Poop Right REVIEW

What is Poop Right?

As per the TV infomercial it is a simple device that helps in correcting the posture to a naturally squatted position on a commode for proper waste elimination. Poop Right promises to be a great device that helps you get into a squatting posture that is best for waste elimination.



Poop Right CLAIMS

No-stress solution
Poop Right assures that such a natural squatting position helps in pushing the thighs against the abdomen so you can pass stools, quickly, completely and comfortably. Although there are no Poop Right reviews available currently that will attest to its claims.


Thoughtful design
Poop Right alleges that you don’t have to change your western commode but adds a step to convert it. By slight modification and simple stepping, it changes the sitting position from 90 degrees to 25 degrees for better elimination. Thus, Poop Right assures to avoid health issues such as straining, bloating and constipation. We shall know more once Poop Right is reviewed. Poop Right claims to be made using high-quality plastic which stays sturdy and fits all users. The ergonomic feet support and anti-skid marks on four legs allegedly provide better stability. It’s very early to judge Poop Right since there are no user reviews available yet.


Poop Right Reviews

Poop Right review reveals that its construction quality is quite cheap. It stool doesn’t have suitable curves to go under a commode properly. Instead of a rectangular shape, Poop Right should have had an arc.

Poop Right review states that its edge should have been sloping for more comfort.

Poop Right review says that a bigger foot area would have helped. However, Poop Right can’t be stored under the commode as the bathroom door wouldn’t close.

Poop Right review discloses that its concept has been copied from a toilet stool of another brand – Hotty Potty, though the quality of Poop Right is a lot cheaper. Since it doesn’t have a curve, it doesn’t go under the commode. It is advisable to buy Hotty Potty because it comes in two sizes – 7 inches and 9 inches – to meet one’s requirements. One must buy a stool that’s more appropriate as per their height and frame.


Poop Right Questions & Answers

Q. What’s the quality of Poop Right? Does the quality matter?
A. It’s not really sturdy.

Q. What’s its height in inches?
A. Poop Right is 8” bottom to top.

Q. Does Poop Right support cistern?
A. There’s no support for cistern since you can only rest your legs on it.

Is Poop Right usable with wall-hanging commode?
Yes, it is compatible with wall-hanging commode.

Q. How much weight does the toilet stool hold?
A. Poop Right Toilet Stool supports up to 110 kg of weight. However, it’s advisable not to stand on it for too long as it many slip if there’s soapy water on the bathroom floor.


What do I get?
Buy Poop Right just for only Rs. 1199 at Official Website: PoopRight.in

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