About PokeBoo

PokeBoo states to be a 4-in-1 cat toy that keeps the kitty busy playing all day when the owner is away.



How does it work

The four different fun ways of PokeBoo – Track Ball, Scratch Pad, Spring-loaded Feather and Mouse Hole on the reverse side – assert to keep the cat busy poking and pouncing for hours.


Four-in-One toy for cats
Cats left alone at home either sleep through the day, claw at furniture, or make a mess to keep themselves occupied. But the 4-in-1 cat toy PokeBoo promises to eliminate all these scenarios easily. The toy provides four fun games for the cat to play with and stay busy. There are no PokeBoo user reviews to verify this.


Stimulates hunting skills
The Track Ball of PokeBoo asserts to keep the cat busy chasing it, Scratch Pad takes the cat’s edge off and saves furniture from scratches, the spring-loaded feather is great for smacking, and the Mouse Hole makes for great poking. Is PokeBoo so versatile? User reviews will reveal. PokeBoo emphasizes to stimulate the cat’s natural hunting instincts. PokeBoo allegedly needs no batteries or electricity to operate and has the ideal size for any room. It convinces to keep cats active and healthy. Send us your PokeBoo reviews.


What do I get?
PokeBoo for just $19.99 + $9.99 P&H, get the Loving Touch Grooming Mitt for just $6.99 P&H!
Official Website:buypokeboo.com

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