What is LED Disco Ball?

It claims to be a rotating prism LED light that creates a disco effect in any room. It disperses red, blue and green lights similar to a mirror ball effect. LED Disco Ball guarantees to be a new-age replacement of disco balls




Instant party light
The LED Disco Ball fills an entire room with dazzling lights while continuously rotating in 360 degrees. Although LED Disco Ball does sound pretty impressive we shall know more about its functioning once it is reviewed.

Effective lighting solution
LED Disco Ball promises to have a design that instantly goes in any standard light fitting. It alleges to come in two variations to match bayonet or screw fitting. LED Disco Ball assures to project swirling, gliding and spinning dots of red, blue and green colors. More shall be revealed once LED Disco Ball is reviewed. LED Disco Ball asserts to have LED lights housed inside a prismic dome that projects the mirror ball effect. These LED lights maintain to last up to 2000 hours and consume as low as 3.8W of power. LED Disco Ball emphasizes to be a great party light or a night light for kids room. Send us your LED Disco Ball reviews for analysis of its claims.



LED Disco Ball review reveals there was a loud bang and the LED Disco Ball blew up and knocked all the lights out! Had to spend the next hour or so finding the fuse wire and sorting which fuse had blown.

After 2 weeks, the LED Disco Ball started to become faulty and the sound is making the bulb turn off, possibly due to it overheating. It then turns back on immediately if you flick the wall switch off and on again. The bulb will work again temporarily before turning off again and this pattern repeats itself every time.

LED Disco Ball is very low quality, available under other listings for much lower price. Unfortunately the LED Disco Ball stopped working after 2 or 3 days. First light blew in 2 minutes, second already had a screw loose in the pack. The pins snapped when it was put into to light socket.

LED Disco Ball didn’t work, it wouldn’t rotate, one bulb failed to work the 4th time it was switched on – just showed a green light and stopped rotating.

LED Disco Ball started flashing, surely it is not meant to do that. It also hurts your eyes.

Used the LED Disco Ball for a Halloween party and it was on continuously from 4pm till 3am. Put it back in its box and haven’t used it since.


JML LED Disco Ball Questions & Answers

Q. How do you install the JML LED Disco Ball?
A. The JML LED Disco Ball fits any bc22 bayonet light fitting. Not stand alone. It doesn’t work if you have a dimmer switch. It is just like a light bulb so it needs to be put in a existing light socket or a lamp etc.

Q. What is Bayonet?
A. Bayonet B22 is the fitting in most UK homes today. Some have a screw fitting called E27. It is best to check on the box of the light-bulbs you normally use. This listing has B22 or E27 fittings available so just choose which one you want and then add to the cart.

Q. Can you connect your music via Bluetooth or a cable?
A. JML LED Disco Ball is just a rotating bulb. There is no connection to anything other than a light socket. Take a normal bulb out and put this in and it rotates with some lights. There is no connection with music.

Q. Is it a screw one and the thin screw one?
A. Its’ a bayonet bulb, and the large size.

Q. What is the wattage of the JML LED Disco Ball?
A. 3.8 watts.

Q. Is JML LED Disco Ball suitable for dim-able light fittings?
A. Not sure the instructions say it isn’t.

Q. How do I know if the JML LED Disco Ball will fit into my kitchen lights?
A. It’s a standard bayonet fitting, it fits any normal light socket fitted ceiling bedroom light and lamp.

Q. Does the JML LED Disco Ball work with a dimmer?
A. Not sure, it works with a dimmer but the luminescence doesn’t change.

Q. Does the JML LED Disco Ball have a Eddison screw fitting adapter too?
A. Yes it has adapter.

Q. Does the JML LED Disco Ball have different speeds?
A. It is a single speed and goes quite fast, it’s not really a relaxing speed. It doesn’t have different speeds, the speed is average and it does make a quiet buzzing sound when in use.

Q. Does the JML LED Disco Ball work on a normal lamp or is it a specific screw in type of one?
A. Yes it works on a normal lamp.

Q. Does the JML LED Disco Ball run on battery or should I connect to a charger?
A. JML LED Disco Ball is not battery operated, it fits into a light socket and it is mains powered.


What do I get?
Buy LED Disco Ball just for ONLY £11.99 at Official Website:jmldirect.com

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