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About Pocket Mouse

Pocket Mouse claims to be a wireless optical mouse that can be held like a pen for easy navigation. It states to provide a chance to use computers, laptops, and tablets for hours without hurting the hand.



How does Pocket Mouse work?

Asserting to connect with any device wireless, Pocket Mouse states that it comes with a receiver that needs to be plugged into a USB port and it automatically starts functioning. Pocket Mouse promises to help users write, click, swipe, and scroll through documents with ease.

Pocket Mouse Design – Pocket Mouse claims to be shaped like a pen to allow the use of electronic devices in a comfortable manner. It convinces to replicate hand movements for a smooth operation. Its wireless range is up to 30 feet wide so it can be used virtually from anywhere. More shall be revealed once Pocket Mouse is reviewed.

Pocket Mouse Features – No matter what type of surface, be it a table, couch, or even a wall, Pocket Mouse promises to have pinpoint accuracy . Such farfetched claims will be proved once users review it. It proclaims to be great for desktops and laptops and can also be flipped to act as a stylus on tablets. Did you find Pocket Mouse helpful? Send us your reviews.


Pocket Mouse REVIEW

Frank Watson, a Pocket Mouse user reveals in his review that it lacks superior cursor control. His aim to use it for handwriting input directly on an OneNote device ended up like scribbles.

Another Pocket Mouse user Jose Peterson states in his review that it works fine only as a mouse and not like a pen as it claims. It nowhere has pinpoint accuracy that pen tablets have. He adds in his Pocket Mouse review that the pen lacks ergonomics which are required for a smooth usage.

A user Irene Howard who purchased Pocket Mouse warns that it isn’t exactly like a pen or a mouse. It requires a bit of practice to achieve precision while using it. She also suggests in her review that Pocket Mouse should have a storage facility to store the USB plug when not in use.

One customer named Lisa Wright complains that Pocket Mouse is a waste of money. It doesn’t function well and is hard to control. Her review says that Pocket Mouse has a poor battery life and is not ergonomically designed for easy handling.

In her Pocket Mouse review, Susan Rivera shows disappointment saying the pen is designed only for right-handed people. Her Pocket Mouse review states that the base of the pen is pretty weak and keeps falling over.

A Pocket Mouse customer Eugene Foster didn’t find it to be smooth. As per his review, the pen is a basic optical device that doesn’t perform as well as a simply mouse. It can only help move the pointer in general directions but the mouse keeps wigging back and forth.

One user named Randy Reed found Pocket Mouse difficult to operate. According to his review, the scrolling mechanism is not accurate and the batteries don’t last more than a month.

Albert Allen, a Pocket Mouse user writes in his review that the pen works well on white board. The problem he mentions in his Pocket Mouse review is its lack of ergonomic design that can tire the hand. The design seems to be awkward and can make writing or making signatures difficult.

One other customer Philip Perry claims in his Pocket Mouse review that it fails to function even at a high DPI.

Irene Howard reveals in her Pocket Mouse review that a regular mouse would do a better job instead of this pen. In her Pocket Mouse review she says that the pen is cumbersome to use and will suit people with larger hands only.


Pocket Mouse Questions and Answers

Q. Can Pocket Mouse be used to add signature in an Adobe PDF document?
A. Yes, but using this pen is a little cumbersome. It needs to be kept straight and not tilted like a regular pen or pencil. This awkward position may affect the handwriting or signature that is to be made on a PDF document.

Q. Is it compatible to work with Windows 8.1?
A. Yes, it should be since Pocket Mouse is fully compatible with Windows 7 version.

Q. Does Pocket Mouse work for left-handed individuals?
A. No, the model is designed with a right-handed functioning in mind.

Q. Is Pocket Mouse compatible with Mac?
A. Yes.

Q. Can Pocket Mouse be used to draw on photos?
A. No, it is not ideal since it takes time getting used to its design and button assembly.

Q. What is the wireless range of Pocket Mouse?
A. The Pocket Mouse pen’s range is of about 10 meters or about 33 feet since it uses a standard 3.4 GHz RF interface.

Q. Will it work with Genius tablets?
A. It will work only if it has a USB port.

Q. Is Pocket Mouse smooth enough to write complicated language such as Chinese?
A. No.

Q. Can Pocket Mouse be used to create 3D sketches?
A. No. Pocket Mouse is created to provide the feel and comfort of using a pen but advanced features such as 3D sketching are possible only with digitizer tablets. Consider this pen more like a mouse that can be used to perform all basic functions without asserting stress on the wrist.

Q. Can Pocket Mouse be used to draw comic books?
A. No.

Q. Is Pocket Mouse compatible with Adobe Photoshop?
A. It is completely compatible with any software but won’t provide any precision to draw details since it has a blunt tip.

Q. Is the scroll wheel in this pen clickable?
A. No.

Q. Will Pocket Mouse work for signing documents?
A. It can, but will require some practice and getting used to its handling.


Pocket Mouse Price
Buy 2 Pocket Mouse Pens at the Official website BuyPocketMouse.com for $29.99 + 6.99 S/h.

2 Comments on "Pocket Mouse REVIEW | BuyPocketMouse.com Busted!!"

  1. I ordered a pocket mouse and you charged my pay pal account 66 dollars for a 19.95 item I would like cancel this order to much money.

  2. Emmanuel R. Savage | 11th October 2018 at 5:31 pm | Reply

    I will find myself as a lone voice in the wilderness, but I find the Pocket Mouse is pretty useful: BUT only because I use it for one
    intended purpose: for media art since its roots came from that field and see it for that purpose otherwise I’ll use a regular mouse. When I saw the product advertised, I said “that’s something I can use for editing art or photos”. Since then, I’ve been satisfied by this product; yes, the buttons took a little time to get used to, and the top button can be made better than flimsy (does it help I have bigger hands? maybe?, I don’t know…) In all, in my opinion as long as you see this product for an intended purpose than a substitute for the regular item you’re use to, the Pocket Mouse can be useful along with your mouse than replacing it….

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