HurriClean REVIEW

What is HurriClean?

The TV commercial states that it is a double action toilet cleaner that cleans and sanitizes the flush tank and toilet bowl in one shot. It claims to prevent unhygienic mold spores from filling the air when you flush and eliminate stains and mineral deposits.



HurriClean CLAIMS

Double action toilet cleaner – HurriClean asserts to singlehandedly clean the toilet flush tank and bowl in one shot. You allegedly just need to pour the HurriClean packet content into the flush tank and its fast action foaming formula will instantly get to work and scrub the tank inside out with hurricane strength. HurriClean maintains that its bubbles shock, scrub, scour, and devour mold, mildew, and bacteria that cause odor. There are no user reviews of HurriClean to verify these claims yet.

Safe on all septic systems – HurriClean declares to eliminate stains and hard water and mineral deposits by surging through the water jet when you flush the tank so that you won’t have to scrub the toilet clean. User reviews will reveal whether HurriClean is that versatile. HurriClean promises to provide deep cleaning that is free of chlorine, odor and safe on all plumbing and septic systems. Send us your HurriClean reviews if you found it this effective.


HurriClean Questions & Answers

Q. My Kohler toilet has a warning against using any tank cleaning products as it might damage parts…
A. Many manufacturers suggest against cleaning inside the tank with cleaning solutions. However, HurriClean is used for a short span of time unlike the long periods of time that cleaning products remain. However, the chlorination in domestic city water causes wear and tear of toilets parts.

Q. Can one safely use HurriClean on septic tanks?
A. Yes, it’s safe.

Q. Can HurriClean get rid of iron stains?
A. Yes, HurriClean can eliminate iron stains.

Q. How much HurriClean can be used on new American standard toilets of one or two gallon(s) unlike the older six gallons?
A. Can’t say for sure but one pack serves one toilet. There are likelihoods of one HurriClean pack sufficing a six gallon tank. In case you use half pack, make sure that the leftover is stored in a sealed plastic package to prevent it from getting wet.

Q. Are the HurriClean ingredients listed on the package?
A. Can’t say for sure but the package mentions, “Made with real fruit acids and washing sodas” and Phosphate Free / Septic Safe.


HurriClean Reviews

Malcolm Cummings mentions in her HurriClean review that it did not work as it claims.

Cory Guzman complains in her HurriClean review that it did not eliminate the ring inside the toilet bowl as was mentioned in the review and it’s a waste of money.

Erik Clayton’s HurriClean review states that it was received clumpy and did not fizz as advertised. One should save their money on this.

Cecelia Colon in her HurriClean review says that it was used on a slow flushing toilet with mold inside it. In spite of using it in the “intense” mode, it did not help at all.

Ruby Harris’ HurriClean review discloses that it cleaned the toilet bowl well but didn’t work on the tank much.

Sarah Hill in her HurriClean review says that it’s not impressive. Even though the flush tank wasn’t very bad, even after leaving HurriClean overnight, there was no change.

Terry Baker states in her HurriClean review that the package recommends using one packet each month or two or more packets for an “initial shock treatment”. If the toilet is not too dirty, no change will be visible unless more than one packet is used. The packet used on a toilet tank with a little grime didn’t quite help and one will need more than one packet to get the foam. Buying vinegar and cleaning it at the fraction of the price is preferable. HurriClean is a great way to clean without hard work but at least two packets are needed for real results.

Jason Richardson mentions in his HurriClean review rues that it’s a waste of money. The user bought several boxes because of using well water, which results in lime and rust build-up. Using two packages in each toilet tank did foam up, but on flushing after leaving it for more than 8 hours there was no change.

Joe Ward mentions in his HurriClean review divulges that it is expensive and not effective. The powder was extremely hard and even using two packets was worthless.

Virginia Peterson’s HurriClean review reveals that it cleaned the tank but not the toilet.

Nancy Price’s review states that HurriClean was received in a semi-solid stage and needed to be broken up to use. After pouring it in, it didn’t foam. HurriClean did clean effectively. The stubborn stains had to be treated twice.


What do I get?
when you buy a set (3-pack) of HurriClean for just $10.00 and FREE SHIPPING, we will also include another set (3-pack) of HurriClean, just a separate $6.99 fee. You’ll get 6 packs total! Official Website:


HurriClean Verdict

HurriClean is not the only toilet cleaner product available in the market. There are many other tried and tested similar products that are more effective than HurriClean. Scotch Corporation 1806 Instant Power Toilet Tank Cleaner is the similar product to Hurriclean. It has 429 customer reviews which is more than Hurriclean on thus revealing more information about the product and its result. Also the product has got 4 star rating. We would not recommend HurriClean as there are many alternatives available at the same price and way more effective than HurriClean.

25 Comments on "HurriClean REVIEW"


  2. Hurriclean is crap…It removed little or no stain in tank…Hardly foamed at all…Don’t waste your money my friends…:(

  3. I have read that Denture tablets are used to clean toilet bowls. Do you suppose this is a form of that?

  4. I was not impressed in the least, did not do much even with scrubbing. I even used it several times.

  5. This product does not work. It is a waste of money. It does not foam up like they show on tv. It does not clean anything. I put 1 pack in 1. And 2 in the other tank and nothing happened.

    • I agree, did not foam or clean. Products need to be what it is made out to be. TV products need to be investigated by the BBB or someone to protect the public.

  6. Better off using a scoop of Oxiclean. Much cheaper and much more versatile.

  7. Definitely not worth buying. Used it one pack at a time and got no results. Then I did the shock treatment (3 packs); did very little cleaning. Would not waste any more money on this product.

  8. Don’t buy does not work waste of money how do you get a refund

  9. This guy has come up with a good scam. He’s raking in the doe from selling bags of Comet. This product DOES NOT WORK! I tried to get a refund on the 60 day money back guarantee and all they would refund was $5. Total scam and rip-off and I’ll be reporting them to the BBB and attorney general.

  10. ARRESSA BURKS MALLETT | 15th April 2017 at 10:24 am | Reply

    HURRICLEAN, No good just a rip off. My toliet is clean compared to the pictures they are advertising and HURRICLEAN did nothing. So tried of These people and there false claims, I have brought maybe ten different seen on TV products and maybe one turned out to be worth something.This is whats considered robbing people. VERY UNSATIFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!

  11. William E Bond | 30th April 2017 at 6:38 pm | Reply

    Bought two packages of this —- and it fizzed and left my rust in tact .I tried to get my money back from these people and even sent the items back , but to no surprize , I didn’t get my refund Don’t buy this —-!

  12. Brought this product from a store and poured it into my tank and it did absolutely nothing. So I put in the other 2 packets and to no avail no foam at all. The stuff that they showed on tv is a total scam and just like the rest of the reviews, I agree that this product is worthless and I recommend that no one buy this product. All we are doing is filling this guy’s pockets up and we the consumers aren’t getting our money’s worth for products they say work. Never again will I believe anything about product “as seen on tv”. Maybe with all the bad reviews this product will be pulled from the shelves!!!

  13. Why did I get charged for this again?

  14. Gary S Sintyago | 31st May 2017 at 7:10 pm | Reply

    What they use on tv is a mix of baking soda and alka seltzer. Don’t but this it is a waste. Save your money people !!!

  15. Remember fizzes the did nothing either

  16. Wow. Am I the only one who actually thought this was the best cleaning product I have discovered since Bar Keeper’s Friend.

    My son neglected to clean his toilet bowl for over 6 months and often times he gets up in the middle of the night and pees and doesn’t flush. Sometimes then we leave and go to our second home for a week or two and come back and it has been sitting unflushed the entire time (yes-disgusting). We tried scrubbing with regular toilet bowl cleaners, I even tried vinegar sitting in the bowl overnight and nothing budged the caked on calcium who knows what deposits. I even drained the water from the bowl and took an SOS pad with Bar Keepers Friends to it (Bar Keepers Friend is similar to a Comet scrubbing product but is so superior to Comet it is a sin to compare the two). Nothing budged with all the elbow grease I applied. I happened to see Hurriclean at my local grocery store and figured it was worth a shot. It was powdery (so it didn’t get messed up by getting wet before purchase/use and turn into a rock like someone else mentioned happened to them) and it did foam as advertised and I didn’t expect it to work. That is right. I didn’t believe it would work but I figured I had nothing to lose trying it.

    I was stunned. This is the only cleaning product that has ever “stunned” me with it’s success. I mean I had scrubbed that toilet with the strength of a body builder and had almost attacked it with a blow torch the calcium/grime deposits were so bad. Nothing budged it and one flush of the toilet after Hurriclean and it was all gone. I did let it sit in the bowl overnight (just one packet).

    I am just disappointed my grocery store doesn’t carry any more so I can conveniently purchase the product again.

    We also did try it in our tank and we saw it foam up and immediately chunks of deposits floated to the top. Our tank was cleaned perfectly.

    The only place it didn’t work as well as I would have liked was on a hard water calcium deposit ring that was only at the waterline and a pale but easy to see yellow oval ring. I tried pouring the detergent on the ring it self (some fell into the water and bubbled but the one on the ring didn’t because it was just above the water line.

    Being impatient and wanting to peek to see if it was working that way I did pour some additional water into the bowl to get it to initiate the foam action. It did initiate the foam action but then the cleaner slipped into the middle of bowl no longer clinging to the ring and I let it sit for over 12 hours. However, because the tank drained a little when I filled it with additional water, the product still wasn’t able to completely cover the ring and the ring is still there although maybe a little less obvious then before.

    I still love this product and recommend it without reservation!

    Lisa Bennett
    Eagle County, CO

  17. I wish I would have read the reviews on this product before I bought it. Total waste of money!! You’re better off putting your money in a slot machine, better pay off.

  18. Used the product. Worked reasonable well though the bowl above water line is still not clean. A day later, my tank is leaking onto the flooor. After reading a bit, I am assuming it ruined a seal? So I am obviously upset. Now I have that to deal with.

  19. Loved this product! Our well water is very hard with lots of minerals and leaves bad yellow toilet rings and stains in the bowl despite hard cleaning. I dumped 2 packets into the tank let it sit overnight flushed in the morning and couldn’t believe what I saw- a sparkling clean toilet.

  20. I used Hurri Clean and was amazed. The 1st tine it said to use 3 packages. I used two and left it for 6 hours. It got rid of the rust stains I could not get rid of with anything else. My bowl looked like new. I can’t believe it isn’t working or many of you. I was skeptical at first but so glad I tried it. I want MORE!!!!

  21. I’ve tried all the home remedies and several different commercial toilet cleaners to try to get rid of the chartreuse colored ring in my toilet bowl to no avail. When I ordered the Hurri Clean it was only because it said it could be used without harming my septic system. While the powder in the envelope was clumped and it didn’t fizz too much when I took the lid off the tank to pour it in, I left it in the tank overnight and didn’t flush the water from the tank into the bowl to clean it until the next morning. The first flush made a BIG difference and by the second flush the stain was gone. I waited a week to do the same on my second toilet and it worked just as well. I want to buy some more to keep on hand. I don’t intend to use it until I see the stain start to come back from the hard well water out here.

  22. GLORIA EPPINGER | 6th February 2018 at 7:52 pm | Reply

    This product is worthless, did nothing. Waste of money!!!!!

  23. Dennis cole | 3rd May 2018 at 7:24 am | Reply


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