Night Runner 270

About Night Runner 270

Night Runner 270 maintain to be rugged LED shoe lights that allow you to run, walk, bike, and trek safely no matter how rough the terrain or weather thanks to its high-impact and water resistant casing.



How does Night Runner 270 work?

By simply sliding Night Runner 270 under the shoe lace and attaching it to the second row, you will be getting 270 degrees and over 30 feet of illumination. Night Runner 270 asserts to be secured by multi-position shoelace clips that prevent it from falling. Its patent pending bilateral wing design promises to enhance your visibility in darkness and the rear-facing red tail light makes you visible to motorists.


Headlights for shoes
Runners and fitness enthusiasts who like their pre-dawn or late evening run but potholes and puddles play the spoilt sport are guaranteed to have a solution in Night Runner 270, the shoe headlights that light the way as you run or walk. Night Runner 270 assures to make your run or walk in the dark safer by ensuring you don’t trip and end up with an injury. At the same time, Night Runner 270 declares to have a rear-facing red tail light that enhances visibility and safety by grabbing motorists’ attention. Night Runner 270 promises to offer more than 30 feet of illumination with its 150 lumens bright light. We don’t have enough Night Runner 270 user reviews to verify this truth yet.


For tough terrains and pouring rains
Night Runner 270 convince to come in high-impact and water-resistant and weatherproof casing so you can use them even in pouring rain or the toughest terrain. Night Runner 270 proclaims to be extremely lightweight at 1.5 oz each so you won’t even notice that they’re there. Does Night Runner 270 really have such great features? User reviews will tell us the truth. Night Runner 270 claims to have a long-lasting battery life of more than four hours. The Li-Ion battery recharges with a micro USB port. Night Runner 270 also emphasizes to clip on securely without falling no matter how fast your run. Send us your reviews if you found Night Runner 270 helpful.


What do I get?
Buy Night Runner 270 just for only $ 59.95

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