What is Incredi-Brella?

It claims to be a heavy-duty umbrella that has a design that opens inside out to help you keep dry while getting in and out of doors. It can stay sturdy in strong winds due to a vented double-layered design.



Stay dry

Incredi-Brella promises to be an umbrella that keeps you dry all the time, especially while leaving in and out of doors. Incredi-Brella states to have a reverse opening design where it opens from the inside out. Such a design ensures that Incredi-Brella can fit through smaller openings of about 2 inches too. Incredi-Brella alleges that it allows drier entry into cars and other doorways with the help of such a design. More shall be revealed once we receive user reviews for further analysis.


Numerous advantages
Incredi-Brella guarantees that not only it keeps the user dry but also the area that it is stored. Due to the inside-out design, Incredi-Brella collects all the residual water inside it for easy drainage instead of creating a pool of water around it. After use, it also declares to dry up easily so there is no soggy mess or smell in the storage area. The reverse opening also helps to keep people around the umbrella safe while opening it. Such a feature does make Incredi-Brella a fascinating buy; user reviews will expose the truth soon.

Incredi-Brella proclaims to have a vented, double-layer design with wind-dispersing feature to withstand breaking or bending even during tropical force winds. Incredi-Brella maintains to be comfortable to hold, thanks to its ergonomic EZ grip handle. Incredi-Brella additionally guarantees that it protects users against rain, hail, sleet and even snow. Plus, Incredi-Brella’s size is asserted to be perfect to cover up any individual. Did you find Incredi-Brella really helpful under all weather conditions? Send us your reviews.


Incredi-Brella Review

Incredi-Brella review states that it leaks water when it is placed upside down. It required some silicon sealing to stop the leakage from happening.

Incredi-Brella review says that it broke after a single use. The overall design seems to be awkward to use and can get caught easily on the car. This makes it claim of allowing dry entry and exit redundant.

Incredi-Brella review reveals that the reverse mechanism of Incredi-Brella is very thoughtful one. But its concept looks good only on paper since the wires between the outside and inside of the umbrella fabric broke on first use. It practically pierced through the inside liner and even hurt the user while opening it.

Incredi-Brella review asserts that Incredi-Brella is a decent umbrella to have but it is not as sturdy as it claims. The umbrella simply flipped inside out twice, once in a strong wind and second in a mild wind. It does return to its normal state with less effort which is an advantage of its design. Build wise, Incredi-Brella is not made of high-quality material. The pleated fabric trim piece that holds the fabric at the tip fell off during the early use. The handle too is not very comfortable to hold and doesn’t hold the umbrella in a stable position. The advantage of Incredi-Brella is that its reverse design helps in saving the user from rain while getting in and out of cars. It collects the water too inside so it’s easy to drain or dry the umbrella.

Incredi-Brella review complaints that the umbrella size is not sufficient to save the user from rain. Also Incredi-Brella requires a strong force to close it else it stays open upside down. The quality of the umbrella is also in question since the fabric caps simply came off during initial use.

Incredi-Brella review says that it is made of decent quality but once the tips break it struggles to stay in shape or open properly. Incredi-Brella is also not windproof as it turns in slightest of winds. The diameter of the umbrella is also good enough for a single user only.

Incredi-Brella review states that Incredi-Brella is not windproof at all. The moment there was a windy day along with rain, it simply turned out. It is constructed from cheap plastic material that does not feel sturdy in hand or durable enough to withstand a season.

Incredi-Brella review asserts that Incredi-Brella looks great but its quality is not very food. The handle simply detached on second use and keeps on happening every time. The opening mechanism also doesn’t work correctly and needs multiple attempts to make it work right. Minus the quality of Incredi-Brella, it surely has a great design and idea behind it.

Incredi-Brella review complaints that Incredi-Brella is made using cheap quality material. The threads attaching the scallop edges are weak and can break within the initial use. Incredi-Brella is not easy to open as well. Sometimes it even doesn’t open out like a dome; instead it flips up like a bowl and starts collecting water in it.


Incredi-Brella Question and answer

Q: Can Incredi-Brella cover a large-sized individual?
A: Yes, it has a large 42 inch diameter to cover all sized individuals.

Q: Does it open and close automatically?
A: No

Q: Where is Incredi-Brella manufactured?
Answer: It is Made in China

Q: What wind speed can Incredi-Brella withstand?
A: It has the capability to withstand mild wind but can turn inside out in strong winds. The material used is sturdy enough to return to its normal state without any breakage or bending after.

Q: Will it wet the car interior or the floor after closing the umbrella and laying it down for stowing away?
A: Incredi-Brella is designed to provide total protection from rain and it closes in a way that the percolated water can be simply drained.

Q: How long is Incredi-Brella’s handle?
A: The umbrella has a 31.5 inch long body with a 7.5 inch handle.

Q: Is Incredi-Brella completely windproof?
A: It is quite sturdy and durable in low to mild wind conditions.

Q: Does it have a carry case?
A: No

Q: Is Incredi-Brella convenient to use in and out of a car?
A: Yes, it can be used from a car with ease. Apart from opening up easily, it closes inside out to keep the exterior surface dry when closed. This makes it easy to keep it on a seat without getting it wet.

Q: What is the weight of Incredi-Brella?
A: Approximately 1.3 pounds.

Q: Where does Incredi-Brella catch the water?
A: It collected the water inside the inverted part.

Q: How wide is Incredi-Brella ?
A: It is 42 inches in diameter.

Q: How does Incredi-Brella keep the water from trickling out of the inverted part?
A: Since it doesn’t catch a lot of water it will not trickle or wet the floor when kept down flat.

Q: Is Incredi-Brella easy enough for children to open it?
A: No information available


What do I get?
Available in blue and maroon colors, one Incredi-Brella will cost you $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H. During checkout, you’ll be able to purchase a second one in the same color for an additional $7.99 fee.

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