Motion Brite

What is Motion Brite?

It’s a bright motion activated LED-strip that turns on and off automatically to illuminate spaces in one’s presence. Motion Brite proclaims to be the ultimate solution to rising costs and power consumption as it’s programmed to turn lights on and off automatically.



Saves Power and Cuts Costs

Motion Brite is a motion-activated LED-strip with eight hi-tech ultra-bright LEDs that throw abundant light that you don’t need to turn on and off manually. You don’t have to anything as Motion Brite switches on automatically when you need it, and turns off promptly after you leave.


Anytime Anywhere Lighting
Motion Brite can be installed easily anywhere you need additional illumination- be it a closet, library, stairways or bathroom. The makers of Motion Brite further state that it works for years, so it’s a VFM deal for you.


Needs no Wires
Motion Brite claims that it makes things very convenient for you as it can be used anywhere; you don’t have to slog to install like you have to with traditional lights. It doesn’t need wires, switches and other trappings, and can be instantly set up anywhere within seconds. Moreover, Motion Brite is portable since its mounting system also facilitates easy uninstallation.


What do I get?
Buy two Motion Brites for just $19.99 plus $9.99 processing and handling and Get set of 2 Motion Brite.

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