Polar Perk REVIEW

What is Polar Perk?

It claims to be a unique appliance that helps in cold brewing coffee easily and quickly right at home. Polar Perk claims to be a unique way to brew cold coffee right at home that is cheaper and better than cafés.



Polar Perk CLAIMS

Brew cold coffee
Polar Perk states to cold brew coffee instead of hot brewing which releases oil and acid into the coffee. How well does it avoid the issues of hot brewing will be only known once we receive user reviews for analysis. Polar Perk declares to be designed for easy cleaning and reuse of infuser with dishwasher safe mug. Send us your Polar Perk reviews if you agree or deny its claims.


Easy brewing
Polar Perk promises to be easy to use. Simply fill the infuser with a coffee of choice. This filter-like infuser should be dropped into the mug full of water and stored overnight in a refrigerator. Polar Perk states to slowly brew in a lowered temperature to infuse flavors in the water. It is ready to serve in the morning and can fill 4 cups in one go. This way Polar Perk alleges to provide gourmet, iced coffee. How simple is the method will be validated once Polar Perk is reviewed.


Polar Perk Review

Polar Perk review states that pre-ground coffee or coffee ground with a blade grinder is either too uneven or too fine to be used in the brewer.

Polar Perk review reveals that the pitcher lid leaked when the coffee was poured. A mug gets 3/4th of the coffee even if the pitcher is not overfilled, the lid and the cap are secured tightly, and the rubber seal is intact. It’s a design flaw.

Polar Perk review criticizes it for its poor coffee-making experience. Its filter does not work well and leaves slush behind even when tried with different grinds.

Polar Perk review says that even after following the instructions and brewing the coffee for 12 hours, it made the weakest coffee. Polar Perk is good but didn’t withstand a countertop fall and the container cracked and leaked.
Polar Perk review complains that its filter doesn’t work and a lot of debris, even a coarse ground, gets into the coffee. The cold brew needs re-filtering, defeating the purpose of the brewer. Polar Perk has terrible quality, doesn’t hold 2 quarts water, the mesh is flimsy nylon that tears very easily.

Polar Perk review states that the coffee solution is extremely weak even after brewing for 24 hours.

Polar Perk review says that it works all right, but the coffee concentrate is very weak and less.

Polar Perk review criticizes that even at the coarsest setting it leaves a lot of coffee sludge at the bottom. Polar Perk makes weak coffee that can’t be watered and has practically no flavor, and the quantity is very little. Polar Perk pitcher is airtight, but if opened too much it leaks over the sides.
Polar Perk review points out that the coffee is weak and the machine leaves a sizeable amount of staining grounds in the carafe.

Polar Perk review says that it fell out of the fridge the container cracked at the bottom. When it fell again from barely 3 inches, the crack widened and the coffee leaked out of the container. For a decent BPA plastic Polar Perk should have survived the short fall, but it didn’t.

Polar Perk review divulges that it produces decent coffee, but filter mesh is flexible and difficult to clean. It may scour with a brush due to its thinness.

Polar Perk review says that its filter does not fit any part in the kit and there was no mention in the instructions. Polar Perk doesn’t have a fill line, so it’s unclear how much water needs to be added in the empty container before inserting the filter. The filter had to be put in first and water had to be very carefully poured around it. It was then a struggle to screw the top on while keeping the filter straight.

Polar Perk review discloses that it’s an average coffeemaker. Though it saves the wait time, it’s not better than making a pot of coffee in a regular machine and then sticking the coffee in the fridge. Polar Perk is small and makes approx 20oz coffee. Polar Perk requires a lot more grounds than what’s needed in making a full pot of coffee.
Polar Perk review rues that it brews only enough cold coffee for a person or two in 24 hours. Getting a bigger batch requires storing the brewed coffee in another container while continuously brewing in Polar Perk, which is not practical for serving big groups.

Polar Perk review calls its clean-up unpleasant since it involves inverting the infuser over a garbage can and tapping its sides to get the grounds out. The rest of the beans then need to be rinsed out into a big bowl and then dumped.


Polar Perk Questions & Answers

Q. Is Polar Perk made of glass?
A. No, the main container is constructed with BPA-free plastic.

Q. Does Polar Perk also make ice tea?
A. It could. However, considering the difference in acids and oils of coffees and teas, it’s best not to use Polar Perk for both since cross-contamination of flavors would adversely affect the taste.

Q. What’s the ideal measurement to use in Polar Perk?
A. It’s best to use 14-16 Tbsp that is equal to 1 cup.

Q. What are the dimensions of Polar Perk? Does it occupy too much space in the refrigerator?
A. Perhaps 9.5×7.5×5”. My 2-Quart Polar Perk fits well in the door of the refrigerator.

Q. How is Polar Perk compared to French Press?
A. French Press makes coffee of regular strength but Polar Perk makes a concentrate to be added with water or milk.

Q. Does Polar Perk pitcher retain the coffee taste and smell after washing?
A. No, so long as you put Polar Perk in the dishwasher, the pitcher does not retain any taste or smell. After brewing tea or coffee, rinse out the used stuff completely before tossing Polar Perk in the dishwasher. Coffee grinds are detrimental for plumbing as grinds and grease clog plumbing.

Q. Should one use only coarse coffee with Polar Perk or does any ground coffee work?
A. Any grind would work since the Polar Perk filter is very fine. If using finer grind, scrub it more.

Q. Is Polar Perk dishwasher safe?
A. Yes, Polar Perk is dishwasher safe.

Q. Can one use coffee grounds twice in Polar Perk?
A. I haven’t tried to use it twice and perhaps won’t.

Q. Does Polar Perk make cold brew concentrate?
A. Instill maximum amount of tablespoons of dark roast coffee or espresso coffee grounds into the pitcher and follow the instructions that accompany Polar Perk.

Q. How is the Polar Perk cold brew coffee pitcher different from the loose tea pitcher?
A. There are bigger holes in the loose tea infuser and adding coffee to it will make the grounds leak into the water, which defeats the purpose.

Q. How long does the concentrated coffee brewed in Polar Perk stay fresh for?
A. The coffee concentrate lasts and stays fresh for up to a week. It tastes great in the morning too.

Q. Do the coffee beans need to be ground?
A. Yes, they need grinding, though not super fine. Someone who doesn’t own a coffee bean grinder, can buy it from a roasting company and ask them to grind the beans or use a food processor.

Q. When does one add infuser to Polar Perk while brewing?
A. One may first pour 16 oz over the grounds through the infuser. This makes the grounds taste fuller. One can hold the infuser in the Polar Perk pitcher and pour the water with the other hand. Add second 16 more ounces and the infuser. The pitcher will fill ¾ with 32 ounces so that there’s ample room for water displacement after adding the infuser.

Q. Is it necessary to add water to the finished product made in Polar Perk? Can one drink it straight out of the refrigerator?
A. Polar Perk makes a very concentrated brew of coffee but it doesn’t taste too strong because of the low acidity. It may be drinkable in full strength after brewing for 12 hours. However, if brewing for 24 hours or longer, it would be advisable to mix it either with ice, water, or milk. If you want to pour and go, add less coffee in the batch to brew and make a weaker blend.

Q. Does coffee turn out too strong in Polar Perk?
A. Grind the beans fine and soak it for 24 hours and rotate or shake the brew several times so that the grounds are soaked completely. The grounds will be strong and muddy, but straining it through a paper filter gets rid of the mud. After putting in the amount of coffee you need, you can fine-tune it till you achieve the desirable strength.

Q. What kind of coffee grinds can be used best with Polar Perk?
A. Finely ground coffee seems to work very well in Polar Perk.

Q. My Complain – When the filter and grounds are inserted into the Polar Perk pitcher, the grounds transfer up and a lot of them are left dry when emptied out
A. It may help if you first put the coffee in the filter inside the empty pitcher of Polar Perk and then added water over the grounds.

Q. Are there measurement marks on the Polar Perk pitcher?
A. No, there are none.

Q. Are the grinds difficult to clean from the Polar Perk filter?
A. Not very difficult. Most grounds can be knocked off into the trash or compost. Spray the Polar Perk nozzle to take the rest out. After all the grounds are out of Polar Perk, you may wash it with a little bit of soap and a soft scrubber, to wash the oils and junk.

Q. Does one have to only make a whole quart each time or is Polar Perk good for single serving, too?
A. Polar Perk makes any amount of coffee that one wants, but it proves to be more economical if you make a larger amount that will last several weeks in the refrigerator. Also remember that the strainer does not rest on the bottom of the container so one needs to make enough for the water to do the trick. There are no instructions on calculation for smaller amounts so making ½ or 1/3 liter of coffee might need guesswork, considering variables such as the coffee brand, grind, and roast level.

Q. Can one only make cold brew in Polar Perk, or is it good for making iced coffee and adding syrup?
A. Yes, after you finish the brewing process in Polar Perk, you can add flavored syrup.

Q. How long does a full pot take to brew?
A. Typically, Polar Perk takes 8 hours to brew but manages in 6 hours, too.

Q. Can Polar Perk be used for storage after brewing the coffee and removing the filter insert and putting the lid on?
A. Yes. The Polar Perk filter unscrews from the airtight lid that screws securely.


What do I get?
you’ll get the Polar Perk in black for just $19.99 plus $7.99 processing and handling. Plus, we include a second Polar Perk in red, just pay the separate processing and handling of $7.99.at the Official Website: PolarPerk.com

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