NuWave Nutri-Pot REVIEW

About NuWave Nutri-Pot

It claims to be a 1000-watt electric cooker that helps in slow cooking, searing and warming meals easily. There are 11 preset functions to select from and a non-stick interior for convenient cooking and cleaning.


NuWave Nutri-Pot CLAIMS

Convenient cooking
NuWave Nutri-Pot guarantees to be a smart cooking solution for preparing healthy meals. NuWave Nutri-Pot states to have a 6-quart capacity with a 1000-watt power that helps cook for the entire family. Although at this point of time there are no NuWave Nutri-Pot reviews available to attest its claims.


Smart design
NuWave Nutri-Pot assures to have cook, slow cook, sear, warm and even delay option in its 11 preset cooking functions. More shall be revealed with NuWave Nutri-Pot reviews. NuWave Nutri-Pot asserts to have a quick and easy safety release valve, a cooking rack, glass lid and a non-sticking interior pot. These features make it convenient for cooking and easy cleaning. NuWave Nutri-Pot also promises to have built-in carrying handles for easy placement and shifting within the kitchen. Did you find NuWave Nutri-Pot really helpful? Send us your reviews.


NuWave Nutri-Pot REVIEW

Nancy Long’s NuWave Nutri-Pot review says that it is not the best in its category. The review states that there are much better cookers than NuWave Nutri-Pot in the similar price range.

Judy Vasquez complains in her review that NuWave Nutri-Pot is not made of stainless steel. NuWave Nutri-Pot also doesn’t have well-written instructions for use. The bulkier cooker occupies lots of storage space and is not worth the price.

NuWave Nutri-Pot review states that it worked well in the initial years. Couple of years later the inside Teflon material started to flake and the handle on top melted on it. Its seal out quickly and doesn’t hold up after successive use. It is not recommended unless someone replaces their cooker every couple of years.

Cassandra Norton asserts in her NuWave Nutri-Pot review that it is a decent cooker but having a non-stick cooking pot is a drawback. The coating comes off too soon even after using it carefully.

Marcella Paul says in her NuWave Nutri-Pot Cooker review that it doesn’t make the food tender enough and cooks the food quickly, rendering it a little less flavored.

Jackie Watts asserts in her review that NuWave Nutri-Pot is a little complicated for use. Its cooking surface is not as good as other cookers that offer more space to brown roast or chicken.

Loretta Taylor complains in her review that NuWave Nutri-Pot doesn’t have a large enough space inside that can hold more than one pound of pinto beans.

Leah Wong’s NuWave Nutri-Pot review states that it works fine enough but uses lot electricity. The review also says that NuWave Nutri-Pot has a timer that goes only to 99 minutes which is less for large-sized beef pot roast. It would require manual restarting once the cycle is over which adds up to the cooking time.

Ann Osborne says in her review that NuWave Nutri-Pot takes longer time to cook food which helps in searing and browning the food better to retain its flavors. The settings are fairly easy to use too.


NuWave Nutri-Pot Questions and Answers

Question: Can you fry food items in NuWave Nutri-Pot?
Answer: No

Question: Is NuWave Nutri-Pot non-stick?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is there a browning feature available?
Answer: There is no such information available

Question: Does NuWave Nutri-Pot have an automatic shutoff?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can NuWave Nutri-Pot be used for canning?
Answer: No

Question: what are the programs available with NuWave Nutri-Pot?
Answer: It can be used to set low and high pressure, sauté, simmer and change cooking time.

Question: can you make yogurt in this pressure cooker? Can it be used to prepare yogurt?
Answer:. There is no information available on their website or manual that states so.

Question: Which part is non-stick in the NuWave Nutri-Pot?
Answer: The lift-out inner cook pan has a Teflon like non-stick surface for cooking and easy cleaning.

Question: Is NuWave Nutri-Pot noisy?
Answer: No

Question: Does the inner pot come with a handle?
Answer: No

Question: What is the use of low pressure in NuWave Nutri-Pot?
Answer: It’s used for certain recipes but the cookbook mostly consist of recipes with high pressure.

Question: Is NuWave Nutri-Pot made from stainless steel material?
Answer: There is no such mention anywhere.

Question: Is NuWave Nutri-Pot helpful for cooking just vegetables?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does NuWave Nutri-Pot have “Delayed Cooking” option?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can it be used to can tuna? Can it be used for canning tuna or jars?
Answer: NuWave Nutri-Pot has Teflon surface in the inside and the glass lid would actually form a compromised surface for cans placed inside it. It is more like a regular pressure cooker for everything except using cans inside it.


What do I get?
Buy NuWave Nutri-Pot just for only $129.99 | Official Website:


NuWave Nutri-Pot Verdict

NuWave Nutri-Pot is definitely not the first in its category. But the point is does NuWave Nutri-Pot stand out among all other electric cookers available in the market that is it worth to buy. Going by the reviews it is surely not the best buy and at $129.99 you can get similar product with better functionality and result. For instance you can get instant pot of 6 quarts on for same price. It has got 1271 reviews and 4.6 star ratings making it the best seller in this category for and thus can be purchased in place of Nuwave Nutri-Pot. If you still want to buy NuWave Nutri-Pot do look for the reviews of this product mainly 1, 2, 3 star reviews for actual feedback from verified purchaser only and also comparison of this with similar products to get best value for your money.


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