O2 Pur

What is O2 Pur?

O2 Pur claims to be an e-cigarette that helps reduce amount of cigarettes smoked or reduce the nicotine intake or switch off cigarettes completely. It states to come in three variants standard e-cigarette, variable adjustment deluxe e-cigarette, super e-cigarette with super coil technology. Does O2 Pur really work as promised? send us your O2 Pur review.



O2 Pur asserts to consist of easy to use battery, tank and a charger. O2 Pur maintains to be USB compatible and comes with a charging indicator. The on/off button promises to be comfortable and ring around the button glows blue when on. It guarantees ease in filling e-liquid in the tank. O2 Pur alleges to come with a window that allows seeing the amount filled. It emphasizes coil in the tank is replaceable and declares that cotton wick enables the e-liquid to saturate the cotton. At this point of time there are no O2 Pur reviews to verify this claim.

It emphasizes standard e-cigarette delivers two times vaping experience. Variable adjustment deluxe e-cigarette convinces to give 3 times vaping experience and comes with a voltage adjustment dial adjusting between 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts. The super e-cigarette proclaims to have technology allows you to vape while charging. Sounds too fanciful, O2 Pur reviews will expose it soon.


Official Website:o2pur1.com

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