In his PAINT SPINNER PRO review, Jerry Sanders says- “It’s poorly made, if the shaft of the plunger is not aligned with the body it binds when pushed in, making it difficult to use”.

Clint Reese is disappointed with the PAINT SPINNER PRO and says- “It lacks the quality of the older tool, the turning rod appears very loose and frequently jams when all the way up and the design prevents brushes with a certain style handle from spinning properly.”

Wesley Buchanan is unhappy with the PAINT SPINNER PRO and complains in his review- “Ridiculously stiff primary clamps. It is so tight that the brush doesn’t fit and doesn’t turn.

Ralf Green mentions in his PAINT SPINNER PRO review that it came with only very small print directions on the tool itself, with a sticker.

Joey Walsh says in his review that it cannot spin all of his brushes and it isn’t designed for round handled brushes. The brush keeps flying out. Spinner rusts badly.


Paint Spinner Pro

Paint Spinner Pro Verdict

Look for paint brush/roller cleaners on the internet and there are a host of options available on Amazon but the closest competitor to the Paint Spinner Pro is the Shur-Line 5200C Professional Brush and Roller Spinner Cleaning Tool.

The Shur-Line 5200C Professional Brush and Roller Spinner Cleaning Tool claims to save you time, money, water, and pays for itself in just a few uses. It has a rating of 3.7/5 with 131 customer reviews while the Paint Spinner Pro isn’t available on Amazon. Although the Paint Spinner Pro makes similar claims, at this point there are no reviews to verify its claims.

Currently the Paint Spinner Pro website is not operational and it is only sold on As seen on TV and is priced at £19.99 whereas the Shur-Line 5200C costs $23. Before you make a purchase do visit the review section and read what people have to say about it, especially the ones who have rated it as average or poor.

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