Pasta Perfecto

What is Pasta Perfecto?

It’s a microwave cooker to make delicious and perfectly cooked pasta and other delicacies in quickly.



For Great Pasta in Minutes

Pasta Perfecto could be the best kitchen appliance if you love recipes like pasta, tortellini, spaghetti, ravioli, etc. Pasta Perfecto claims it’s a pro at cooking as much as one pound of pasta that doesn’t stick and turns out great. It also guarantees to save you the uncertainties and hassles of guesswork while preparing pasta.


Smart Mechanism and Perfect Measuring
The patented reservoir of Pasta Perfecto comes with pre-cut holes, and all you have to do is measure pasta in it, fill it with water up to the water line displayed and then keep it in the microwave oven. Pasta Perfecto gently circulates boiling water for the right amount of time. When it’s done, you simply need to drain extra water through its built-in strainer lid. The cooking guide of Pasta Perfecto further mentions accurate duration and methods to cook pasta and other recipes perfectly in it.


Safe, Easy to Clean
Pasta Perfecto, according to its makers, is BPA/BPS free and has cool-touch handles, which make it perfectly safe to use. Pasta Perfecto is also dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is a breeze.


What do I get?
Pasta Perfecto Microwave Cooker for only $14.99, plus $4.99 P&H and second cooker,just pay separate $4.99 p&h.get two Recipe Guides and two Cheese Graters with it.

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