Hot N Fresh Lunchbox REVIEW

What is Hot n’ Fresh?

It is a heated lunch box that heats your meal within minutes when plugged in with food inside. It claims to be a lunchbox that offers heating option to warm the food for a hearty meal. It comes with spacious interiors, convenient handle and is dishwasher safe.

Hot N Fresh Lunchbox CLAIMS

Freshly Heated Food Anywhere Anytime – Hot n’ Fresh could be the kind of lunch box you’ve been looking for to relish steaming hot food hours after it’s packed. According to the makers of Hot n’ Fresh, using it will save you a considerable amount of money that you spend on ordering food from outside as you can warm your food in it wherever you are.

For Healthier and Tastier Food – The promoters of Hot n’ Fresh claim that food heated in it is healthier than microwave meals. Also, Hot n’ Fresh ensures its food tastes more delicious than frozen foods. All you have to do is plug Hot n’ Fresh in a socket and wait just for a few minutes.

Big Size Compartments – You can pack loads of food in Hot n’ Fresh as it is really large, has a big divided container and also a removable second compartment. Its simple and yet strong snap lock sides ensure there will be no leakage. Also, cleaning Hot n’ Fresh is easy as it is dishwasher safe, which adds to your convenience.

Hot meals on-the-go – Hot N Fresh declares to be a lunchbox which can not only just store the food but also heat it up just before lunch right at the desk. How true Hot N Fresh’s claim is will be verified once users review it. Hot N Fresh states to have a provision to plug it in and warm the food when desired and has an indicator lamp to help with it. We shall know more once we analyze Hot N Fresh reviews.


Hot N Fresh Features

Hot N Fresh emphasizes to have a large divided container that can easily hold food for the hungriest person. It can accommodate large-sized portions and has a removable second compartment to hold sides, veggies and desserts. Hot N Fresh states to have a sturdy body that stays secure with the Snap-on locking mechanism. Hot N Fresh alleges to offer a handle for carrying and a plastic spoon for convenience. This dishwasher safe lunchbox does sound attractive; Hot N Fresh reviews will expose the truth.


Hot N Fresh Questions and Answers

Q. How much time will Hot n’ Fresh take to warm food kept in the fridge?
A. If you want to just warm food, it’ll take about an hour. To have it hotter, it’ll take around two hours.

Q. Is Hot n’ Fresh provided with an auto power-off feature?
A. No. Hot n’ Fresh doesn’t have the power-off feature.

Q. Is the divider inside Hot n’ Fresh inbuilt? What if I don’t want compartments and need to use it as a single bowl?
A. Yes, Hot n’ Fresh is designed with a divider. There is no part or compartment inside which can be removed.

Q. Can I use Hot n’ Fresh in my car?
A. No. It heats food only after it is plugged into a socket.

Q. Does the aroma of food heated in Hot n’ Fresh spread? I’m planning to heat it in my cubicle ‘coz I don’t want people to know it.
A. Yes, the aroma of food will spread around if you use it in your cubicle. You’ll have to take a call on where to use it.

Q. Where is the power switch located?
A. Hot n’ Fresh doesn’t have a power switch, It turns on and off only when it’s plugged into a socket.

Q. Does Hot n’ Fresh work with 230V plug? I’m planning to take it overseas while traveling.
A. No, it doesn’t. It has a US 110V plug. It may not work in all places.

Q. Is the inner part of Hot n’ Fresh made of plastic?
A. The compartments in which you keep food and the box are made of plastic. There’s a metal plate at its base, which conducts heat to warm food.

Q. Can I heat ingredients for facial in Hot n’ Fresh in less time? Will there by any problem?
A. Not really. It’s not known to be very quick with heating such ingredients especially fast.

Q. Can Hot n’ Fresh heat frozen Lean Cuisine in an hour?
A. Cooking a frozen food product in Hot n’ Fresh isn’t recommended as such. It’s basically for keeping food warm or heating it sometime in advance before you want to eat.

Q. Is food placed directly inside Hot n’ Fresh and serve it out or is a dish with food placed inside it?
A. You need to keep food directly inside it and serve it out.

Q. Is Hot n’ Fresh BPA-free?
A. There’s no information on it presently.

Q. Does Hot n’ Fresh run on batteries?
A. Most probably not. It is a plug-in appliance that runs on electricity.

Q. Does Hot n’ Fresh make noise?
A. Not at all. It does not generate any sound.

Q. How long does Hot n’ Fresh take to warm food? Does it run on 110V?
A. Around 45 minutes. Yes, it operates on 110V.

Q. Is Hot n’ Fresh a dual voltage product?
A. No. You could try using an adaptor which is compatible with it.

Q. How much does Hot n’ Fresh weigh? What are its overall dimensions?
A. It weighs 1.4 pounds. Outside dimensions are about 8″ x 5″ and stands over 4″ tall. It has two inside compartments, one measuring approximately 3.5″ x 5.5″ and the other 4.5″ x 5.5″.

Q. Is the internal part of Hot n’ Fresh removable for cleaning? Does it have an internal lid to place food in?
A. It has a removable second covered compartment in which you can carry more food. You can take out the removable compartment and carry a single item in more quantity in the box.

Q. How much food can Hot n’ Fresh store?
A. It can store enough food for two people to eat well.

Q. If I plug in Hot n’ Fresh 3 hours before eating, is there a risk of overheating?
A. No. You can plug in your Hot n’ Fresh for that much span without worrying about overheating or burning.

Q. Can I make Ramen noodles in Hot n’ Fresh?
A. Yes, you can, but since it’s not a cooker, it will take quite long to do that.

Q. Can I plug Hot n’ Fresh into a wall unit outlet?
A. Yes, definitely. Hot n’ Fresh has a regular outlet plug on the end so you can connect it into a wall unit outlet.

Q. Does Hot n’ Fresh come with a plug-in cord or it has to be bought separately?
A. Yes, a plug-in cord is included with the unit.


Hot N Fresh REVIEW

Hot N Fresh is being used by a considerable number of people in offices where it’s difficult to enjoy freshly heated food. Instead of consuming outside food regularly, Hot N Fresh is considered by a more viable and cost-effective solution.

However, many users who purchased Hot N Fresh have said that they are not too happy with its quality and performance. Some of them have actually said that food warmed in Hot N Fresh reeks of unpleasant smell, which is a huge turn-off.

Hot N Fresh may look like a useful lunch box that’ll serve you warm food that feels tastier, but some customers are not satisfied. Several people feel that the size of Hot N Fresh is an issue. They say that it’s rather bulky and that it should’ve been compact. Some of them actually want to return their Hot N Fresh.

At the same time, there are customers who seem okay with it. One has written in saying that Hot N Fresh is a useful addition to his office possessions and he’s faced no problem with it so far. Still, there’s a user who has said that although Hot N Fresh doesn’t do everything it claims, it’s not a loss investing in it. She uses it at work every day by plugging it in an hour in advance. She also carries it outstation to heat food for her child, and feels secure even if no facility is available.

Hot N Fresh thus has earned mixed reviews from people who’ve used it.


What do I get?
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