Open 7 Can Oepenr

What is Open 7?

It is a versatile 7-in-1 can opener which can open lids of any can, bottle, jar, etc. Open 7 promises to ease the task of opening all types of capsor lids that regular openers cannot. Using regular openers can be messy and annoying as they aren’t designed to work on all.


Open 7 Claims

Unmatched Versatility and Utility
Manufacturer claims that Open 7 will relieve you of the struggle you usually face while opening cans. Being lightweight and smart opener, Open 7 is able to opens cans within seconds without causing problems.


Ergonomic andPortable
Open 7 had been designed in such a way that it can open any type of can.It has an extra-large handle, which provides the perfectgrip while protecting your hands from mess, dirt and injuries that are likely to occur. Open 7also firmly holds the lid in place while opening the smoothly without leaving sharp edges behind.


Safe and Efficient
Open 7 can open tin cans, plastic bottles, bottle caps, pull tabs, glass jars, boxes and bagsafely without posing any kind of risk. Also, Open 7 does not run on batteries or electricity, so you can carry it anywhere for use.


Open 7 Questions and Answers

Can Open 7 open a pull tab-like food can?
Answer: Yes, it can open pull tab cans.

Can I use Open 7 with just one hand?
Answer: Yes, you can try after you’re accustomed to using it for some days.

Is Open 7useful for cans having odd shapes?
Answer: Yes, any lid having a curved corner can be opened with it.

Does Open 7 cut the lid or break the seal?
Answer: It cuts the lid.

Do you need to hold Open 7 while opening a can?Can I leave midway for a while and get back?
Answer: It can, but avoid doing that. It’s not made to work that way.

I’m taking too much time to get used to Open 7. I can’t fix it between the shaft and cutter properly. What could be wrong?
Answer: I faced the same trouble too but eventually grasped the technique to use it on different cans. You’ll get it soon – it’s actually not difficult.

Does Open 7 work on dented cans?
Answer: Not really. Avoid using it on dented surfaces altogether.

Does Open 7 work on odd-sized cans?
Answer: Yes, I used to open a 6 oz tomato paste can, and it worked.

I used Open 7 a few times andobservedthat the shaft (to which the cutter is attached appears bent. Is that ok?
Answer: Yes, it ensures that the cutter doesn’t detach from the can.

Does Open 7 make noise?
Answer: Not more than other can openers.


Open 7 Review

Open 7 has been launched as a can opener that can pop open any can. However, complaints from some customers have been trickling in that it doesn’t do what it is supposed to. Some are calling Open 7 ‘useless’ as they couldn’t open the can as it is demonstrated. Some customers have described how they struggled a lot to adjust Open 7 to make it fit the can, but it didn’t work.

Open 7, however, has earned praises also from some reviewers. One customer has stated that he finds it quite useful as it serves his purpose well. He says he uses Open 7 as a bottle opener too.

Another userwrote in saying that she’s using Open 7 for bottles having twist caps. It’s doing a pretty good job, he says. A person who ordered for Open 7 has appreciated it for the multiple uses it is designed to offer.

Open 7, according to yet another reviewer, is useful only for opening a bottle, ring tops and cans. She prefers using tools that can perform multiple tasks, so she purchased Open 7.However, she found it a bit difficult to open a can with it. She took a while to figure it out.She says she’s quite comfortable with it now, but she won’t call it the best.

Open 7 has got four stars by a customer who bought it sometime back. She had higher expectations and thought it’ll be very easy to use Open 7. She’s still trying to figure out how she can use it effortlessly. She’s comfortable with other gadgets in her kitchen, but this one’s stumped her.

Some customers have sais that for them, Open 7 is doing a good job as it’s faster and smoother. However, some find it a bit tougher to fix it around the rim as it doesn’t get the grip. Another user echoes the same and says that she finds it difficult to make it slice the surface smoothly. One more user has written in saying that his Open 7 has lost its sharpness and he has to run it over and over again to open the can.


What do I get?
Open 7 can be yours for $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. But wait! You can double your order and get TWO Open 7s for a separate fee of $6.99 at Official Website:

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