Pocket Pack REVIEW

What is Pocket Pack?

Carrying all your stuff in a regular backpack can be difficult but now there is an incredible backpack designed with plenty of room to carry multiple items. Here’s introducing Pocket Pack, an ultra lightweight handy carry-all backpack that unfolds into a full-size backpack with ample room inside to keep your stuff!



Pocket Pack CLAIMS

Multiple pockets for all your gear
The Pocket Pack is designed with multiple pockets to organize and keep all your stuff. It is perfect to keep things you pick up while shopping. The side pockets are perfect to hold water bottles, sunscreen, cameras and so much more! You will be amazed at how much you can fit inside the Pocket Pack.


Pocket Pack is made of durable, rip–stop nylon with reinforced stress points.


Pocket Pack is also weather-resistant so the stuff you are carrying always stays dry and safe.


Pocket Pack weighs only 8 ounces so it doesn’t add weight like other heavy backpacks. Carry your Pocket Pack anywhere you go because Pocket Pack folds down smaller than a paperback book. You can easily carry the Pocket Pack in your suitcase, glove compartment, or even carry it in your pocket. You can keep it just about anywhere and always keep it with you. Order the Pocket Pack today!


Pocket Pack Questions and Answers

Q. Can you wash Pocket Pack in the washing machine?
A. Think so.

Q. Would the Pocket Pack hold a Macbook?
A. Yes, it will hold a Macbook.

Q. Can the Pocket Pack be used as an everyday laptop bag?
A. Pocket Pack isn’t very well padded, so it may not be okay to carry your laptop in it but it can definitely hold a laptop.

Q. How much water-proof is the Pocket Pack?
A. Pocket Pack is water-proof unless you are under a heavy rain. It will work with light misting. But if you expect it to work anymore than that, it won’t do the job.

Q. If we are hiking through a wooded area, is it tear- resistant against trees, thorns, and/or anything that it may scrap against?
A. No. It’s a little on the thin side being as it’s ‘packable’ and all. It’s definitely not one of those canvas material backpacks.

Q. Is my laptop safe to put in the Pocket Pack during rainy season?
A. Don’t think so. Don’t think it is waterproof.

Q. Would the Pocket Pack make a good book bag for my daughter?
A. Pocket Pack would work but would not be a great book bag. Doesn’t have hard bottom, very lightweight which is awesome to fold up and pack as a secondary bag within a bag. It does have multiple pockets for school supplies.

Q. Are the shoulder straps padded?
A. Think so.

Q. Is the Pocket Pack rain proof?
A. Pocket Pack is weather-resistant. Weak point of any backpack is the stitching. Even expensive packs will leak at the stitching. If you want it to be waterproof, place your articles in a garbage or compactor bag inside the pack.

Q. Does the Pocket Pack come with a warranty?
A. It does not come with a warranty.

Q. Would you recommend the Pocket Pack for school?
A. Pocket Pack is not recommended for school because it does not have a flat bottom. Your books would not be stable and could eventually cut through the fabric after a lot of use. This backpack is more for trails to carry essentials like water, snacks, etc.

Q. Can the Pocket Pack fit a camera?
A. Pocket Pack will fit a point and shoot camera but not so sure of DSLR. Just remember that there is no padding inside.

Q. Does the Pocket Pack have a hip strap?
A. No, it has just shoulder straps.

Q. If you submerge the Pocket Pack in water, will your stuff get wet?
A. Yes, it would definitely get wet.

Q. How much does the Pocket Pack hold?
A. They do not mention that on the site, but may be 10-15 lbs.

Q. Is the Pocket Pack made in America?
A. No, it is made in China.

Q. What material is the Pocket Pack made from?
A. Pocket Pack appears to be a light weight nylon material.


Pocket Pack REVIEW

Pocket Pack user reviews assert that the Pocket Pack looks a little bigger and a bit more durable online. Pocket Pack has a super thin material, so you don’t really want to put too much weight in the bag. Intended it to be a fishing gear bag, but had to rethink it after receiving it.

Pocket Pack is a pretty good backpack for the low price. Pocket Pack looks kind of narrow in person, but it is wide enough to hold books/notebooks for school. As others have noted, there’s no padding. Used the Pocket Pack backpack in fairly heavy rain and there was a little bit of water in the front pocket, but not much at all on the notebooks inside. Just keep in mind that the Pocket Pack is thin and water resistant, not water proof. Overall, it is a good purchase. It will get the job done on days when it’s raining too hard and it will be good for hiking.

Pocket Pack is fine for very light duty. Not good for loads over 10 pounds.

Pocket Pack seems to be good quality material and is very light weight. The straps feel cheap and probably won’t be comfortable for all day use.

Pocket Pack is not bad for the money but it’s smaller than it looks. It does not have any support either. Pocket Pack is not a pack to carry heavy loads.

Pocket Pack looks much bigger and heavy duty in the picture. It is light weight and folds in, which is nice, but you shouldn’t expect a lot of back and shoulder support. It is not good for hiking and bag packing, way too fragile, but it is probably good if you are looking for a really light weight bag to carry your snacks and water bottles. You can also fold it in once you are done using it.

The pictures of the Pocket Pack make it look a lot bigger. Truth be told, the Pocket Pack can barely hold a couple sandwiches and a water bottle in it. The photos are deceiving, beware.

Pocket Pack is waterproof but just looks a little cheap. Otherwise it’s working.

Pocket Pack is not as expected and quality is not bad but could be better. The size seems a little smaller.

Pocket Pack is a day-pack, not an overnight pack. It has a pocket for a water bottle & is extremely light. On the other hand, the total volume of the Pocket Pack is small and it lacks a belly band.


What do I get?
you’ll get the Pocket Pack in black for just $19.99 plus $6.99 processing and handling. | Official Website:getpocketpack.com

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