JML Light Fantastic REVIEW

What is Light Fantastic?

As per the TV infomercial it is a LED desk and table lamp and bladeless fan. Light Fantastic claims to be a desktop light and fan combination that provides both illumination and cooling in a compact form. Light Fantastic states to offer 32 super-bright white LED lamps burning at natural daylight color.


Light Fantastic CLAIMS

Ultimate desk companion – It alleges to have no glare, flickering or harsh shadows of regular bulbs for a much relaxed brightness. At this point of time there are no Light Fantastic reviews available to substantiate with its claims. Light Fantastic promises to give soothing cool air through a washable air filter. It provides continuous air flow without blades which makes it child-friendly. More shall be revealed once Light Fantastic is reviewed.


Compact, flexible design – Light Fantastic assures that its compact design fits easily on desks without the bulk of ordinary lamps. It has an ergonomic design with gooseneck joint so you can position your light to any degree. Light Fantastic asserts to have touch sensor buttons to dim down the light to about 15% for cost-effective, eco-friendly night light. The fan also has three speed settings. Light Fantastic does sound pretty fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth.


JML Light Fantastic Reviews

JML Light Fantastic user reviews assert that it is very hard to actually shut off the light and fan. JML Light Fantastic takes up an enormous chunk of desk surface. The fan is nice and quiet but not very powerful.

Thought the JML Light Fantastic fan would have more force behind it but it doesn’t. The light is great, but not worth it.

If you want a fan for the office desk that will simply keep you cool through the day, the JML Light Fantastic is not for you.

Adjusting on/off in the JML Light Fantastic is difficult. Fan is inadequate. The bladeless fan is absolutely useless unless you sit 6 inches from the fan. It’s extremely weak. If they increase the speed of this fan, it would be much better.

Light switch of the JML Light Fantastic is a little tricky, don’t much care for the bladeless fan feature as: 1. the dimmable soft green light is not so soft in the middle of the night and 2. the fan started this horrible screeching noise after a minute or two of being at level 2 or 3. within a month the light stopped working.

JML Light Fantastic is good but the fan is awful. From beyond 6 inches you can barely feel it. Not only that, but JML Light Fantastic is noticeably louder than one would expect for a fan that is a) bladeless and b) barely emits enough air to feel across the desk.

JML Light Fantastic has a nice size and lighting; but the fan button is fussy…hard to turn on at times. Fan is weak and a little noisy. Light is much better than what you would expect. Bulb is not replaceable, but hopefully it will last a long time.

Plugged in the electrical cord, but it took several minutes to charge. Wonder if this is the correct way to charge the JML Light Fantastic light or if the correct USB cord is required.

JML Light Fantastic plugged in and both the light and fan switched off. There is a high pitched sound coming from the base, anyone else have this problem?


JML Light Fantastic Questions & Answers

Q. Can you turn the fan off while using the JML Light Fantastic?
A. Yes, press the fan button.

Q. Do I take out the foam in the back of the fan under the cover?
A. No, you don’t need to take the foam out, that foam is a filter for the fan and protects it from dust and dirt.

Q. Can the JML Light Fantastic light bulbs be replaced if they burn out?
A. JML Light Fantastic will last for thousands upon thousands of hours but are not replaceable like typical light bulbs.

Q. How do I operate the JML Light Fantastic lamp?
A. On the left side of the front, there is a symbol that looks like a Sun and says On/Off below it. If you touch that area it will turn the light on. Then the up and down areas will increase or decrease the light brightness.

Q. Is the AC adapter of the JML Light Fantastic for worldwide use?
A. Yes, the plug in on the JML Light Fantastic lamp can handle 110-240 volts.

Q. Does the JML Light Fantastic lamp have any USB charging port?
A. JML Light Fantastic does not have a USB charging port.

Q. Can anyone indicate the color temperature of the 3 settings available?
A. The color temp is minimal – LED if referring to the light color-solid white, excellent for reading.

Q. How does the on off work? I can’t turn the light completely off. It didn’t come with instructions.
A. Wasn’t able to turn the light off if the fan is running. If you hold the button and let go just right it will turn off. But if the fan is on there will be a green light that doesn’t turn it off.

Q. Is JML Light Fantastic rechargeable? Does it have to be plugged in? Does it need a USB cord?
A. JML Light Fantastic lamp comes with a power cord and needs to be plugged in to a wall outlet to operate.

Q. Is JML Light Fantastic noisy?
A. The buzzing sound comes from the fan that’s on the light. You turn it off by pressing the button on the top of the on or off button


What do I get?
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