Minuteman Tactical Radio REVIEW As Seen On TV

Official Minuteman Tactical Radio website: GetMinuteMan.com

What is Minuteman?

It is a resourceful instrument that functions as a 3-in-1 tactical radio, cell phone charger and flashlight that can be charged by hand cranking too in one minute.


Minuteman Tactical Radio Features

Your Versatile, Hi-tech Savior
Calling a charger hi-tech may sound unconventional, but Minuteman, according to its manufacturers, is precisely that, and more. It’s a unique charger that comprises no less than four different types of power sources- plug-in, solar power, batteries or one-minute hand cranking to obtain 20 minutes of power. It could well be the permanent solution you can count on in difficult situations such as power failure, an emergency or when you’re outdoors and a tool like this becomes necessary. All you’ll have to do is recharge your Minuteman by hand cranking it briskly in absence of other power sources and then connect it to your device to make it functional.

Ensures you’re Well-Prepared Always
Having Minuteman sees to it that you’re connected with the world in crisis situation too as it keeps you connected to radio broadcasting even when there’s no power. In addition, Minuteman turns into a powerful flashlight in an instant, and can also be carried around easily in a large jacket pocket or attached to the belt for convenient access.

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