Mister Butter

What is Mister Butter?

It’s an innovative battery powered 2-in-1 appliance that melts butter instantly so it can be sprayed on food like fine mist.


Melts Butter Instantaneously

Mister Butter promises to make the tough task of liquefying cold butter easy and quick so you can relish your favourite dishes whenever you want. Mister Butter claims it’s a really smart appliance in which you simply need to place a slab of butter and turn the button on for melted butter to gush out as spray. With Mister Butter, you may not have to fret anymore, waiting for ages for cold butter to melt. It sprays the right amount of butter on foods for you to enjoy perfectly controlled portions of foods.


The Secret- Smart Melt Technology
Mister Butter boasts of using special Smart Melt technology. It requires no artificial flavors or chemicals and also indicates when the slab of butter is exhausted. Mister Butter is also perfectly suitable for fridge and countertop.


Great Features
Mister Butter is also safe to use as it is cool to touch always. You can also use it to grease baking pans before cooking. Further, Mister Butter is easy to clean, can be stored in a fridge and reused many times.


What do I get?
Mister Butter Butter Sprayer for only $39.99
Official Website:getmisterbutter.com

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