Hurricane Force REVIEW | As Seen On TV Handheld Fabric Steamer

About Hurricane Force

Hurricane Force declares to be a handheld steamer that helps in removing wrinkles from any fabric easily. It promises that its powerful steam-based design is better than clunky and bulky irons and steamers.



How does Hurricane Force work?

The power of steam of Hurricane Force alleges to help remove wrinkles within seconds or provide a sharp crease in a single pass. It states to have micro-steam engines that generate super-heated and continuous stream of steam.

Powerful handheld steamer – The handheld steamer Hurricane Force guarantees to be easy to iron any clothes perfectly with its lightweight, handheld design. Hurricane Force convinces that its portable size makes it convenient to use even for curtains, drapes, and fabrics around the house without the need to remove them. Currently, there are no Hurricane Force reviews available to substantiate with its claims. Hurricane Force emphasizes to be ultra-durable to provide consistent performance and is compact enough to stow it in a suitcase while traveling. These farfetched claims will be verified once users review it.

Versatile Steamer – The steam generated by Hurricane Force is said to be highly powerful to work on any type of material. It guarantees to have ingenious settings that work on silk, nylon, polyester, wool, denim, and linen. Hurricane Force also proclaims that it won’t damage any fabric; user reviews will expose the truth.


Hurricane Force REVIEW

Mitchell Reyes, a Hurricane Force customer, complains that it doesn’t provide continuous stream. Instead, it leaves little puffs of steams and its button requires constant push to do so. She asserts in her review that Hurricane Force takes forever and does a poor job of ironing one cloth.

A Hurricane Force review by Maryann Garrett discloses that it drips water and hardly generates steam. She complains in her review that the heat plate doesn’t work like an iron and the steam from Hurricane Force failed to iron out any wrinkle.

Another user, Sheila Schultz, asserts in her Hurricane Force review that it worked only for 5 minutes and stopped working altogether.

Loren Stephens also found Hurricane Force useless. In their review, they say that the water started to spill out of it regardless of following all directions properly. According to the review, they tried steaming a shirt with it but noticed that Hurricane Force started to smell. They claim that probably a faulty or used piece instead of a new one was delivered.

A customer named Johnny Gill says that Hurricane Force is worthless since it didn’t work right from the time he received the package.

Susie Knight noticed water leaking and dripping from Hurricane Force. Her review calls it an iron and not a steamer since it fails to generate steam unless it is triggered. She also states in her Hurricane Force review that it doesn’t have enough power to generate continuous steam and can be used as a decent travel iron.

Jenny Graham, another Hurricane Force reviewer, says similar things about it. She says it is a good iron but the continuous steam option is useless since it starts to spit out water if triggered continuously. She warns in her review that Hurricane Force is decent but people looking for a steamer will find it waste of money.


Hurricane Force Questions & Answers

Q. How long does Hurricane Force take to generate steam?
A. It takes a little time to heat up on first use but later starts generating steam quickly.

Q. How long is Hurricane Force’s cord?
A. It is approximately 6 feet long. It folds and along with the compact steamer can be stored easily and is perfect for traveling.

Q. Is Hurricane Force waterproof?
A. Yes, the internal and external contents of Hurricane Force are waterproof. Its bag is water-resistant for extra protection. The hard-casing is highly durable and the clear pockets on the exterior help in easy identification of water content and steam generation.

Q. Will Hurricane Force work for lint removal?
A. Yes, an additional attachment brush is provided for Hurricane Force that can lift and remove lint easily.

Q. Does Hurricane Force come with an auto shutoff feature?
A. No, it has a manual operation for shutting off.

Q. How long can Hurricane Force stay on?
A. There is no information available. It does help in de-wrinkling garments and smoothing them out quickly and easily.

Q. Can Hurricane Force be used on wool?
A. Yes, it is safe to use on almost all types of fabric. It can be used on wool especially the one that comes with a business suit. Hurricane Force’s temperature control and electric fuse equipment protect the steamer and the user too.

Q. How much water does Hurricane Force hold for generating steam?
A. Hurricane Force doesn’t come with a measuring indicator or information but it roughly holds 300ml water.

Q. Can Hurricane Force be used to iron men’s shirts and how long will it take to do so?
A. Yes, it is perfect for all types of shirts. The timing depends on the thickness of the material; thinner shirts will get ironed out easily. Regularly, Hurricane Force should not take more than a minute to perform this task.

Q. Does Hurricane Force make the clothes damp or wet since it uses steam? Can it be worn immediately after steaming them?
A. Not sure since the device fails to work most of the times. It has been noticed that Hurricane Force doesn’t work beyond a couple of minutes and stopped functioning later.

Q. Is the steam coming out of Hurricane Force continuous in nature?
A. It claims to have a continuous steam generation but users have noticed that they need to keep pressing the button to get the steam out. It might be merely a faulty piece but completely takes away the point of using it.

Q. Does Hurricane Force spit water too while steaming?
A. If it is filled to the desired level and used in perfectly upright position, it will not spit out water. It is constructed with sturdy and durable material to ensure there is no leakage either.

Q. How many volts does it require?
A. It works at 110 V.

Q. Does Hurricane Force require salt in the water similar to some European style steamers?
A. No, there is no need to add salt to the water for steam generation. Just make sure that the water level is not higher than the maximum mark.

Q. Does Hurricane Force have a warranty?
A. NO.


What do I get?

    1 Hurricane Force Handheld Steamer with copper plate

  • 1 Fabric Brush
  • 1 Delicate plate
  • 1 Measuring cup

Price: $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling at the Official website:

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