Hover Hockey

What is Hover Hockey?

The Hover Hockey system is a portable, pocket size air hockey game that provides hours of fun and entertainment for children of all ages!

How it works?

The secret of the Hover Hockey system is the specially designed puck equipped with a miniature fan inside that creates a frictionless air hockey surface so you can play air hockey almost anywhere you want!

Hover Hockey is the perfect size, so it easily fits your bag making it perfect to carry for parties, games, sleepovers and trips!

What it includes?

Hover Hockey comes with: 2 paddles, 1 Hockey puck, 2 Goal nets, 4 Suction cups and a 20′ Bumper rink string.

Equipped with soft touch sides, Hover Hockey floats, slides and glides without you hurting your knuckle. Simply rail up, net up and puck on. It’s that amazing!. You can play with the Hover Hockey system on the table or on the floor.

Stop spending your money in game arcades and stop trying to drag your heavy air hockey table across the floor. With the Hover Hockey system you can create a fun game of air hockey practically anywhere.

Order the Hover Hockey system today and let the fun begin!

Hover Hockey REVIEW

Hover Hockey is a horrible product. The suction cups don’t stick to any surface. The puck only hovers on a perfectly flat smooth surface. Hover Hockey did not work on a hardwood floor or various table top surfaces. Don’t waste your money on the Hover Hockey. It is very disappointing.

The suction cups would not stick to the table. The string that is supposed to prevent the puck from gliding off the table did nothing. Hover Hockey is a big waste of time trying to set it up. You will definitely want to return it.

The suction cups wouldn’t stay stuck to anything. The puck ate up a set of batteries in 20 minutes. Hover Hockey is highly disappointing.


What do I get?
Get Hover Hockey just only $10.
You get 2 Paddels
1 Hockey puck
2 Goal nets
4 Suction cups
20’Bumper rink string
Official Website:gethoverhockey.com

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  1. I agreee. Soooooo frustrating trying to find a spot to play this game

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