JML Slide Chopper REVIEW

About JML Slide Chopper

JML Slide Chopper claims to be a hand-powered food chopper designed to slice, chop and dice food in seconds! JML Slide Chopper alleges to employ a unique sliding mechanism to slice, chop and dice food in seconds with just a few hand movements. Does JML Slide Chopper really work as promised? Send us your JML Slide Chopper review.


JML Slide Chopper CLAIMS

JML Slide Chopper promises to be easy to use without the need for electricity and batteries. At this point of time there are no JML Slide Chopper reviews to verify this claim.

Simply place your fruits, vegetables, and even cooked meats like chicken fillets, into the large capacity clear-plastic container, place the lid on and, use the easy-grip handle to slide back and forth. Does it sound like it too good to be true? JML Slide Chopper reviews will soon reveal the facts. The ‘tooth and gear’ mechanism means that as you slide the handle, the three double-edged blades spin at high speeds in both directions, slicing your food in just seconds. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the product is reviewed.

JML Slide Chopper declares to be portable so you can take it anywhere. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the JML Slide Chopper reviews.


JML Slide Chopper REVIEW

Lena Mills says in her review of the JML Slide Chopper that she quite happy with the JML Slide Chopper but she says that it there are pros and cons to the JML Slide Chopper. The pros of the JML Slide Chopper are: it chops food quickly, saves using electricity, doesn’t take up much storage space, excellent suction base to hold it whilst using. And the cons of the JML Slide Chopper are: small capacity, a bit difficult to clean especially the blades which could easily cause cuts, the material is only plastic so it is potentially easy to break.


What do I get?
1 JML Slide Chopper for £19.99 + S/h at | Order the JML Slide Chopper today!

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