Hover Cover REVIEW

What is Hover Cover?

As per the infomercial it is a splatter shield that protects your microwave from spillovers and sticks on top with the help of microwave-friendly plastic magnets when not in use. Hover Cover claims to be a unique splatter-guard for microwaving food items to ensure that the aftermath is not messy.



Hover Cover CLAIMS

No Spillovers
Hover Cover states to have plastic magnets that are microwave safe and can attach to the roof when not in use. This way, it asserts to be always accessible when required. Currently there are no Hover Cover reviews available that will substantiate with its claim.

Exceptional Design
Hover Cover guarantees to have an 11.5” feet dimension that fits virtually any microwave and covers any dining plate, lunchbox and storage containers easily. Hover Cover also promises to be made with built-in Steam Vents that allows the air to circulate and keep the food from getting soggy. More shall be revealed once it is reviewed. Hover Cover assures that it is made using Food-Safe and BPA-Free material that is cool to the touch so even kids can handle it. Also, cleaning it is easy since Hover Cover is allegedly top rack dishwasher safe. Is Hover Cover really good? User reviews will reveal the facts soon.


Hover Cover Reviews

Joanne Carson says in her review of the Hover Cover – “I heated it up to see if it would straighten out. It did, but not enough to stick to the top of the microwave. All four magnets should touch. So when you close the door the cover falls down, every time.”

In her review of the Hover Cover, Anita Fleming writes that the Hover Cover has burnt a hole through the plastic holding one of the magnets. It sparks and send tiny fires off the magnets.

Jane Spencer mentions in her review of the Hover Cover – “Cheap, thin plastic (was broken when it arrived), the magnets are too weak to hold to the roof of the microwave, and the glue was too weak to hold the magnets to the plastic. Neat idea, poorly executed. The magnets are so weak they wouldn’t even stick to my fridge”.

Brenda Hammond states in her Hover Cover review that it’s not small, so if you have a smaller microwave, it might prove tricky to get it to simply a tick to the top when not in use.

Angela Guzman says in her Hover Cover review that the only problem is the condensation, when the vessel underneath is smaller than the top. She says this is almost always unless it is a plate with the same circumference.

Nellie Ruiz writes in her review of the Hover Cover that if you are covering a dinner plate it is great but any other plate or bowl, it protects the sides and top but not the carousel tray.

Natasha Morales complains in her review of the Hover Cover that the steam vents are too close to cover lift up recesses and it becomes hot and slippery. Also, there is a slight odor from the plastic just after use.

Penny Mitchell says in her Hover Cover review- “Be aware that it may not fit the top of your microwave. Check out the flatness of your microwave top before buying”.


Hover Cover Questions & Answers

Q. Will the Hover Cover work in a micro-oven that has a stainless steel interior?
A. NO, Hover Cover will not work in a stainless steel microwave oven.

Q. Are the magnets dangerous for the microwave?
A. Yes – we bought one of these things and it caused a chip inside our microwave controls to fail. We had to replace an expensive microwave as a result. Do not recommend using this item.

Q. How can you tell if you can use the Hover Cover for your microwave?
A. Well I thought it was microwave safe but it says on the side “Don’t use for more than 10 minutes” so it’s not really that safe.

Q. Can the Hover Cover be left stuck to the top of the inside of your microwave while using the microwave or does it have to be detached from the roof?
A. Yes, you can leave this stuck to the top while you use your microwave for other things. I do it all the time with no problems.

Q. How does the Hover Cover stick on to the roof of the microwave? Mine came with no directions.
A. Fine, but it stains immediately.

Q. It seems like the Hover Cover will always get dirty (food splattering as it gets heated) – do you really just leave it in the microwave all the time?
A. No, you remove it as needed for washing. Hand wash or top shelf dishwasher safe.

Q. Is this the same Hover Cover that is advertised on TV? Also, is the cover clear or white?
A. I think it is the same one and it is clear.

Q. Do the magnets get hot?
A. No.

Q. What is the life span of the Hover Cover? How many times can you repeat using it and how many minutes can it say to be safe to use?
A. As long as the magnets stay enclosed in the plastic it should last a long time, the material is sturdy. The plastic has not heated up much but the longest it has been in the microwave at one time was 10 minutes at half power. It works very well.

Q. Can the Hover Cover be used in a convection microwave set on the microwave setting?
A. Watch the video… the video and the print words say not use the Hover Cover in convection microwave ovens.

Q. Are the magnets removable?
A. No they are not.

Q. Can you leave it attached to the top when reheating non-splatter items?
A. Apparently you can but it won’t stay on the top of my microwave because of a plastic vent on the top. I just put it on a shelf.

Q. Does the Hover Cover fit in a 700 watt microwave?
A. Not sure as it didn’t work in mine as I have plastic on top and it won’t connect.

Q. Can the Hover Cover be placed in the dishwasher?
A. Yes, on the top shelf.

Q. Is it made of glass?
A. No, it’s made of plastic.

Q. Do you get 2 in a package or just 1?
A. You get 1 in a package.

Q. How well does the Hover Cover fit over square plates?
A. Just fine.

Q. Will the condensation on food or sauce not drip down from the top leaving mess below?
A. I wash mine out every night. You have some condensation, but it dries quickly.


What do I get?
Buy Hover Cover just for only $10 + $4.99 P&H.receive a second Hover Cover by paying the extra shipping fee of $4.99 at Official Website: BuyHoverCover.com

8 Comments on "Hover Cover REVIEW"

  1. I ordered my push bike today via Amazon and hopefully it will get here by the weekend with any luck!!

  2. My hover cover will not stick to tje top of my microwave and I purchased two.

    • Me too. I would love the item of it did. The top of my microwave isn’t flat. Has a round circle thingy at top. So it won’t stay.

  3. Hover cover is the best invention since white bread….I bought one and it is a god send….I love it….It sticks to the top of my oven with no problem….everything they said about it is true….I will not live without it….

  4. Just received my Hover cover and very disappointed. It doesn’t stick to the top of the microwave. The magnets are not strong enough to hold it. It will not adhere to any metal. I have a $2.00 .plastic lid that works just as well. I’very been scammed.

  5. Just received my Hover cover and very disappointed. It doesn’t stick to top of microwave, it won’the stick to anything metal. I have a $2.00 plastic cover that works better. I have been scammed.

  6. Micki Cunningham | 25th November 2017 at 1:38 am | Reply

    A total waste of money. Does not stick to top of the microwave. Now becomes something I need to recycle, but how?

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