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About Pop Basket

Pop Basket claims to be a portable basket with a collapsible design that can be used to store and carry laundry and other household items and folded for easy storage when not in use.


How does it work?

As the name suggests, Pop Basket asserts to have a design that pops up when you require a full-size basket. It promises to switch between seconds and measures only 2 inches high when folded in a flat position with the help of patented hinged-sides.


Sturdy material
The strong and durable Pop Basket alleges that it is made from a 600-denier polyester nylon material that is used for luggage. It declares to have reinforced solid structure with a steel rim to provide optimal support. More shall be revealed once users review it. It also asserts to have a rigid baseboard and four little feet that makes it easy to place and stand on the ground. There are no Pop Basket reviews out yet to substantiate its claims.


Convenient to carry
Pop Basket assures that anyone can easily pick it up using the luxurious carry handles. Also, it weighs only 2 pounds but guarantees to carry up to 55 pounds. This basket has enough room to carry two loads of laundry at once and is ideal for large shopping requirements. Did you find Pop Basket really worth the money? Send us your reviews.


Pop Basket Reviews

June Carlso is disappointed with the Pop Basket and writes in her review of the Pop Basket- “The bag tore at the bottom of both sides where the plastic folding part is”.

Another user Sandra Richards claims in her Pop Basket review that the fabric is too thin and it needs some kind of reinforcement fabric to keep it from tearing.

In her review of the Pop Basket Irma Conner says- “2 weeks ago, the braces on one side of one of the bags just folded. It will not stay upright. Not sure I’ll replace them again”.

Shelia Jimenez is unhappy with the Pop Basket and says in her Pop Basket review- “The folding support post has completely broken through the material. The other side looks like it will do the same eventually as well”.

Margarita Osborne is not very happy with the Pop Basket and claims in her review that it has a rigid bottom so it can’t compress to barely anything.

Tasha West writes in her Pop Basket review that it is not high quality stuff and it didn’t last as long.

Evelyn Jefferson tried the Pop Basket and states in her Pop Basket review that the duct tape won’t fix and the material is too tight to be repaired.


Pop Basket Questions and Answers

Q: What is the recommend method for cleaning and sanitizing the Pop Basket?
A: Use a dish cloth and a type of cleaner for sanitization. For normal daily use dirt, do a normal cleaning as if you were to wash your hands. Pop Basket is made of durable material so I think if it got a big spill you could wash it off in the sink.

Q: Can you wear Pop Basket on your shoulder?
A: Not really because the Pop Basket is not thin. It has a rigid frame and is carried more like a shopping basket. It would be clumsy and uncomfortable on the shoulder.

Q: I’m about to get a shoulder replacement, so will only have one usable arm for a while. Is Pop Basket easy to load one-armed so sides don’t collapse when loading?
A: Yes very easy. But mine ripped the first use of a few items. Material is too thin.

Q: Is the 30 or 20 litre Pop Basket better for an elderly person to take a load of laundry up and down the stairs?
A: The 30 Litre if the laundry is bulky and the 20 litre is just right for the store can goods and all.

Q: Are these totes hand washable?
A: Yes! Wipe with damp cloth using mild soap and water only and then air dry. They are hand washable – nylon type material. Do not machine wash.

Q: I would like to purchase a 3 pack of deep red/black Pop Baskets, are they sold that way or just individually?
A: They are sold in a 3 pack.

Q: Could Pop Basket be used for carrying laundry to washer and to carry wet clothes to the dryer? Want to replace hard plastic clothes basket.
A: It’s possible. It’s not as large as a large plastic clothes basket though.

Q: Are they nesting? In other words, does Pop Basket fit in each other without collapsing? The sides seem to be tapered.
A: No. Pop Basket is not that sturdy.


What do I get?
Pop Basket for only $19.99
Official Website:getpopbasket.com

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