will love the thrill of looking for his favorite toy. With Hide-N-Squeak your dog will stay physically and mentally active for hours every day.



Hide N Squeak Blanket CLAIMS

Simply attach a toy to the Hide-N-Squeak blanket and hide it inside the blanket. Your dog will be challenged to hunt and find the toy inside the blanket. Hide-N-Squeak provides your dog with interactive and stimulating play for hours in a day.

Hide-N-Squeak gives your dog both mental and physical exercise. He is sure to love the challenge the amazing Hide-N-Squeak blanket offers. Simply attach, hide and let your dog find the toy. Use your dog’s favorite toy or even use his old toys to make them fun to play with again.

You can also challenge your dog by changing the location of the toy. Hide it within the blanket, place it in the small pouch or the large pouch. Your dog will spend hours playing with the Hide-N-Squeak blanket so he will never get bored. You can also use toys that don’t make noise. It is easy to attach no matter what kind of toy you use.


Hide-N-Squeak is made from comfortable durable fleece.


Easy to wash
Hide-N-Squeak is machine washable so when it’s time to wash simply toss it in the machine. It’s that easy!

It is so cozy so your pet can fall soundly asleep after a tiring and entertaining day. You can use the Hide-N-Squeak blanket inside or outside. It is great for dogs of all sizes. Order the Hide-N-Squeak blanket today!


What do I get?
you will get two Hide N Squeak Blanket + Squeak Toy just for only $14.99 + $4.99 P&H.at Official Website: GetHideNSqueak.com

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