Perfect Slicer

What is Perfect Slicer?

As per the TV infomercial it is a handy kitchen tool that helps get 8 slices of any fruits and vegetables in one pass. Perfect Slicer emphasizes to be a great tool to slice melons and veggies instantly into 12 perfect wedges. It declares to only take few seconds while doing so and required very little handling.



Perfect Slicer CLAIMS

Perfect slices
We will know more about its functionality once we receive Perfect Slicer reviews for further analysis. Perfect Slicer promises that you can core and slice everything by simply placing it above the food item and push it down. The stainless steel blades are sharp to cut through toughest of food items easily. Perfect Slicer does sound pretty impressive; user reviews will expose the truth.


User-friendly design
Perfect Slicer maintains to come in a shape and size that fits the biggest of melons and works with smallest of food items. Perfect Slicer alleges to cut through easily and is gentle on soft items such as cakes. Perfect Slicer states to have easy grip handles so you can cut safely and easily. Once done, simply place it in the dishwasher to clean it up. There are currently no Perfect Slicer reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.


Perfect Slicer Questions & Answers

Q. Has anyone tried it? Is Perfect Slicer great?
A. No, it is very hard to slice with the Perfect Slicer. Eventually you can get it to cut but it takes so long and your hands will hurt. It is definitely not worth the effort.

Q. Just how large a watermelon will it take?
A. The largest watermelon’s diameter is about 10″.

Q. Will it work on Watermelon?
A. The Perfect Slicer is meant to be used after the top and bottom of the melon are cut off.

Q. Are the blades sharpened?
A. The blades are not sharpened before they are sent out, you can feel free to sharpen them if you would like.

Q. Will the Perfect Slicer work on a large meatball shaped meatloaf?
A. Not sure the Perfect Slicer would work on something like that or on a round cake. It would have to be something soft. Tried the Perfect Slicer on a watermelon but was afraid the blades would break. Even after pressing real hard, slicing through the watermelon was impossible with the Perfect Slicer. The Perfect Slicer would possibly work on soft things like a meatball shaped meatloaf.


Perfect Slicer Reviews

Used the Perfect Slicer to cut a watermelon that was not bigger than a soccer ball and the blades bent and would not cut as described. The Perfect Slicer might cut a cake, but surely not a fruit with a rind as a melon.

The Perfect Slicer did not ease down on the fruit. It took lots of pressure to cut and the blades are not good.

The Perfect Slicer cut through a watermelon with great effort but small metal pieces were in with the food.

The Perfect Slicer takes so much force that you begin to hear cracking in the plastic.

Even after following the instructions, the Perfect Slicer bent and the blades became exposed.

Tried using the Perfect Slicer but it only got about 1/2″ through and then stopped dead. After applying more force the handles started sounding like they’d break off.

There were a bunch of cracking noises with the first push down of the Perfect Slicer, and even more with the second. It did not even cut into the watermelon even after following the directions correctly.

The Perfect Slicer neither cut through a watermelon or a pineapple. Even after slamming it down on counter it didn’t budge through at all. It has a warning that the blades are sharp, but running your fingers on blade and it doesn’t feel sharp at all.
The Perfect Slicer broke on its first use and the blades are not even sharp.

The Perfect Slicer is very flimsy and does not meet expectations. On its first use, two of the metal blades broke away from the outer support frame.

The cutting edges of the Perfect Slicer are not sharp in any way. Even if you cut off ends, like the instructions say, it still makes a crappy cut and the effort needed is impossible for arthritic hands.

Perfect Slicer is made from cheap plastic. It works to cut apples and small fruits without tough skin. It has poor execution.


What do I get?
Buy 2 Perfect Slicer with Cutting Mat $14.99 + $7.99 P&H Per Slicer at Official

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