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About One Minute Chiller

One Minute Chiller proclaims to be a beverage chilling flask that can turn piping hot beverages into ice cold in less than a minute without watering it down.


How does One Minute Chiller work?

The patent pending design of One Minute Chiller alleges to have two stainless steel freezing chambers that chill the beverage while preventing the ice from touching it to provide icy cold drink without dilution.


Chilled beverages within a minute
No matter what brewing system you have, One Minute Chiller convinces to chill as much as 12 oz of beverages whether coffee, tea, Martini, wine, cocktails, or juices. Unlike pouring hot beverage on ice cubes, One Minute Chiller promises to maintain the full strength and flavor while chilling it. We haven’t analyzed One Minute Chiller user reviews to ascertain these claims.


Easy to use
One Minute Chiller asserts that it is extremely easy to use and running a drink through it chills it even if the drink wasn’t in the refrigerator. There are no user reviews to verify this. One Minute Chiller declares to be so fast that it can cool down boiling liquid of 209 degrees to just 35 degrees. That sounds incredible, let’s wait for One Minute Chiller user reviews.


One Minute Chiller Questions and Answers

Q. Does One Minute Chiller work for soda?
A. No, One Minute Chiller may make the soda lose most of its carbonation.

Q. How long before use does One Minute Chiller need to stay in the freezer?
A. One Minute Chiller instructions state 12 hours, but using it in 6 hours does the job just fine.

Q. Does One Minute Chiller require electricity or batteries to power up?
A. No. Just put One Minute Chiller in the freezer before using.

Q. Does One Minute Chiller need changing of the frozen element or liquid inside?
A. Yes. Ideally one must change the water in the plastic canister of One Minute Chiller each time.

Q. How many cycles does freezing One Minute Chiller overnight yield?
A. One Minute Chiller can easily provide two cycles considering the amount of frozen ice left.


One Minute Chiller REVIEW

One Minute Chiller reviewer complains that it does not live up to its hyped qualities. After freezing the chiller for 12 hours, it formed two ice blocks. When fresh coffee was poured from the carafe, One Minute Chiller only gave a slightly cold coffee about three minutes later and did not fill a mug. The two ice chambers melted into water and leaked everywhere while pouring. One Minute Chiller had to be taken apart to refill both chambers before sticking it back in the freezer. Unless there is a flat area in the freezer, water dribbles out because of the multilayered design of One Minute Chiller that needs the inner and outer cups to be filled with water. One Minute Chiller would have worked if it provided at least a large mug of coffee, prevented leakage, and made the coffee icy cold.

One Minute Chiller review says that it worked as the ad claimed. It would have been better if one could drink straight out of One Minute Chiller.

One Minute Chiller review reveals that the flask works well only if you drip the coffee right into it while making it. The coffee ends up spilling everywhere while pouring into the top of the chiller. The top part could do with a redesign so that it becomes easier to pour coffee into it. The review adds that using One Minute Chiller is not better than pouring hot coffee over ice cubes. In fact, using the chiller is more cumbersome

One Minute Chiller review claims that it’s a good concept but its parts are difficult to fit and do not easily mesh while requiring too much fiddling to assemble. Though One Minute Chiller makes good coffee, it’s not clear how the top comes off once it’s frozen without defrosting it first, which proves to be counterproductive.

One Minute Chiller review divulges that it needs to have more size options and it looks easy to use but 12oz isn’t’ enough. One needs to use One Minute Chiller three times to make enough coffee for two people. However, One Minute Chiller is better than paying for expensive iced coffee or spending an hour making it at home.

One Minute Chiller review discloses that it cools hot drinks quickly. The reviewer uses it daily though higher-quality construction would have been better.

One Minute Chiller review says that it works well but one needs to fill it over the sink.


What do I get?
One Minute Chiller is priced at $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H. And you can double your order for a separate $9.99 Official Website:

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