Hurricane Fur Wizard REVIEW

About Hurricane Fur Wizard

Hurricane Fur Wizard proclaims to be a smart wand that can be used to quickly and easily remove pet hair, lint, and fuzz from furniture and clothes. It’s handy and double-sided design cuts the entire fur capturing process time by half.



How does Hurricane Fur Wizard work?

The technology in Hurricane Fur Wizard allegedly features thousands of micro-bristles that grab and remove the smallest of fur, lint, hair, or fuzz from any surface including clothes, furniture, car seats, carpets, and more. Once done, Hurricane Fur Wizard asserts to easily clean by simply snapping it inside its self-cleaning base for use again.

Easy Cleaning – The extra-large size of Hurricane Fur Wizard convinces to capture mess easily and moves both sides to cut down cleaning time. Its self-cleaning base emphasizes to clear all the fur and lint from in-between the bristles easily. Once done, the base pops up to get rid of the mess into a bin without even touching it. Can Hurricane Fur Wizard really offer such easy and efficient cleaning of fur and lint? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Multiple Advantages
The handy Hurricane Fur Wizard assures that it is lightweight for convenient handling. Additionally, a non-motor based handy system guarantees that users don’t have to lug it around like vacuums. More shall be revealed once Hurricane Fur Wizard is reviewed. The micro-bristles in Hurricane Fur Wizard are declared to be durable and don’t need any change or refills. How well does Hurricane Fur Wizard work will be only verified once users review it?


Hurricane Fur Wizard Reviews

One Hurricane Fur Wizard review by Alison Banks reveals that it failed to remove pet hair the way it has been advertised to do. She further writes in her review that Hurricane Fur Wizard is pretty flimsily built too. She suggests users use a lint roller over it.

According to a review by Margie Hill, Hurricane Fur Wizard doesn’t pick up dog hair effectively and requires multiple passes to get decent cleaning.

Dexter Brooks complains in his review that the self-cleaning base of Hurricane Fur Wizard doesn’t really clean after removing the lint and fur from the wand. As per his review, Hurricane Fur Wizard’s base locks the fur and doesn’t really move out from the bottom after shaking into a bin. He also notes in the Hurricane Fur Wizard review that the brush also retains some amount of hair and fur that is difficult to remove.

Another customer, Jimmie Reyes, calls Hurricane Fur Wizard a disappointment in his review. He noticed that the wand didn’t pick up the hair well.

A similar problem has been mentioned in Virgil Peterson’s review. He mentions that Hurricane Fur Wizard doesn’t pick up even half of the fur from furniture and is difficult to clean anything thoroughly with it.

One customer, Nellie Davis, asserts in her Hurricane Fur Wizard review that it fails to pick up long pet hair. She further adds in the Hurricane Fur Wizard review that the flexible handle makes it difficult to really put pressure on the brush to pick up hair from the surface. She calls Hurricane Fur Wizard a poorly engineered and badly designed wand in her review. Additionally, her Hurricane Fur Wizard review states that the micro-bristle fabric is starting to come out of the surrounding plastic body. She calls it a total waste of money.

A Hurricane Fur Wizard review by Leah Howard discloses that it doesn’t work great on all types of surfaces. She states that even after using the brush in the instructed direction it failed to pick all the cat hair sitting on her chair. She suggests in her review to use a vacuum instead of Hurricane Fur Wizard.

Patsy Green’s hope of Hurricane Fur Wizard being an efficient, easy cleaning wand was shattered. Her review says that even after several swipes, the wand failed to pick up anything.

Even Debbie Chavez’s Hurricane Fur Wizard review states that the wand failed to function and dubs it as a complete waste of money.

One other reviewer, Preston Underwood, exposes that Hurricane Fur Wizard doesn’t work as well as it has been advertised. His review also says that the large size of Hurricane Fur Wizard isn’t compact enough to fit in any drawer or closet.


What do I get?

  • 2 X Hurricane Fur Wizard
  • 2 X Mini Brush

Price: $29.98 + $7.99 shipping and handling | Official website: |

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  1. This did not work. I mostly used it for the bed. Hair still stays on the brush even after you put it in the other part that is supposed to clean it. Not worth the money. Even the smaller one doesn’t work. It definitely did not work on clothes. Also, when I was using it, the handle broke off.

  2. another site have the same your review and it have good price more than you. I still not know what is the best, tell me about that.
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