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About Luma Plate

Luma Plate asserts to be a cover plate with integrated LED lights that can turn any electric outlet into nightlight. Luma Plate claims to have copper tabs that snap on to an electric outlet and draw power to illuminate the path.



Luma Plate Claims

Luma Plate’s light sensors claim to activate automatically when it’s dark and deactivate in light or when one walks out.


Cool Night Light
You do not have to trip in the dark at night as the 3 bright LED lights of Luma Plate allege to provide perfect amount of light to illuminate your path. Luma Plate maintains to have lights integrated in its cover plate design that work automatically. We have no user reviews to ascertain these claims. Nightlights are always hot to touch and burn your eyes, but Luma Plate lights promises to be cool and gentle. There are no user reviews to verify these claims.


Versatile Night Light
Luma Plate convinces that it is easy to install and doesn’t need any batteries or wiring. It proclaims to be ideal for bedrooms, stairways, nurseries, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, and especially beneficial for children as it keeps the outlet covered. Did you find Luma Plate true to its claims? Send us your reviews.


Luma Plate Questions & Answers

Q. What does Luma Plate not working on GFCI imply – the complete circuit or the actual breakered receptacle?
A. It means the breakered receptacle since there is no opening for the reset.

Q. What are the lumens or wattage of the Luma Plate LEDs?
A. It does not specify that on the website but LED nightlights usually use .3 watts.

Q. Can one use Luma Plate on a light switch?
A. No. Luma Plate is compatible only with electric outlets. Both the styles of Luma Plate that I own work great. I recommend them.

Q. Will Luma Plate work on the non-grounded outlets of my very old house?
A. Yes, as long as the outlet is Duplex or Décor with side terminals, Luma Palte should work on un-grounded outlets.

Q. How are the LEDs of Luma Plate powered – via a high-efficiency switching power supply or resistor directly from the mains?
A. It uses a high-efficiency power supply, not a resistor.

Q. Can I turn the nightlight function of Luma Plate off if I don’t want it to work?
A. The nightlight activates only in dark or low light. You need to remove the cover to turn the light off. The lights are not too strong and perfect for areas such as the hallway, kitchen and bedroom. You don’t need plug-in flashlights or nightlights. It works and looks better.

Q. My mother and I have horizontal outlets in our house. Does anyone make a horizontal version of a product similar to Luma Plate?
A. Not in all likelihood. The vertical Luma Plate work great. It will work horizontally, too, but the light will be brighter.

Q. My Luma Plate works but is not motion sensitive. Does it stay on through the night?
A. Luma Plate has a photo cell for on and off. It will stay on in a dark area like mine in the hall does.

Q. Where is Luma Plate made?
A. Made in China.

Q. Can Luma Plate be turned off?
A. No. Once installed, it turns off only if the ambient light around is bright enough.

Q. Does Luma Plate function with a half switched outlet with a plug hooked to a wall switch?
A. Luma Plate draws power from the bottom side screw terminals on the outlet. Ergo, if the bottom outlet isn’t controlled by the wall switch, it should work. Similarly, it would work only if the wall switch is on if the switched outlet is the bottom one.

Q. Does Luma Plate work with 220 V outlets?
A. It is compatible with 120 V outlets ONLY.

Q. Does Luma Plate work on light switches and if the switch is “off”?
A. Luma Plate does not work on light switches but only on outlet covers.

Q. Why doesn’t my Luma Plate turn off?
A. Luma Plate is designed to switch off completely only when a room is brightly lit. Depending on the location of the hallway or room, the light turns off completely at a slightly higher extent of light therein. The light that it provides is designed to increase or decrease gradually according to the amount of light in the room. They light up the brightest when the room is absolutely dark and dims slowly when the room gets more amount of light.

Q. Is Luma Plate compatible with GFC outlets in bathrooms and kitchens?
A. No, the prongs will be too short.

Q. Does Luma Plate work in case of a power outage?
A. No, since it draws power from the outlet.

Q. Does Luma Plate come in a dim red light version to preserve night vision?
A. No, Luma Plate only offers white light. Since the light is aimed at the floor, it won’t interfere with night vision.

Q. Are Luma Plate lights hot?
A. No, these are LEDs.


Luma Plate Review

Luma Plate reviews state that it is a good concept to guide where the wall is but not bright enough to illuminate a foyer, for instance and one would still need a nightlight.

Luma Plate reviews claim that it only fits square outlets and no other shape.

Luma Plate reviews complain that for $15 they are not quite bright and won’t work for a 5 year old and three lights would be good for the elderly.

Luma Plate reviews point out that the lights are bright enough to light up the floor around it and it looks nice with its soft light. It frees up plugs. Luma Plate is also simple enough to install and you just need to remove the existing cover plate and screw in this one. On the flip side, Luma Plate does not warrant such a steep price, which makes it unaffordable to buy in bulk quantities. The size of Luma Plate is much smaller than the modern outlet covers and ruins the décor if they don’t match other outlets.

Luma Plate reviews rue that they worked on two out of four outlets and wouldn’t work on GFI outlets.

Luma Plate reviews complain that they are useful only if you have the right kind of outlet for them and they did not work on outlet that didn’t have screws on the center or sides in order to conduct electricity.

Luma Plate reviews claim that these are just about okay and need improvements like brighter light, GFCI reset button and then would be worth the high price. All the three Luma Plate lights worked as advertised.

Luma Plate reviews reveal that it’s a great idea but too bright for a nightlight in a bedroom. The light is illuminated through the day because the photocell is not sensitive enough to deactivate it.

Luma Plate review says that while it’s a good concept the implementation is not up to scratch. The substandard quality of the piece bought disappointing. The plastic of Luma Plate is much thinner and flimsier than regular outlet covers and does not fit snugly leaving a gap.

Luma Plate reviews complain that it was a bit difficult to install but looked great later. They illuminate the hallway perfectly, is too bright in a bedroom. It would be great upgrade to be able to control the three lights on the bottom of Luma Plate and decide whether one light in the middle, two lights on both ends all three need to be switched on. With this feature Luma Plate would be possible to use the light throughout the house instead of just in the hallway or staircase.

Luma Plate review states that it’s a good product overall. It is easy to install and lights the path well. However, Luma Plate also protrudes out from the wall than and does not fit well. Unlike the warm and golden light shows on many online images, it is whiter and brighter and not very cozy. Luma Plate still offers the required light.


What do I get?
Luma Plate costs $12.99 + $6.99 shipping. You can add a second unit for another $6.99 Official

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