Omax Pet Health

What is Omax Pet Health

As per the TV infomercial it is a highly concentrated bacon-flavored Omega-3 supplement for dogs that helps them stay healthy, active and happy.


Omax Pet Health CLAIMS

Omega-3 for dogs
Omax Pet Health guarantees to provide a highly concentrated dosage of Omega-3 for dogs without any filler. Omax Pet Health claims to be a nutritional supplement that helps in strengthening the joints, have a shiny coat, possess a healthy skin, and have a healthy heart. Additionally, Omax Pet Health alleges to come in a delicious natural bacon flavor that is loved by all types of dogs. At this point of time there are no Omax Pet Health reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Concentrated formula
Omax Pet Health convinces to be highly potent and effective with 93.9% pure omega-3 derived exclusively from fishes off the coast of Peru. Omax Pet Health asserts to be developed by physicians affiliated with Yale University and is tested twice for purity and concentration. It is even blister packed to retain its freshness for a long time. We shall know more once users review Omax Pet Health.


Health benefits
Omax Pet Health declares to help strengthen the hips and joints even in older dogs for improving their mobility. It reduces skin allergies, improves the cardiovascular health and sharpens their brains. Omax Pet Health also alleges to support eye health, reduce inflammation in older dogs and offer less itchy, less shedding and a shiny coat. How true are the claims made Omax Pet Health will be only proved once it is reviewed.



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