Kitty Chase

What is Kitty Chase?

It’s an innovative cat toy devised like flying butterflies which imitates spinning and chasing behavior of real butterflies. Kitty Chase claims that it is the best toy a cat can have to stay active, entertained and busy.


Gets Cats Up and Running

Kitty Chase is in the form of dual butterflies controlled by a slider that makes the butterflies to perform flying action for cats. This, Kitty Chase proclaims, stimulates natural feelings of hunting in cats, which makes them run after it doubles as exercise too.


A Dash of Variety Guaranteed
Kitty Chase performs movements identical to the actions and vibrations of wild butterflies. Its slider offers versatility in maneuvers by making the butterflies fly around in different patterns for cats to pursue. Kitty Chase aims to encourage cats to go all out and hone their hunting prowess.


Easy to Operate
Kitty Chase proclaims it’s really simple to set it in action and enjoy watching cats play with it. The on/off switch button of Kitty Chase coupled with its exclusive 360° design allow as many as five cats to play with it. Its makers also assert that it has a sturdy base and powerful suction with which it can be fixed anywhere firmly.


What do I get?
2 Kitty Chase Cat Toy for only $14.99 plus $4.99 P&H and get Interchangeable Suction Cup and Stabilizing Base for each unit.

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