About Ooze Baff

Ooze Baff claims to be a special kid’s safe liquid formula that transforms the water into gooey water. It alleges to magically turn water into slushy gushy gelli and promises to make bath time and anytime a whole lot of fun! This claim can only be substantiated once Ooze Baff reviews come out. Ooze Baff guarantees to be 100% safe goo fun for your kids! At this point of time there are no Ooze Baff reviews to verify this claim.



How does Ooze Baff work?

Ooze Baff claims to be easy to use. Simply add it to cold water and it mixes in just seconds to make ooze! Does Ooze Baff really work as promised? Send us your Ooze Baff review.

Ooze Baff guarantees no sticky mess. It promises not to get clogged and simply washes down the drain with ease. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Ooze Baff is reviewed.

It emphasizes on being 100% safe for kids to use. It alleges not to contain any dangerous chemicals so it won’t irritate the eyes or skin! This claim of Ooze Baff will be attested only once users review Ooze Baff.

Ooze Baff asserts that just one pack of it is enough to fill an entire bath tub! Sounds too fanciful, Ooze Baff reviews will expose it soon.


Ooze Baff Reviews

Joyce Vargas who bought Ooze Baff says in her Ooze Baff review- “Ooze Baff is interesting but really not worth the cost. The consistency of the goo actually reminds me of an exploded baby diaper so that didn’t help. My son was tentative to get in the bath at first but once he did, he enjoyed playing in there for about an hour. I didn’t get out the bath toys other than some cups as this stuff sticks on everything…including towels, my shirt, shower curtain, etc. But it did dissolve and rinse off my son rather easily. I just can’t get over how much Ooze Baff costs for what it actually is”.

Rachael Guzman says in her Ooze Baff review- “When the kids stood up in the bath tub or picked some up with their hands it was clear and looked like the clear stuff that comes out of a baby diaper. Ooze Baff did not look thick green on their hands like it does in the picture on the box or the commercial”.

Sheila Huff tried Ooze Baff and mentions in her review of Ooze Baff – “You have to be careful not to put in too much water in the bath. Even if it is too much this is still fun. My 4 year old was a little scared of it but my 7 year old loved it. Next time I won’t put as much water”.

Mona Lyons claims in her review of Ooze Baff that it is way too expensive, you only get one bath out of it, doesn’t look anything like the picture and it is too slippery.


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