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About Kitty Cat Mat

Cats often go crazy when you are away, often tearing your house down just because they want to play. If so they you need the Kitty Cat Mat. You spend a lot alot of money all kind of Kitty toys and you cat gets bored with them soon, Kitty Cat Mat promises to keep you cat engaged and you cat won’t get bored with it.

The Kitty Cat Mat claims to be the perfect toy for your cat. the secret of the Kitty Cat Mat is that it is perfectly “square” that makes your kitty play, struggle and feel loved even when you are not there. The manufacturer claims that the “square” shape of the Kitty Cat Mat attract the cats. You cat will never feel bored and ignored besides the Kitty Cat Mat gives you cat the much needed exercising.

Just lay the Kitty Cat Mat on the ground, put the Angel Green catnip in the secret pocket and see Kitty the kitty trying to catch the hidden mouse in the Kitty Cat Mat pouch. The cats delight to the crinkle sound as they step on and roll around all over the mat. The Kitty Cat Mat features four different activity corners feature feathers, strings, and other safe things you cat can play with.


Kitty Cat Mat Questions and Answers

Q. Does the whole Kitty Cat Mat crinkle?
A. Nope, just a certain section of the mat.

Q. Question: Is the mat machine washable?
A. Yes.

Q. Question: Country of Origin
A. Answer: Where everything is made: China


Kitty Cat Mat REVIEWS

Lula Stevens, who used the Kitty Cat Mat says in her review – “This is a good play mat for her cats, my cats love playing with it, there are some issues though – the surface that touches the floor is not rug like. So the mat moves easily when the cat scratches it.”

Alonzo Sherman says in her review one of her cats barfed on the Kitty Cat Mat and it was somewhat hard to get it cleaned.

“The Kitty Cat Mat material is sturdy and a heavy hem that seems it should hold the scratching, the only negative I see is the mat is somewhat smaller in size, so if you have 2 or more cats you would probably need that many Kitty Cat Mats” – Patti Woods

Darla Nunez says her cat liked to lay on the paper and liked that crinkle, she bought the Kitty Cat Mat because they said it crinkles and now her cat lies on the mat and enjoys the crinkle.

Nick Adkins says in her review that her cat loves to lay on the Kitty Cat Mat on the cold mornings.

Brent Dawson is happy with the Kitty Cat Mat and says her cat loves the catnip in the zippered pocket.

Mandy Calley warns the feather and strings rip out easily and can be eaten so she cut out the feather part.

Grace Dolan too likes the Kitty Cat Mat, in her review she says – “It is well made but a bit smaller than I had expected.”

Leslie Flores – “My 6 year old cat enjoys playing with the Kitty Cat Mat, she slides it across the floor, jump from one end to another, and do all kinds of things with it. But my other 10 year old doesn’t seem much interested in it.”

“This Kitty Cat Mat does not have the LED light, the one I used earlier had them” – Christy Adler

Janet Asher says in her review – “The Kitty Cat Mat is available only at the official manufacturer website – I am not a big fan of these “as seen on tv” items, this one looks promising though. Also you have to buy 2 sets at the official website. I wanted to try just one. Will buy one when it comes to my local store, I am sure it would be priced around $10 then, I have seen that trend with the infomercial products.”


Kitty Cat Mat Price
For $25.94 you get 2 Kitty Cat Mats, 2 Catnip Pouches and 2 Pet hair removers at the official website –


Kitty Cat Mat Verdict

Kitty Cat Mat is not a unique product, there are many such products with similar concepts available in the market to keep your cats active and provide comfort at the same time. You can buy Kitty Cat Mat on their official website for $19.99. The drawback of Kitty Cat Mat that it is a basic activity mat which may not keep your cat interested too long or even after one use.

Another similar product which you can check for is Petlinks Garden Flower Sack Crinkle Hideout Cat Toy on It consists of variety of style which includes Busy Body, Cuddle Sack, Cutie Mouse Mat, Flower Sack, Pea & Pod, Twinkle Chute all in the range of $ 11 to $19. And thus you can chose the one that may interest your cat but it mat is suitable only for single cat.

An alternative to both the products is SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug. You can buy it on for $39.99. It has got 4.4 star ratings with 1051 customer reviews. The rug is thicker and safe, it has large area which is perfect for multiple cats where the pets Scratch, Stretch, Groom, Pounce & Sleep on the Ripples or Inside Tunnels. Though it is slightly costlier than the previous two mats but it is totally worth owning to the features it embodies and so we recommend you to go for SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug.

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